Best Air Conditioners for Camping

Air conditioners are a must-have in camping trips during the summer season; some people tend to get very homesick, and require replication of the home environment, wherever they go. Also, heat at some locations can get unbearable: for which it is necessary that campers visiting that place have a source of solace with them to keep them cool whenever they feel that the heat is getting out of their hands.

However, buying a good campers’ air conditioner is not an easy task; to make the job easy for you, I have brought for you the complete guide to making a purchase of the best air conditioner for camping. The guide covers each and every factor that needs to be considered before buying an air conditioner. 

Since the market for mobile air conditioners, both portable and mobile, is not dominated by the bigger brands, it is a pertinent issue for potential buyers to make a decision: because all the brands selling such products are unheard of before. I will make the readers familiar with the brands selling camping air conditioners and also reveal the best air conditioner for camping: in my opinion.

Quick Look at the Best Camping Air Conditioners

This guide will review the top 12 air conditioners available on the market in 2022. The list is as follows: 

  1. KLARSTEIN Portable Air Conditioner
  2. Pro Breeze Portable Air Conditioner
  3. IcyBreeze V2 Pro Portable Cooler
  4. LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner
  5. Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditioner
  6. Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler
  7. Whynter Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  8. Evapolar EvaLIGHT Portable Air Conditioner
  9. TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner 
  10. Evapolar EvaSMART Portable Air Conditioner
  11. GOFLAME Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner
  12. Toolsempire Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Camping Air Conditioner


Premium air conditioners with specifications as per my requirement will always carry a price tag that will make me reconsider my decision to buy a camping air conditioner. However, it is not a must that all camping air conditioners with decent features will cost the average buyer a fortune. So, price is a very important aspect to consider before buying a camping air conditioner: also, one mustn’t assume by default that any camping air conditioner that is expensive will definitely be good because the high price is not always indicative of high quality: sometimes, it is also indicative of lack of efficient cost control. 

Camping air conditioners can also cost the buyer more than $1,500: and not everyone has such a huge budget to spare for such a product. Hence, this guide will give a detailed analysis: which will enable readers to make the best judgment on whether the price for a certain camping air conditioner is justified or not. 


One question that is always associated with buying an air conditioner is will the chosen air conditioner be enough to cool my entire area; similarly, camping air conditioners’ capability also needs to be judged based on the size of your tent trailer, RV. The measure of this capability is known as the AC capacity: the unit of AC’s capacity is the British Thermal Unit (BTU). The higher the BTU, the higher capacity of the AC. The energy consumption of a camping air conditioner is also dependent on its BTU: the higher the BTU, the higher use of electricity. 

Choosing the correct capacity is essential while shopping for a camping air conditioner because during the camping trip, if the capacity is not sufficient to cool the entire resting area, then campers will experience severe inconvenience. Also, insufficient capacity will make the AC overrun and that significantly increases the energy consumption. 

The size of the area isn’t alone the determinant of capacity; the number of people inside the camping area also plays a pivotal role in determining the capacity of the air conditioner. So, to accommodate two people inside an average-sized tent, the camping air conditioner should have 1000 BTU for the least. 


Some people confuse portable air conditioners as being camping air conditioners: however, the two are different products. Portable air conditioners are significantly heavier: a portable air conditioner weighs around 50 lbs. on average, whereas a camping air conditioner weighs around 20 lbs. on average, the weight only establishes a basic difference between the two often confused products. 

Portability is majorly decided on the basis of the size of the AC: camping air conditioners are very practical to carry because of their compact shape and low weight. This needs to be consistent for all camping air conditioners, as this is a basic criterion. 

Running Costs

One should never buy a camping air conditioner: without taking into account its running costs. All kinds of ACs are, usually always, the major contributor to domestic energy bills: the camping air conditioners are more or less using the same technology, so their energy consumption is also very high. Some camping air conditioners are battery-powered, and some require another power source. 

Costs for camping air conditioners can also be calculated as cost per battery charge. Such calculations are sometimes not possible prior to the purchase, but my review will enable you to make an informed decision about the best air conditioner for camping.  

Room Presence

This factor completes a few aspects related to a mobile air conditioner: such as noise levels ratio of size to relevant area that needs to be cooled. To ensure that you are able to rest peacefully on your camping trips, you require an air conditioner whose noise levels don’t go beyond those of the environment and its noise blends with the environment’s standard minimal noise so that the air conditioner’s noise is ignorable. In case the camping air conditioner is very noisy, then one cannot sleep while it is on. 

So a relevant product needs to be the one that doesn’t cost you your peace on your camping trip; I’d personally hate any such air conditioners whose noise is so bad that it doesn’t integrate with the other background noises. To make readers’ purchase decisions more informed, I will add for each product reviewed the rating of noise level (calculated in decibels dB).  

