8 Best Camping Coolers with Wheels

Going on a camping expedition in summer can be a hot affair. Having the best coolers with wheels can give you the assistance to transport your cooler to and from your vehicle to the camping spot. You need to enjoy cold water or wine as you watch the sunset. Coolers are compactly built and are very sturdy. Ensure you get one that can stand the abuse and rigors of camping.

There are plenty of wheeled coolers available on the market today, making it that much harder to choose between them all. Some of these coolers can run you a pretty penny while others are more budget-friendly. To make this whole buying process easier for you, we’ve thoroughly tested eight of the most popular camping coolers with wheels so you can get the most for your money.

How to choose the best camping coolers with wheels

Consider the following features and characteristics when choosing the right camping cooler with wheels for you:

Wheel size

It is essential to consider the size of the wheels on your cooler, which becomes especially important for the types of terrain you’re planning to camp on. Smaller wheels are hard to push through rough and rocky surfaces, and you can forget about taking the cooler through any soft dirt or sand. It is advisable to have larger wheels, which make pulling through rough and rocky surfaces easier. Heavy-duty wheels can also last many trips through sand and mud if the occasion calls for it. 

Thermal insulation

Arguably the most critical factor to consider when choosing a wheeled cooler is the insulation ability; in other words, can your cooler keep your stuff cold. Some coolers keep things cold for a long afternoon, while others are capable of keeping things cold for well over a week. 

Choose a cooler according to your preference and how long the adventure will take. Most coolers have foam insulation that delays the absorption of heat, while others are made to keep the heat out.


It is crucial to choose a cooler that is within your budget. It is best to conduct thorough online research to get the most affordable wheeled cooler. Be sure to purchase a cooler that is worth the price you are paying, but keep in mind that a larger investment today on a better product can mean not having to pay again for another cooler in the future.


Having the wrong handle can make the trek with your cooler a nightmare, even with the best wheels. The cooler handles need to be firm enough to withstand some abuse, yet easy to hold for some time. It would help if you got a firm and comfortable grip to hold. Many offer a telescopic handle that allows for adjustment of length, to make it easy to pull.

Best Camping Coolers with Wheels Highlights 

Best camping cooler with wheelsBest for
YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled CoolerBest overall cooler with wheels
Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro Portable Large Ice Chest Wheeled CoolerBest value cooler
AmazonCommercial Rotomolded CoolersBest Amazon cooler with wheels
Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled CoolerBest cooler for short durations
Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 wheeled coolerBest large, affordable wheeled cooler
Coleman Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with WheelsBest looking cooler with wheels
Blue Coolers Ice Vault – 55 Quart, Roto-Molded Ice Cooler with WheelsBest for mid-size budget
Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with WheelsBest for 2 day camping trips
Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & WheelsBest cooler with removable liner

9 Best Camping Coolers with Wheels Reviewed 

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

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Overall best camping cooler with wheels

If you haven’t heard of YETI coolers, you most likely haven’t done much research on camping coolers yet. YETI has set their brand apart from many other cooler manufacturers thanks to their innovative design which keeps the temperature in the cooler for up to 10 days in certain conditions.

Now let’s talk about the wheels: they’re great! The wheels are heavy duty, solid-piece construction. In other words, you won’t have to worry about wheels going flat or denting because these wheels are built to endure all kinds of rough terrain.

We tested this camping cooler over rocks, pebbles, and even mud and had no complaints. The only downside to this cooler is that it’s a YETI so it will be much more expensive than any competitors. If you are considering this wheeled cooler as your choice, just know that this is an investment so the price will be worth it in the long run. 


  • Holds items cool longer than other tested competitor products
  • Puncture-resistant, heavy-duty wheels
  • Strong and comfortable arm handle
  • Very durable and strong build


  • Expensive compared to most models
  • Color options are muted
  • Large insulation areas means actual storage space is less than competitors
  • Heavy

Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro Portable Large Ice Chest Wheeled Cooler

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Best wheeled cooler value

The Igloo 110 QT Glide PRO wheeled cooler provides lots of storage space thanks to the whopping 110 quart capacity. We’ve named this wheeled cooler our best value, but don’t think that just because it has a reasonable price tag that this cooler can’t perform. This ice chest can keep your camping meats, ice, drinks, and all other necessities for several days with plenty of use. 

