Best Body Wipes for Camping

You’re not doing camping right unless you get dirty. And since the vast majority of campgrounds don’t provide public showers, those serious about enjoying the Great Outdoors may need an alternative method to cleanse and disinfect themselves over the course of a long camping trip. That’s where the best body wipes for camping come in – offering a safe and environmentally friendly option when showering simply isn’t on the docket.

The right body wipe will clean all traces of odor, sweat, dirt, and bacteria when used properly and thoroughly. You’ll smell better, you’ll feel fresher, and you may even forget that you weren’t able to actually shower. That’s what a quality pack of body wipes can do for even the most active camper.

Rather than leaving you to sift through dozens of potential purchase options, we’ve narrowed things down into a definitive list of The 5 Best Body Wipes For Camping.

In addition, we’ll answer some key questions about the top body wipes for campers so that you have a good idea what separates the best from the rest.

But first, let’s start with the list!

The 5 Best Body Wipes For Camping

1) Encore Epic Wipes

Full Body Wipes for Camping
350 Reviews
Full Body Wipes for Camping
  • Large, disposable no-rinse cleansing body wipes when you can’t shower
  • Huge yet portable (35 x 60 cm unfolded)
  • Cleans sweat while reducing odor easily and effectively
  • Naturally safe and gentle on your body

What Makes Them Special?

When they say epic, they mean it! Encore, LLC Epic Wipes are massive in size, measuring 50 x 80 centimeters when fully unfurled. That means you’ll get extended body coverage while deodorizing, disinfecting, and eliminating even the most caked-on of grease and grime. The soft scent of eucalyptus oil is pleasing to the senses, and the oil itself also provides added antifungal and antibacterial benefits.


  • The biggest body wipes on this list and perhaps the most durable as well! While the bamboo fibers are soft on your skin, they’re strong enough to resist ripping and tearing with concerted usage.
  • Each wipe is individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience.
  • Not treated with harsh chemicals. Encore, LLC Epic Wipes only contain the good stuff (calendula, chamomile, etc.) for your skin and for the environment around you.


  • While the wipes themselves are biodegradable, the individual wrappers are not. Be sure to gather those up and dispose of them properly before leaving your campsite.
  • Eucalyptus scent is pleasing, but isn’t a good idea for campers who will be hunting on their excursion.

2) Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Biodegradable Camping Wet Wipes
  • UNSCENTED WET WIPES: Clean yourself with our unscented biodegradable wipes from head to toe without being overwhelmed by a smell or attracting unwanted bugs on...
  • IDEAL CLEANING WIPES FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING: At some point, a “number two” is inevitable while out in the woods. The soft cloth of our biodegradable wipes...
  • DEGRADES NATURALLY: After that number two in the woods, simply bury the body wipe and the magic starts to happen. Our camping wipes biodegrade naturally and...
  • UPGRADED PACKAGING: We’ve made our new packaging more effective in making our body and face wipes last longer than ever. A single 8" x 12" cloth is all you...

What Makes Them Special?

Made by backpackers for backpackers, Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes contain the most moisture per square inch of any of the body wipes we tested for this article. Some body wipes for camping will dry your skin out with extended usage. Not these! These wet wipe wonders are safe for sensitive skin and offer an amazing moisturizing capacity which other body wipes simply do not match.


  • The infusion of vitamin E and aloe are an absolute treat for dry and sensitive skin. You will feel moisturized and completely refreshed after a full body wipe down.
  • These body wipes are completely biodegradable. You can bury them after use and not risk any damage to your environs!
  • Multifunctional constitution which can be used for washing cooking utensils, pets, dirty clothes, etc. They’re a one-stop refresh for a multitude of different uses!


  • Aloe and vitamin E can leave a slight residue/film on some skin types.
  • Thinner than other entries on this list. Not prone to tearing, but they’re not as durable as other wipes we’ve tested.