Installation Requirements

Certain products in this category are a nightmare to operate: the process of their installation takes forever and isn’t very simple. I will discuss in detail the technicalities involved with each air conditioner. An ideal mobile air conditioner needs to be easy to operate; it needn’t have any technical steps for assembly that push the buyers in jeopardy. I wouldn’t obviously want for myself a product that I can’t figure out how to use during a camping trip. 

People are very particular about buying products that serve their best interest: in the case of camping, the interest is efficient cooling with minimum effort, and this minimum effort is only achieved when the product is easy to use with minimal instructions. 

Types of Air Conditioners That Work Best in Camping

Battery Powered Air Conditioners 

This is the most convenient type of air conditioner. These contain removable or non-removable batteries: the batteries are rechargeable. These are very easy to use and just need to be brought in the tent once charged adequately: then they can be used without much hassle inside the tents. Battery-powered air conditioners usually use lithium-ion batteries: and these batteries last between 4 to 9 hours, depending on the size of the battery and the set thermostat temperature. 

The only area where the battery-powered air conditioners fall short is the duration of their run on a single charge. The manufacturers’ claims of the AC running properly for a good 9 hours are often false, and such ACs only manage to run for around 4-5 hours at max. Hence, campers always need to carry power banks or generators to recharge their camping air conditioners on longer duration camping trips. 

Also, the cooling capacity of these air conditioners is very mediocre, owing to the fact that their BTU is very low: usually around 5,000 BTU at max. So, the campers won’t really get the replication of the experience they get with the air conditioners in their homes or other public places. 

Portable Air Conditioners

These differ significantly from battery-powered air conditioners: since they’re power operated, there needs to be a reliable power source with you all the time to use these on the camping sites. But the results of these air conditioners are excellent. Unlike battery-powered air conditioners, their flow of cool air isn’t limited to the immediate area of where the appliance is placed: these can be placed in large tents as well that house more than five people, and they won’t feel humid or warm. 

The better performance comes from the fact that portable air conditioners have a much higher BTU than battery-powered ones: their BTUs range between 10,000 to 12,000, which is double and more than double in some cases. 

Higher BTU means higher capacity, and higher capacity means greater size and weight: so the campers will have to worry about transporting these air conditioners and carrying them from their vehicles to the camping site. Also, the need for a power source makes it necessary for campers to arrange a generator on the camping site to power the portable air conditioner because it is very unlikely that camping sites will have a source of electricity.

Spot Coolers

Next, we have spot coolers. These are upgraded versions of portable air conditioners: they have superior performance. The greater performance of spot coolers is because of the higher BTU of these air conditioners: the capacity for these can go up to 15,000 BTU, which is a very impressive figure. Spot coolers are completely capable of replicating the experience of a split AC, in the tents. 

As I mentioned that spot coolers are better versions of portable air conditioners, this is also because the portability of these is much better as most of the spot coolers come equipped with wheels, which aids the campers to drag around the camping site instead of lifting them around. 

The issues that make spot coolers infeasible for campers are that spot coolers need a power source just like the portable air conditioners and, this makes it mandatory for campers to carry a power generator with them. The second issue with spot coolers is that these require proper ductwork to perform at their optimal capacity: ductwork involves making proper arrangements for the air to flow far from the system. And this ductwork needs to be conducted on the spot, so not everyone has the skill to do proper ductwork: making spot coolers unsuitable for some campers. 

Lastly, spot coolers are a lot more pricey than portable air conditioners: people who are on a budget cannot consider this to be their best air conditioner for camping. 

Window Air Conditioners

Campers who have huge camping tents spanning over 100 square feet have a very viable option for air conditioning: the window air conditioners. These have significantly higher BTU ranging from 10,000 to 15,000: this makes them ideal for a huge camping group of over 20 people. Campers who are on a budget can consider window air conditioners because these are very cheap: the starting prices are as low as $150. 

However, there are certain aspects of window air conditioners that do not make it a product for all campers: they can’t be installed everywhere because they require a dedicated space where they can be set; the fit in the dedicated space should be perfect for a window air conditioner otherwise proper ventilation will not take place; this means that window air conditioners will require specialized tents and purchasing such tents is an additional cost. Also, window ACs are not battery-powered, so nonetheless, they’ll require a power generator. So, a window AC will not ideally make the best air conditioner for camping.

How to Use a Camping Air Conditioner Correctly

The first step that needs to be taken after buying a camping air conditioner is correctly installing it: in case you have bought a window AC then it is not possible to use them without either having a specialized tent designed to house a window AC or else you can very efficiently create a cutout inside your tent with the correct dimensions to ensure that you achieve a good fit for the window AC in your existing tent: I recommend using professional help to make a cutout in your tent. Once the cutout is made, and installation of window AC is done, then you need to ensure that you have the correct power source to power it: you will have to check the required voltage on the manuals or the box of the product to get the correct information and get a power source according to it. Post this; you’ll need to set up your window AC in a way where you’ll have to keep it off the ground at a minimal height; you can maybe use a small wooden table. Ensure when the window AC is on, cold air isn’t leaking out of the tent. 