This cooler also has sleek, oversized sport rally wheels and a useful telescopic handle. This combination allows for easy maneuvering around tight corners and can be pulled uphill with minimal effort. The cooler can fit a lot of food and drinks which is very convenient for large camping groups. The latches are also premium quality which means your lid stays shut.


  • Rugged polyethylene shell
  • Slide and lock telescoping handle
  • Sport style wheels for easy rolling
  • Large storage space
  • Strong hinges and latches


  • Retains ice for 2-3 days
  • Only comes in white
  • Gets dirty quickly

AmazonCommercial RotoMolded 45 Quart Cooler

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Best Amazon cooler with wheels

AamzonCommercial joins the club in making a camping cooler with wheels with their Rotomolded, 45 Quart towable edition. The wheels on this cooler are the best in the bunch, making it the easiest to transport no matter what weight is in this cooler. Also featuring a molded tie-down means your stuff stays colder for longer, especially if you don’t plan to open it too often.

This 45 quart design can stuff in 48 cans, though that is without any ice. The towing handle is very good quality and does not jiggle or show signs of wearing down with prolonged use.


  • Very high quality cooler with ice retention for 3-5 days longer than non-rotomolded coolers
  • Smooth and durable wheels
  • Excellent towing handle
  • Can fit additional cargo on top and use as a miniature dolly


  • Only comes in tan or white
  • Giant AmazonCommercial branding on the front
  • Awkward size can make it difficult to remove from your car trunk or truck bed

Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler

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Best for shorter duration trips and outings

The Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler is designed explicitly for the grab and go kind of people. In other words, if you’re looking to keep your drinks cold for an afternoon at the park or a day at the lake, this is it. At one of the lower price points, you can expect that the cool retention of this Coleman is not meant for several days use, but for a quick day-trip, this should work just fine.

The Coleman 40 QT is a large cooler and can handle up to 59 cans (with minimal ice). The wheels are there and yes you can tow this thing but don’t be too rough or you’ll end up with a tipped cooler and a loose wheel rolling down the driveway.


  • Comfortable grips
  • Cooler is very affordable
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Rustproof drain
  • Plenty of storage


  • Poor wheel quality
  • Doesn’t keep things cold for more than 8-12 hours
  • Hard to tow for people with less upper-body strength
  • Lid can fly open easily

Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

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Best large yet affordable cooler with wheels

Consider the Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler the big sister of the Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler that we reviewed above. Frankly, they are very similar in performance and design, with a few caveats. The Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler is bigger and has two wheels that can accommodate more weight.

It’s hard to say whether this cooler actually outperforms the other in terms of cold retention or if the larger size means more ice is in the cooler, which means longer cold retention. In any case, if you find you or your camping pals opening the cooler often, this thing won’t keep ice for more than a couple days.


  • Comfortable grips
  • Affordable
  • Rustproof drain
  • Large cooler capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Poor wheel quality
  • Cold retention is not adequate for its size compared to competitors
  • One color available

Coleman Rolling Cooler 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with Wheels

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Best looking wheeled cooler

The Coleman Rolling Cooler 50 Quart is an attractive product with all black everything! Sleek design and color will make this stand out for all other campers to admire. As far as performance, the wheels work good enough and we saw no issues rolling this cooler through rocks or dirt, but we were hesitant to take it too hard. The handle is comfortable and easy to pull. At this price range, we think this is the best looking cooler and also a great buy.