3) Bar-D Biodegradable Cleansing Wet Wipes

Camping and Festival Wet Wipes
2,542 Reviews
Camping and Festival Wet Wipes
  • Feel a little less than fresh? We get it. Our camping body wipes for women and men quickly remove sweat, stink, and grime. Use one for your face or two+ for...
  • Made with aloe vera, tea tree oil & chamomile to deodorize and refresh your body with no sticky residue or dry-out. pH balanced to be gentle on your skin....
  • Soft, durable and 100% biodegradable wipes for camping so you can bury them after use. Biodegradable body wipes for camping make great festival essentials,...
  • Convenient and compact travel packs (just 4in x 6in) can be stashed in your bag, backpack or carry-on. Each pack holds 10 large biodegradable wipes (8in x...

What Makes Them Special?

Providing perhaps the gentlest body cleansing experience of any body wipes for camping and outdoors activities, Bar-D Biodegradable Cleansing Wet Wipes are pH balanced for the most sensitive of skin types. Treated with aloe vera and tea tree oil, these travel-friendly body wipes aren’t prone to leaving residue or drying skin out like other lower-quality wipes in the marketplace.


  • 100% biodegradable for guilt-free disposal. You can trash them at your campsite or bury them and not have to worry about an adverse environmental impact.
  • Outer packaging is compact and easy to slot into a packed camping backpack, gym bag, or purse.
  • One of the most refreshing wet wipes ever constructed. They’re soft on skin and the addition of aloe vera and tea tree oil feels like a refreshing treat after a full body wash.


  • A little thinner than some of the other wet wipes on this list. They’re still pretty durable, but you may need to use two for a thorough body wash.
  • Less wet than some wipes on this list. It’s meant to be gentler that way, but it can be a bit problematic when battling heavily caked-on dirt and grime.

4) The Body Wipe By ShowerPill

Shower Wipes for Camping
  • Packaging May Vary: product may arrive in bag or box. These cleansing packets leave skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. Enjoy the shower feel without...
  • Made by athletes for serious cleansing: extra thick and durable, these shower wipes dry quickly, moisturize, reduce body odor, and leave no sticky residue....
  • For athletes, entertainers, and anybody active or on the go, you need cleansing packets that save you time and keep you clean with a light, neutral scent
  • Individually wrapped for ease of transportation & created to withstand high temperatures

What Makes Them Special?

Constructed by athletes looking to create a shower alternative for those with extremely active lifestyles, The Body Wipe By ShowerPill kills 99.9% of germs on contact! With no parabens or alcohol to speak of, these thick and durable body wipes are kind to skin while being extremely unkind to body odor and bacteria. They’re also specially constructed to withstand high temperatures, light, and bacteria without compromising their effectiveness!


  • Treated with aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize your skin without sticky residue or drying you out due to extended usage.
  • Individually wrapped so you can take them anywhere as either a primary washing option or backup plan!
  • Built for the needs of athletes and the most active of campers. They’re the perfect body washing option for those who enjoy hiking, biking, and other athletic pursuits while camping.


  • Individual wrappers are not biodegradable, and there’s no claim on the packaging of biodegradability for the wipes themselves. Be sure to dispose of these properly before leaving your campground.
  • Some customers have complained that they’ve been shorting a couple wipes in certain boxes. Be sure to count and contact ShowerPill with any concerns!

5) Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes

Camping Deodorizing Wipes
  • LOOKING FOR A REFRESHING CLEAN? Look no further! Made with 100% pure bamboo, our wipes are perfect for the gym, travelling, and nursing, as a quick and...
  • TREAT YOURSELF TO AN ECO-FRIENDLY SHOWER - Our bamboo wipes with all-natural ingredients not only leave you clean and fresh, but they also help keep the planet...
  • READY TO HIT THE TRAILS? Don't forget your Alcala travel wipes! Perfect for hikers and outdoorsmen. They are large enough to clean your entire body, leaving you...
  • CARE WITH ALCALA BODY WIPES FOR ADULTS - Our wipes are perfect for taking care of loved ones who need a little extra help staying clean and comfortable. Alcala...