If you have bought a spot cooler or a portable air conditioner, then the method of installing them is the same: unlike window ACs, these will not require you to cut a custom shape out from your tent. All you require is a small open space to keep the drain hose out of the area that requires cooling. Then you can plug your portable AC or spot cooler in the power source and use it to cool the living area of your tent.

Lastly, if you have bought a battery-powered air conditioner, then it is the easiest to use because you don’t have to worry about connecting it to a power source: just charge it and place it at an opening of the tent, preferably between the zipper keep the side with air vents inside the tent and the side of the hose outside of the tent. Then just turn it on and enjoy the show.

Maintenance of a Camping Air Conditioner 

You need to consider that camping air conditioners use the same mechanisms as other air conditioners, so they also require maintenance. Periodically, take the filters out of the cooling unit when it’s turned off: then you need to assess the condition of the filters; if they are only unclean, then clean them with a clean wet cloth, but if the filters are showing tears and holes then you need to replace them. 

Most camping air conditioners collect the condensed water inside the detachable tank: check the tank after prolonged use to ensure that it isn’t overflowing. If the tank has reached too close to filling, then detach it from the cooling unit and dispose of the water. 

The hoses that lie on the outside of the camping air conditioner are accessible to be cleaned: if the hoses and pipes are user-removable, then detach them and clean them on the inside with water or other solutions that are safe to use for pipes and hoses. Also, if the exterior of the air conditioner is visibly dirty, then clean it with a dry cloth.

When the camping air conditioner is not in use at all, then it is wise to remove all the detachable parts of the product: ensure that all parts are dry and then store it in a dark place. 

Buying Guide for The Best Air Conditioner for Camping

KLARSTEIN Portable Air Conditioner

KLARSTEIN Metrobreeze Portable Air Conditioner with Timer, 10,000 BTU, Adjustable temperature between 65 and 85 ° F, 3 Modes of Operation: Cooling, Drying and Fan, Rollers, White
  • ADJUSTABLE: More power for your dream climate: with 3.0 kW cooling power at its disposal, the Klarstein air conditioner produces pleasant desired temperatures...
  • WORKS EFFICIENTLY: Performance doesn’t have to be expensive: the device is so efficient that it has earned energy efficiency class A+. And if you just want to...
  • IDEAL TEMPERATURE: Ideal temperatures are no coincidence! The Metrobreeze Rome air conditioner gives summer heat the cold shoulder, taking high temperatures...
  • TIMER: A programmable timer starts or stops the air conditioner after the selected time period. All functions of the air conditioner can be set either via the...

Weight: 66 lbs.

Watts: 3000 Watts (max cooling power)

Capacity: 10000 BTU

Best for Medium-Sized Tents

Price: Under $350

KLARSTEIN’s portable AC is full of utility for campers: they do not have to worry about dragging this AC because it already has wheels. The type of this AC allows campers to draw out most of the heat because it has a really good capacity: very close to that of a split AC. The features of this portable AC are:

Adjustable Fan: this product’s Fan can be adjusted to suit the needs of the campers. So, during camping, if you feel that the temperature is too cold for you, then you can adjust the fan speed to low speed to not make it feel like freezing cold inside the tent.

Energy-saving: generally, ACs consume a lot of power, and sometimes they are the major contributors to the power bill. However, this portable AC is very energy efficient: so much so that it has earned a rating of A+ in energy efficiency. Hence, campers will not have to worry about the power cost generated because of using this product. 

Timer: this AC is equipped with a timer, so during camping, no one will have to worry about waking up from sleep and turning the AC off. 

The timer is a very important feature for me because this also allows me to sleep without having to worry about turning off electrical appliances in time: on top of that, the cost-saving due to energy saving really persuades me to keep this product as my first choice on camping trips. A feature like a timer provides great utility to people, and this was the merit for this product to be listed on my guide for the best air conditioner for camping.

This product can be bought here.

Pro Breeze Portable Air Conditioner 

Currently On Sale
Pro Breeze 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner for Room 10000 BTU 450SqFt Air Conditioning Unit, Smart Air Conditioner with Fan, Dehumidifier, Night, Timer, Window Venting Kit, Wifi Portable AC Unit
  • ULTRA POWERFULL COOLING: Our portable AC has a mighty 10,000 BTU cooling down to 61°F across 450 sq ft, ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, homes, and offices....
  • SMART CONTROL HOME & AWAY: Our smart portable air conditioner is compatible with Alexa and Google Home! Connect to your room air conditioners and set the...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Our portable AC unit boasts a 6.6 CEER to ensure that blowing cold air even during summer heatwaves is cost effective. Using a greener...
  • 4 IN 1 FUNCTIONALITY: This portable ac unit features 4 multi-purpose operating modes including air cooling, dehumidifying, fan and sleep mode, making it the...

