The Best Budget Tents – Extensive Study on Affordable Camping Tents

If you’re planning to go on a camping trip, what’s the first thing you need to bring? That’s right, the answer is a tent! Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re someone new to camping that is looking to buy a new tent. Or maybe you’re an experienced camper but looking to upgrade your current tent. Either way, we hope you keep reading on to find the right tent that fits within your budget.

The cost of a tent is oftentimes the most important factor in your tent buying journey. Luckily, today there are so many great tent options to choose from that even if you’re working on a fixed budget, you can find the right tent that fits your budget but also has all the latest in tent features that you need.

Choosing a Tent that Fits Your Budget

So you’re looking for a new tent and researching all your options out there. Like we’ve already mentioned, a major decision-making factor in your purchase is going to be the cost of the tent. Well, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect tent for your needs, within your budget!

After spending countless nights testing and rating these tents, we’ve compiled the data to bring you a simplified guide that explains the benefits of each tent we’ve chosen, why it’s great, some drawbacks you may want to consider, and all the features and specific use cases. Our tent testing conditions included things like weather, different number of campers, camping with pets, and camping in different types of terrain.

If you’re looking for a tent within a specific price range, start here.

Best tents by price range:

How to Choose a Budget tent

While finding a tent that meets your budget is important, you’ll want to make sure you also spend some of your focus on finding a tent with the right features. With the overwhelming amount of tents to choose from, you’ll find that our guide simplifies your search with a breakdown of the top features that most campers will need (or didn’t know you needed).

Tent Feature Definitions

Pop-Up Tent

A pop-up tent is a tent that is extremely quick and easy to set up. Setting up the tent is extremely simple, as the tent will essentially “pop” out from its folded state, as the name suggests. Most pop-up tents are spring-loaded and are built into the frame so that you can pop the tent up or down with ease.

Keep in mind, a pop-up tent is usually lighter and most are not designed for large groups of people, with a maximum of 2-3 adults.

Tent with a hinged door

A hinged door on a tent is a somewhat niche feature, as most people don’t even know this feature exists. However, once you try a hinged door, you’ll realize just how convenient they can be. A hinged door on a tent is usually much sturdier and keeps its shape when compared to a traditional tent door, which is mostly fabric that zips into place.

Some reasons why a hinged door might be needed are if you are constantly going in and out of the tent with your arms full. This can be everything from a camping power inverter to a baby, if you’ve gone camping with your baby. 

Lightweight and ultralight tents

Tents are classified as lightweight and ultralight by manufacturers, but this is simply a marketing term and does not come with specific limits on what can be called one versus the other. However, even with the arbitrary definitions, ultralight tents are typically more compact when packed and so, might be a better option for hobbies like hiking and backpacking. Lightweight tents are just normal tents that are lighter in weight.

Both ultralight and lightweight tents perform worse in rough climate conditions, especially rain or snow. You can find lightweight tents that are 4-season rated, however these will go up dramatically in price.

Roof-top tent

If you have an off-road vehicle that you like to take on your camping trips and drive right into your campsite, a roof-top tent might be an appealing option. Roof-top tents will attach to the roof of your truck or SUV. The tent portion actually sits on top of your vehicle, so you’ll need to climb a small ladder to get in.

Toyota Tacomas seem to be the most popular option for a roof-top tent with many different manufacturers specifically building tents for this vehicle, however 4Runners, Chevy Colorados, and Ford F-150s also have plenty of options.

Insulated tent

Certain hobbies like ice-fishing or cold-weather camping require a tent that can keep you protected from the extreme cold temperature outside. Insulated tents are up to the job with a special insulated layer on the outside of the tent walls, keeping the inside temperature warm. Most of these insulated tents are also pop-up tents.

Freestanding tent

While most tents require you to stake them to the ground to keep their shape, freestanding tents keep their shape thanks to their self-holding design. You can pick up these tents and move them with ease, making most freestanding tents very light and easy to set up.

Tent with 2 doors

As the name implies, some tents come with 2 doors making them a 2 door tent. This feature is quite useful for campers who want to bring in larger camping gear into their tent, like a queen or king size blow-up mattress.

Some campers also prefer 2 doors as it makes it easier to get in and out, especially if you have a lot of kids. Some elders also find that 2 doors is easier to maneuver through than a single door.