What Makes Them Special?

Made of 100% natural bamboo fibers, Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes are treated with some truly skin-friendly ingredients such as aloe, green tea, tea tree extract, chamomile, and cucumber. They are extremely effective at eliminating odor on the spot, and they’re also constructed for extended use so you can usually get a full body cleanse out of a single individually-wrapped wipe.


  • 100% bamboo construction is fully biodegradable after 27 days. It’s soft on the skin and softer on the environment.
  • Wipes are individually packaged for ultimate portability. You can carry a single wipe with you at any time for when you need it most!
  • One of the more durable and effective body wipes ever produced. Won’t rip during even the most thorough of body washes.


  • Individual wrappers are not biodegradable. Make sure you have a trash bag to throw those away per normal, or keep them in your pocket for later disposal.
  • Scented similar to normal baby wipes, so there’s not much of a pleasing effluence to be had.


What are the key features to look for in the best body wipes for camping?

A fantastic pack of body wipes for camping differs from normal sanitation wipes in a few different ways. There are a handful of key features which separate the best body wipes for camping from normal wipes, so be sure to scan the packaging for these things before buying:

  • Lack of harsh chemicals – This is crucial for both the health of your skin and the environs in which you’re camping. Some body wipes or normal sanitation wipes cut corners and include complex cleaning agents which aren’t meant for sensitive skin. Furthermore, these chemicals can also be toxic to plant and animal life if it’s not disposed of properly. The more recognizable and natural the ingredients, the likelier that you won’t develop a skin rash with repeated usage.
  • Environmentally Friendly – While you’re unlikely to leave your used body wipes at your campsite on purpose, we all get distracted sometimes. It’s possible a few errant wipes could be left on the ground or could fall out of your trash bag prior to disposal. That’s why the best body wipes for camping are built with the hopes of limiting their environmental impact. Such features as biodegradability and the aforementioned natural ingredients go a long way in reducing potential harm to animals, trees, water supplies, etc.
  • Durability – Camping is a completely different beast. The accumulation of grime and dirt over the span of a normal camping trip is significant, even more so if you’re engaging in pursuits such as hiking and biking. You’ll need a body wipe which won’t tear or disintegrate when conducting a thorough wash. The best body wipes for camping are built with durability as a top priority, ensuring you can get a full body wash (or nearly) out of a single wipe.

Are body wipes for camping a legitimate substitute for showering?

While nothing will fully take the place of a great shower, full body wipes are as close as you’re going to get on a long camping excursion!

In fact, the best body wipes for camping do everything that a great body wash or bar of soap would in the shower. They disinfect and deodorize while leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the adventures of the day ahead.

When used thoroughly all over one’s body, full body wipes will give your entire skin a complete refresh. Some will even act to hydrate your skin in a way that a shower normally would.

You may still want to jump in the shower for a long soak once you get home, but it won’t be due to feeling gross and grimy. The right pack of body wipes will have already taken care of that.

Are body wipes for camping safe for the environment?

While it is always the best idea to remove all of your trash from a campsite to limit your impact on the environment, the majority of the body wipes on our list are biodegradable. If you happen to leave a couple by accident, you can rest easy knowing that.

Compared to paper towels or other paper products, the best body wipes for camping limit their adverse environmental impact with natural ingredients and a pronounced lack of harmful chemicals.

Of course, do your best to dispose of your body wipes in a normal fashion. Any waste left behind at a campground isn’t a net positive for the animals and plant life around it.

Closing Thoughts

For those who want to feel (and smell) their best while camping, the right pack of body wipes will do the trick and much more. The five entries on our list of the best body wipes for camping will rejuvenate you in ways you’d never expect from a body wipe.

Do yourself a favor and grab one of the body wipe packs on our list for your next camping adventure. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your camping buddies – especially if you’re sharing a tent.


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