Weight: Information N/A

Watts: 1130 Watts

Capacity: 10000 BTU

Best for: Medium-Sized Tents – Full-Sized Tents

Price: Under $400

Pro Breeze’s product has a smart shape: its width is less and has a greater height. This AC wins in a lot of areas owing to its excessive features. Moreover, this AC is smart in nature because it can be operated using a smartphone as well. Its features are: 

Super Cooling Capacity: at 10,000 BTUs, this AC is capable of cooling an area up to 300 square feet. Campers searching for options to cool a full-size tent can opt for this product. 

Smart Control: this is an AC that scores full marks on technology, as it is capable of being operated through a smartphone. It has connectivity for Google Home and Alexa. So, people can really get away with losing the remote controller of this AC unit. 

Multi-functionality: not only does this portable product offer cooling but also an additional service of dehumidifying. It is capable of eliminating up to 2.5 pints of moisture. Campers whose tents are based in locations with a very humid environment can gain a lot of utility from this AC because they wouldn’t have to spend extra money to buy a dehumidifier. 

I am someone who’s always looking for all kinds of convenience, and this product really offers me the convenience to control my appliance from my own smartphone. Plus, I really love the fact that I get to have the benefits of two products in one: an air conditioner and dehumidifier. However, this portable AC is taller than others, which makes me concerned about fitting it inside the tent.

This product can be bought here.

IcyBreeze V2 Pro Portable Cooler

IcyBreeze V2 Pro Portable Air Conditioner & Cooler - 2-in-1 Personal Cooling Solution with 3-Speed Fan, 12V Rechargeable Battery, 38 Quart Capacity, Made in the USA (Blue)
  • 2-in-1 Air Cooler & Drink Chiller: Combines powerful cooling with a 38-quart capacity for ice and drinks, perfect for outdoor adventures and indoor comfort.
  • Powerful Fan: Dispenses cold, dry air up to 25 MPH, cooling up to 35°F below ambient temperature.
  • Rechargeable & Portable: Includes a 12V lithium-ion battery with up to 4 hours of runtime on low, plus ergonomic handles and large wheels for easy transport.
  • Flexible Cooling Hose: Direct the airflow exactly where needed with the adjustable flexi-hose, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency.

Weight: Information N/A

Battery: 6AH Lithium-ion Battery

Capacity: Cooler’s capacity is not measured in BTUs

Best for tent consisting of 1-3 people

Price: Under $400

This is a rechargeable cooler that utilizes ice, and cold water poured into its tank to chill the air inside the enclosed space. Since it’s rechargeable, the customers will not have to worry about carrying a power source, like a solar panel or a fuel-powered generator: this is really a blessing because it is easier to manage and handle less stuff on a trip. The product offers three modes, which are low, medium, and high; the battery-power consumption significantly rises when you run the cooler on medium and high mode. The key features of this cooler are: 

Compact: there are two unique selling points of this product, rechargeable and portable. The small size allows it to be carried around easily, and since it is battery powered, campers need not worry about carrying an external power source with it. Also, this product features an ergonomic design and has multiple points from where it can be lifted: hence, carrying it is much easier than one can imagine.

Flexible hose: the cooler blows out air from a hose, which is flexible in nature, so one can directly adjust the hose to divert the airflow to the area they want to cool. Also, if someone is not enjoying the air coming on their body but they don’t want to turn the cooler off, then they can simply adjust the hose to face upwards or downwards.

Detachable battery: since the batteries are detachable so whenever the cooler runs out of charge the users can remove the battery and instantly attach another charged battery pack and enjoy continued use. 

Overall, this product is nothing short of a camper’s dream: it’s compact, rechargeable, adjustable. But this product lacks the strong performance of a portable air conditioner: I never feel I am experiencing cold shivers during summers when this cooler is in use. Hence, this is ideal for chilling down the temperature by a few degrees but for people who require excessive cooling will be disappointed.

This product can be bought here.

LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Currently On Sale
LG 8,000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner, 115V, Cools 350 Sq.Ft. (14' x 25' Room Size), Portable Air Conditioner for Home with Voice Control, Works ThinQ, Amazon Alexa, and Hey Google
  • Control your Cool from Anywhere: LG ThinQ Technology lets you control your LG portable air conditioner for home from anywhere; You can start or stop cooling,...
  • 3-in-1 Operation (Cool/Fan/Dry): The portable air conditioner btu includes 3 different modes to choose from; Cool mode provides powerful cooling and...
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: 2 cooling and fan speeds allow you to customize your cooling; Effortlessly adjust the air flow to suit your needs
  • Cools Rooms up to 350 Square Feet: LP0821GSSM is ideal for cooling medium rooms (14 'X 25'); With the 350 square feet cooling coverage, keep your kitchen,...