  • Great price range for product
  • Sleek design
  • Spacious and durable
  • Easily accessible cup holders
  • Good insulation
  • Lower and sunken wheels
  • Telescopic handle


  • Side handles can become slick when wet
  • Gets dirty easily

Blue Coolers Ice Vault – 55 Quart, Roto-Molded Ice Cooler with Wheels

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Best mid-budget camping cooler with wheels

The Blue Coolers Ice Vault has 2-inch insulation that keeps ice up to 10 days. A lockable lid and durable gaskets means this thing will also be safe from bears and other wildlife trying to get into your goods. As for the wheels and towing capability, it works great. Smooth towing even with a fully loaded cooler means this thing is great for camping but also for picnics, soccer games, and other outdoor events.


  • Up to 10 days of ice retention
  • Solid wheel system
  • Lockable lid with freezer style gaskets
  • Great aesthetic and unique exterior
  • Two types of handles for towing or picking up
  • 2 inches of insulation for maximum cold retention
  • Plenty of room for storage with 55 quarts of space
  • Coupons available periodically on Amazon


  • White edition will dirty quickly
  • Can become heavy to pick up when fully loaded
  • Towing handle isn’t telescopic and can be too short for some

Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels

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Best for 2 day camping trips

This is not just another Coleman cooler with wheels. We were (somewhat) surprised to find that this Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme not only had a great, leak resistant drain but the wheels and towing handle were very comfortable to use. This makes for a great camping or lake cooler if you plan to keep your goods cold for 3-4 days. In fact, with minimal opening and closing of the lid, this thing will easily last 5 days of cold retention.


  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Spacious and can handle up to 250 lbs of storage
  • Insulated lid with built-in cupholders
  • Large tow handle for easy pulling
  • Attractive color


  • Loose hinges
  • Non-telescopic handle means one-size-fits-all
  • Only one color available

Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels

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Best wheeled cooler with a removable liner

This soft cooler resembles a rolling suitcase with zippers and pockets for more storage space. The Coleman 42 Can Soft Cooler has a treated liner with an antimicrobial coating to reduce mildew and bacteria. It can accommodate up to 42 cans, and the heat-welded seams prevent bursting. The cooler can be rolled up and has two side mesh pockets providing more storage options.

Consider this your afternoon wheeled cooler for a single day trip, or to hold those expensive beers that you don’t want jiggling around with all your other cold goods!


  • Antimicrobial liner
  • Easy wheeling
  • Extra pockets for storage
  • Leak-resistant
  • Welded seams


  • Does not insulate for long periods
  • Wheels only work well on smooth surfaces
  • Tips over easily when upright

Frequently asked questions 

What size handle is best for a camping cooler with wheels?

The size of the cooler handle depends on manufacturer specifications. Often, one company will utilize the same handle across a multitude of product lines. 

It is perhaps essential to consider the construction rather than length. 

Are coolers with wheels sturdy enough to use as a seat?

Yes, most modern camping coolers have lids that feature the same multi-layer insulation as the main body, giving it adequate stability. 

When using your cooler as a seat, pay attention to how much the top panel flexes against the weight. Constant pressure in the center of the cooler lid can lead to warping, which may affect the overall seas and lead to loss of overall insulation.

How long can my camping cooler hold ice without melting?

The cooler’s insulation rating depends on the kind of materials used in its construction and how the materials were put together. The time that ice will stay in solid form is also dependent on external factors such as whether your cooler is in direct sunlight or heat, how often it is opened, and how much ice is in your cooler.

How can I extend the cold retention for my cooler?

Pre-cooling your camping cooler is the best way to keep things colder for longer. This means adding in ice beforehand so that the environment in the cooler is already cold prior to adding in your other items. If you add in your ice and non-cooled items into a warm cooler, a lot of energy (and cold) is lost in lowering the internal temperature of the cooler, which means a lower cold retention time.

Cool It!

A camping cooler with wheels can make transporting your cooler from one spot to the next a breeze. Believe me, the last thing you want is to lug a heavy cooler without wheels to your car concluding the end of a tiring camping trip. Do yourself a favor and choose the best camping cooler with wheels so you can save yourself the energy and focus on getting your tired selves home!


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