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Techie Camper is a blog for beginner campers. Our mission is to provide useful tips and guides to start your camping adventure with confidence. We share our favorite places, best gear, and other topics related to the outdoors – all from the perspective of beginners looking out at the world through new eyes.

Meet Our Team of Camping Expert Writers

Chandler M Green

Chandler M Green is an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping, biking, and hiking. She’s also a volunteer with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department where she helps beginner campers get comfortable outdoors. When Chandler isn’t outside exploring a new camping site, you can find her reading a book in front of a fire or cooking up something delicious for dinner.

She has helped lead over 30 people on backpacking trips to destinations such as Big Bend National Park and Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona). Chandler enjoys sharing her passion for nature and life outside by helping others learn how to be safe while enjoying the beauty that this world has to offer.

Indy Rose

Indy Rose, originally from Colorado and now living in Oregon, has been rafting and whitewater guiding for over twenty-five years. He’s an expert camper who loves to spend time outdoors with friends. Indy is also a self-proclaimed hippie who enjoys many aspects of the culture such as tie-dying clothes and playing music on his guitar.

He likes rock climbing but doesn’t have much free time due to his demanding job as a whitewater guide. Indy says he will never stop being a hippie because it reminds him that life is beautiful all the time!

Elliot Georgia

Elliot Georgia has been camping and outdoors since he was a little kid. He loves all the activities that go along with it: hiking, fishing, hunting, golfing. Elliot also likes to play guitar, which is his main hobby outside of camping and being outdoors.

He lives in New York City but he spends most of his time at campgrounds around the country because they are just so beautiful this time of year!

How We Evaluate and Review Camping Gear

Techie Camper reviews products for beginner campers through careful evaluation of the camping product or gear.

Camping can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re new to it and don’t know what equipment is necessary. Since we all have different needs, there are so many options out there that it’s hard to choose which ones will work best for you. That’s why Techie Camper has set out to review as many products as possible in order to make your decision easier!

Our writers are expert campers who also started as beginners, so they know what it’s like to get started and have a lot of questions. When they’re not writing articles, their time is spent getting out in the great outdoors with tents and canoes!

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