Weight: 63 lbs.

Volt: 115V

Capacity: 8000 BTU

Best for Medium-Sized Tents

Price: Under $450.

This is an exclusive product by one of the industry-leading brands, LG: Hence, there’s no way we can consider this product to be a low-quality product because LG has a reputation in the market for being a quality brand with innovative design and features. Its features are as follows: 

LG ThinQ: this is an exclusive LG eco-system feature that enables users to operate this AC from anywhere simply by installing the LG ThinQ app in your smartphone, and then the air conditioner can be controlled using Wi-Fi.

Multiple Modes: the product has three modes, which are cool, Fan, and dry. When in cool mode, the product is both an air conditioner and a dehumidifier; fan mode is solely for circulation of air; dry mode is an extended version of cool mode with excessive dehumidification. 

Variable Fan Speed: LG’s portable AC offers two different fan speeds for both cooling and Fan. So, in total, the users have four combinations to adjust Fan and cooling as per their requirements.

For me, when the product is of LG, then the element of doubts about quality and performance vanishes. I will really consider buying a product from one of the industry leaders in the air conditioning industry. Also, the portable air conditioner is a product that isn’t offered by many top brands: so it will be a privilege to buy this product when it is being made by LG. And the privileges this product offers are already visible in the product description: it’s not usual for buyers to get features like Wi-Fi-controlling, multiple fan speeds, and multiple modes from a product that is a compromised version of a full-sized air conditioner. The brand name LG was enough for me to add it to my list of the best air conditioners for camping.

This product can be bought here.

Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditioner

Currently On Sale
Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioners - Portable AC Unit - Small Personal Evaporative Air Cooler & Fan for Desk, Office, Car, Camping, White
  • Cooling 3-in-1: Evapolar evaCHILL mini AC cools & humidifies the air using evaporative technology, the cartridge material also catches large dust particles....
  • Natural Personal Cooling: Efficiently cools your personal space using evaporative technology. This swamp cooler is ideal solution for hot, dry climates. Feel...
  • Energy-Efficient and Cost-Saving: consumes only 10W (up to 100x less than an AC unit) and saves your bills. Can be used solo as well as in tandem with an AC,...
  • Safe for Breathing 100%: Evapolar functionality is based on natural evaporative cooling. Our patented Evabreeze technology cools and humidifies the air in a...

Weight: 2 lbs.

Battery: 7.5W

Capacity: 340-1190 BTU per hour

Best for 1 person

Price: Under $100

Innovators have been successful in shrinking the size of air conditioners and making them equivalent to that of fish pots: Evapolar’s innovative product is the proof. This product is literally a personal air conditioner, which is powered by a USB cable. The features are as follows: 

Ultra-Savings: the personal AC only consumes 7.5W, which is equivalent to charging a smartphone. Hence, you’re getting the experience of an air conditioner while only paying a negligible amount in power costs. 

Leakage-proof: evaCHILL has a solid design, with a completely sealed exterior that prevents any leakage out of the water tank. 

Low noise levels: the typical concern with all forms of air conditioners is the noise levels. Most air conditioners, especially older models, make a lot of noise: however, this is not the case with evaCHILL since its noise levels are only up to 50 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a whisper. 

Single-button: the only thing that is between you and the experience of evaCHILL is the touch of a button; that’s right, because evaCHILL only has one button. This keeps the operation simple and easy for people of all ages. 

Easy to power: evaCHILL can be powered using anything because it only has a micro-USB port. So the users are at the flexibility to power it using a power bank, a computer machine, or even a socket. On camping, this is a big relief because campers can even run this product by powering them using their power banks.  

This is really a product worth experimenting with: if not using it regularly. If successful, then each camper can have a personal evaCHILL for themselves in their respective tents. However, I am not sure how it really fills in the shoes of a full-fledged portable air conditioner: in terms of performance. The line of products offered by Evapolar is an interesting addition to my guide on the best air conditioner for camping.

This product can be bought here.

Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler

Currently On Sale
Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler By Ontel - Powerful 3-Speed Personal Space Cooler, Quiet, Lightweight And Portable For Bedroom, Office, Living Room & More
  • Personal Air Cooler: Enjoy cool air anywhere with this air cooler that helps turn hot, dry air into cold, refreshing air
  • Quiet and Lightweight: The whisper quiet fan plus soothing night light make this air cooler perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep
  • Efficient Cooling: Hydro Chill Technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly; The multi...
  • Easy to Use: It's simple to set up and use, just pour water in the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Watts: 8 Watts

Capacity: Information N/A

Best for Small Sized Tents

Price: Under $40.

This product is a very good alternative to conventional air conditioning; it is a water-based cooler that requires the user to fill it up with cold water in its designated tank for liquid. The features of this product are: 

Quiet: the usual reservation against coolers is that they are very noisy. However, this is not the case with Ontel’s product: as the noise levels at max go up to 55 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound generated while whispering.

New Technology: Ontel claims to have installed new technology in its cooler called the Hydro Chill Technology. In this technology, evaporative air filters are used to bring about instant cooling from the product. Other coolers require a considerable amount of time before they start releasing cool air.

This is a good base-level room cooler. If I were to go camping in a place where the temperature isn’t expected to go very hot, then this room cooler would be perfect: however, a power source is still required to power this cooler since there isn’t a battery installed in this. Also, this is a very small-sized cooler, so this will never be my choice if I am going camping with a bigger group, as it cannot fulfill the cooling needs of multiple people at one time.

This product can be bought here.

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier

Whynter ARC-14SH, Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Dual Hose, 14,000 BTU, Fan, Activated Carbon Filter (Complete Set), With Bonus Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle, Platinum Black
  • Easy To Read And Programmable - Full Thermostatic Control (61°f - 89°f) With Digital Readout, 24 Hour Programmable Timer; Eco-friendly Cfc Free Green R-32...
  • Cool Even Larger Area Quickly With Dual Hose Operations - Cools Up To A 500 Square Feet Space(Ambient Temperature And Humidity May Influence Optimum...
  • Simple To Operate With Three Operational Modes: Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan & Heater; Cooling Capacity 14000 Btu (Ashrae-128 Standard) / 9500 Btu (Doe+...
  • Measures: ‎‎16 X 19 X 35.5 Inches; Color: Platinum And Black; Comes With 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner

Weight: Information N/A

Watts: 1300 Watts

Capacity: 14000 BTU

Best for: Large-Sized Tents with 10 or more people

Price: Under $800.

Whynter’s portable air conditioner is a full-size cooling unit: which is ideal for very large areas; even the manufacturer claims that this AC can cover an area of up to 500 square feet. The features are as follow:

Four Modes: this AC can serve four different purposes. Not only is it an air conditioner, but also a heater, a fan, and a dehumidifier. Hence, it is an all-season product. 

Dual Hose: Whynter’s AC has double hoses; this allows the cooling unit to rapidly cool the area it is placed in. The 14000 BTU alone are complemented by the dual hoses, and the combo produces instant cooling. 

Air Quality: Cooling air is protected in this cooling unit by making it pass through two filters, a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter. Hence, users get to experience cool air which is free from harmful particles. 

This is a large portable AC, hence the same cons of the portable air conditioners will come into effect: difficult to carry, need to carry another power source and high running costs. This is only a product for camping trips with bigger group sizes: because a few people wouldn’t require such a heavy-duty, high-performance cooling unit for themselves. The reason I consider it as one of the best air conditioners for camping is that it has a higher capacity.

This product can be bought here.

Evapolar EvaLIGHT Portable Air Conditioner

Currently On Sale
Cooling Fan for Desk and Car - Portable Evaporative Air Cooler for Camping - Small Ice Fan for Tent - Personal Air Conditioners Evalight, White
  • 3-IN-1 COOLING – Evapolar evaLIGHT Plus cools & humidifies the air using evaporative technology. evaLIGHT Plus mini air conditioner is equipped with a...
  • NATURAL PERSONAL COOLING – Efficiently cools your personal space using evaporative technology. Ideal solution for hot, dry climates. Feel the pleasant cool...
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT & COST-SAVING – consumes only 10W (up to 100x less than an AC unit) and saves your bills. Can be used solo as well as in tandem with an AC,...
  • 100% SAFE FOR BREATHING – Evapolar functionality is based on natural evaporative cooling powered by our patented Evabreeze technology that cools and...

Weight: 3 lbs.

Battery: 10W 

Capacity: 340-1190 BTU per hour

Best for 1 person

Price: Under $150.

This is another product by Evapolar: called the evaLIGHT. Like evaCHILL, this product is also a wonder in a small package; however, this is better than evaCHILL in terms of features. The features include: 

Removable Water Tank: unlike evaCHILL, evaLIGHT has a removable water tank with a higher volume. The tank being removable is useful because once it is removed, it can be cleaned, which isn’t possible in a non-removable user tank.

Control Wheel: evaCHILL is a one-button device, but evaLIGHT has an entire control panel, called the control wheel, which can be used to adjust temperature modes and basic on/off function. 

Lower Noise Levels: as compared to evaCHILL, which had a total noise output of 50 decibels, evaLIGHT is much quieter as its noise output remains in the range of 25 to 45 decibels. Basically, it is even quieter than the sound of a whisper. 

Variety in color: evaLIGHT can be purchased in two colors, crystal white and magic black.

For me, this is a bigger, better, quieter version of the evaCHILL. People whose cooling needs weren’t met with the evaCHILL can upgrade to evaLIGHT, and I am sure this will be able to provide a better experience in the camping area. Campers have the ease to power this product using a power bank which makes this an On-The-Go product.

This product can be bought here.

TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner 

Currently On Sale
TOSOT 10,000 BTU(ASHRAE) 6,000 BTU (DOE) Portable Air Conditioner - Quiet, Remote Control, Built-in Dehumidifier, Fan, Easy Window Installation Kit- Cool Rooms Up to 400 Square Feet
  • Powerful Cooling: Cool spaces up to 400 square feet with an ASHRAE-rated 10,000 BTUs of cool air (6,000 BTU 2017 DOE Standard) perfect for your home office,...
  • 1 Product, 3 Uses: This is not only a Portable AC but also a fan and dehumidifier capable of removing 2.5 pints(1.2L/hour) of water per hour. Drier air feels...
  • Sleep Well: Sleep through the night with lower noise mode. You can also use the sleep function to adjust your optimal sleeping temperature while you are busy...
  • Easy Install: Both horizontal and vertical sliding windows can be used to install this machine while the detailed instructions in our user manual can have you...

Weight: 55 lbs.

Volts: 115V 

Capacity: 10000 BTU

Best for: Medium-Sized to Full Sized Tents

Price: Under $400.

TOSOT is a sub-brand of the AC giant company GREE: hence, we do not need to worry about the quality of the products by TOSOT. Also, this portable air conditioner has a unique design: its air vents are vertically placed on the narrow-bodied AC, and while being vertical, the air vents are also longer in length. Some other features are: 

Sleep Mode: This feature is a consumer-friendly function because when this feature is enabled on the cooling unit, then its noise levels considerably go down, enabling users to sleep comfortably without feeling annoyed or disturbed. 

Wheels: like most portable ACs, TOSOT’s portable product also has wheels that make it convenient for users to drag it around their place easily. Also, wheels turn out to be very useful products during camping trips because it is easier to push the air conditioner on the camping ground’s terrain. 

Reusable Air Filter: for users of portable ACs, it is an inconvenient task to shop for the air filters of their ACs because it needs to be changed periodically. However, the air filter that TOSOT’s portable air conditioner uses is reusable: meaning that when it gets dirty, the user can simply clean it with soap water and put it back to use. 

I love this portable AC because this portable air conditioner is capable of cooling much of the area within 3 minutes. Also, what I love about this portable air conditioner is that it has a stylish exterior and an unconventional color that is gray. In the color and design area, I place this product on the top of the list of the best air conditioners for camping.

This product can be bought here.

Evapolar EvaSMART Portable Air Conditioner

Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Evaporative Air Cooler, Humidifier and Portable Air Conditioner EV-3000 with Alexa support - Opaque White
  • EvaSMART air cooler CREATES YOUR OWN COOL PERSONAL CLIMATE using natural evaporative technology, best for hot dry climates
  • FOR PERSONAL USE - Cools the area in front of the device up 2.5 - 3.5 sq m (in the direction of the airflow) approximately the size of a desk, couch or bed
  • 3-IN-1: Evapolar evaSMART cools, humidifes the air and as a bonus works as a night light for your comfort sleep. You don’t need more to have several devices...
  • AMAZON ALEXA COMPATIBLE - works with various Smart Home assistants like Amazon Alexa with voice commands.

Weight: 4 lbs.

Battery: 12.5V

Capacity: 340-1360 BTU per hour

Best for: 2 people

Price: Under $230.

This is the top-of-the-line portable air conditioner by Evapolar: so the basic functionality is the same. The features that are exclusive to this product are as follows:

Mobile App Support: evaSMART can be operated using the smartphone: by simply installing the smartphone app of the brand. All the functions that are present on the cooling unit are also present in the app.

Touch Screen: evaSMART’s control panel is a touchscreen panel, and this provides a premium feel to the customers.

Bigger Water Tank: among the three portable ACs offered by Evapolar, evaSMART has the largest water tank in terms of volume. The water tank can store 1.3 liters of water: which powers the cooling function for up to 9 hours. 

USB Type-C: evaSMART, being the most premium portable AC by Evapolar, carries all the premium features like the touchscreen. Similarly, the port used to power evaSMART is also the world’s most reliable kind of port: USB Type-C.

The basic idea of Evapolar’s innovative portable air conditioner remains consistent in evaSMART as well: on top of that, this is the most enhanced version of it. So, I would really not consider the price to be an issue and definitely opt for it out of the three: if I was buying a portable AC for my camping trip. 

This product can be bought here.

GOFLAME Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

GOFLAME Air Cooler and Heater, Portable Evaporative Air Cooling Fan Filter Humidifier with Ice Crystal Box, Remote Control, Adjustable 3 Fan Speed, Compact Air Cooler for Indoor Home Office Dorms
  • Multipurpose Design for Wide Application: It can be used not only as an air cooler and heater, but also as a humidifier or a fan. It reduces the temperature by...
  • Adjustable Fan Speeds & Timing Function: With an 8-hour timer, wide-angle air supply feature, 3 fan speeds, you can customize your cooling and heating modes as...
  • LCD Display & Remote Control: The user-friendly LCD control panel is easy for you to see the speed, mode and timer options selected. Moreover, a remote control...
  • Large-Capacity Water Tank and Universal Wheels: 7L large-capacity water tank can avoid you from adding water frequently due to running out of water....

Weight: 17 lbs.

Watts: 75W

Capacity: 7 liters (reservoir capacity)

Best for: Medium-Sized Tents

Price: Under $150.

Like most portable air conditioners, GOFLAME’s air conditioner also has four modes: cooler, heater, dehumidifier, and Fan, with three fan speeds. The features that distinguish this product are as follow: 

LCD panel: This portable AC has an LCD screen to display information for the users. The information on an LCD screen looks neater and easy to read. Plus, screens generally give a more premium feel.

Large Water Tank: The capacity of the reservoir tank in this product is 7 liters, which keeps the cooler running for an extended amount of time. 

Air Purification: the product has a built-in feature of purification of air on heat and cold mode; adding this feature to an AC is a genuine dealmaker because this saves the users from the additional cost of buying an air purifier. 

I am only inclined towards this product because it has a large water tank capacity: apart from this, I don’t see any other incentive to keep me engaged with this product because this isn’t even the best-looking portable air conditioner. Campers who require AC for a longer duration of time should opt for this brand.

This product can be bought here.

Toolsempire Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

Toolsempire 28" Portable Air Conditioner, 3-IN-1 Windowless Evaporative Air Cooler with Humidifier, Remote Control,3 Modes, 3 Speeds, 7.5H Timer & 2 Ice Boxes, Wide Oscillating Ice Fan for Office,Home
  • 【 3-In-1 Evaporative Cooler 】 Our evaporative air cooler combines a regular fan, humidifier and air cooler in one, which saves your money and meets your...
  • 【 6.5L Water Tank & 7.5h Timer Function 】 This evaporative air cooler has a 6.5L water tank that is capable of continuous working for hours. And the water...
  • 【 Easy to Operate & Convenient Use 】 Super easy to operate. Using handy remote control and timer function, you can control the unit from a distance and...
  • 【 Space-Saving & Safe Bladeless Design 】 Portable air cooler dimensions: 11"L x 12.4"W x 28"H. With a built-in handle and a universal wheel design, the...

Weight: Information N/A

Volts: 110V

Capacity: 6.5 liters (reservoir capacity)

Best for: Small to Medium-Sized Tents

Price: Under $130.

Toolsempire’s portable air conditioner is similar to other portable ACs in most respects. The features which make it exclusive are as follow: 

Bladeless Design: unlike other portable ACs, Toolsempire’s portable air conditioner’s air vents do not have blades inside them. This is a safety feature that makes the product safer for kids and pets. 

Fixing Wheels: this feature will enable campers to fix this portable AC on uneven terrain. The wheel-locks will prevent the AC from making accidental movements. 

This portable air conditioner is lean, which gives it a good visual appeal: the vertical vents, dual-tone color, and narrow design are really pleasing to my eyes. This product fits in a corner in my tents while taking minimal space, and this is a big plus factor.

This product can be bought here.

Techie Camper’s Final Verdict

Portable air conditioners are an interesting phenomenon: they are loaded with more or less the same features as their bigger counterparts, the split ACs. Plus, portable ACs consume less power; they are more stylish; they are flexible in installation. However, campers do not usually have the space and budget to carry a power source with them, and it is essential to have one to power a portable AC on the camping site.

So, an ideal option for campers is to use a battery-powered air conditioner: but battery-powered air conditioners are under-performers as they always slack in areas like battery timing, cooling intensity, and build quality. On top of that, they are insufficient to completely satisfy even one person: so, let alone satisfy the cooling needs of all the inhabitants of a single tent.

The product that solves most, if not all, of these problems is Evapolar’s evaSMART, and in my opinion, the best air conditioner for camping is Evapolar’s evaSMART. It is basically everything a camper wants: sleek, compact, multiple functions, and smart connectivity. Although it isn’t battery-powered, it has a USB Type-C port which enables it to be powered using basic things like laptops, power banks, and even some smartphones that have reverse charging. Also, the cooling offered by Evapolar’s portable ACs is by far the best in all of the handheld ACs: the cooling is at par with bigger portable ACs. 

The best air conditioner for camping is evaSMART because it is a futuristic product that solves a legit problem, air conditioning on camping sites, and it solves the problem in the most practical solution: even the power source of this air conditioners is integrated with the items that we are always carrying like laptops and power banks.


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