Tent with a screen room

A screen room in a tent is an extra, screened area that is encompassed by the tent. Usually, these screen rooms are at the entrance of the tent and can be fully zipped or enclosed by the tent. You can use this area to keep your dirty shoes, wet camping clothes, and also other equipment that you don’t want to bring into your sleeping area. Many times you’ll see campers clean their pets and their children in the screen room as well.

Get the right season rating

Most tents will come with a temperature rating, a 1 through 4 season rating, and waterproof or windproof rating. These classifications are used to help campers choose a tent that can withstand whatever elements and temperatures you plan to throw at it.

For the bare minimum, you will most likely want a 3 season tent. This is built for rain and snow meaning they are waterproof and also windproof. Having a 3 season tent means you can use this tent for as long as it lasts and not worry about whether your tent is going to make it through the camping season from early spring to late autumn.

A 4-season tent can stand up to just about anything, from frigid temperatures, small bits of hail, and hardcore winds. If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, get this to be prepared for any camping condition.

Best Tents Under $500

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Best 2-person tent for backpacking

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent, with Xtreme Waterproof Coating
  • 3-season, 2-person backpacking tent that offers the most livable accommodations in a lightweight freestanding design. Floor Fabric - 30D ripstop nylon 3000mm...
  • Pole geometry maximizes space with 29 sq. feet of floor area, interior peak height of 39 inches, plus 17.5 sq. feet of vestibule area
  • Complete setup weighs 3.5 lbs. and packs down to 18x6 inches; minimalist setup option uses footprint, poles, and rainfly and weighs 3 lbs.
  • Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating lasts up to 3 times longer than standard waterproof coatings; Easton Syclone Poles resist breaking in fierce winds

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity1-2 person
FeaturesWaterproof, lightweight, rainfly, 3 season
Suitable forBackpacking, hiking, 
Conditions3-season (Autumn, Summer, Spring)
Weight56 oz

Our Experience With This Tent

We had a lot of fun testing the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. This is a lightweight, backpacking tent that can fit up to two people. This is also a 3-season tent that can handle all but the coldest of temperatures, meaning you do not want to take this tent out camping when it snows heavily.

These tents are not the lightest when it comes to packing, however they are quite sturdy and stood up to some decent winds that we experienced overnight. We were also fairly warm in the tent all night, though that probably had more to do with the sleeping bags we were using.

The quality of this tent is top notch, which is why this tent made our list despite only being a 3-season rating. Take this tent on your next camping trips for years to come because we can tell this tent is definitely built to last!


  • 3-season rating
  • Quality and durable materials constructed well
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Packs up quickly and easily


This tent is not a good choice for very cold weather camping, or if you’re expecting any sort of snow (or even heavy rain). While this tent is great quality, it’s only good for two people and may not be the right tent if you are camping with your pet dogs.

Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Tent

Best tent for camping in colder temperatures

Crua Culla Maxx Temperature Regulating Inner Tent - Keeps You Warm in The Winter and Cool in The Summer - Fits in Most Tents and Camp cots
  • [Versatile Insulated Inner Tent] Our Culla Maxx can be used inside any Tent it will fit into; It can also be used as a boat tent, inside camper vans, RV's,...
  • [Patented Insulation Technology] Our Insulated Tent can provide temperature regulation inside any Tent which otherwise would not; Our Culla is also a dark tent...
  • [Superior ventilation] to align with vents in most other tents that the Culla fits into and the vents perfectly align within Crua Tents; The Culla has a super...
  • [Comfortable Tent] At Crua we want to make the camping experience more comfortable, which is why we create durable tents which also ensure comfort; Tents that...

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity3 person
FeaturesFreestanding, portable, lightweight
Suitable forHiking, Backpacking, Climbing, Insulated
Conditions4 season
Weight7 kg

Our Experience With This Tent

For the ultimate 4-season tent that can withstand just about anything you throw at it, the Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx is hard to beat. We love this tent for the fact that it not only stays the warmest out of any tent we tested, thanks to Crua’s patented insulation, but this tent is somehow the coziest and most comfortable too.

We weren’t able to test this tent during the summer, but we’ve heard from others that this tent is known to also keep you the coolest in the summer. If we had to make an analogy, this is like a Thermos bottle equivalent of a tent.

Another strong reason to choose this tent is the wow factor or how it looks. This tent is so aesthetically pleasing and you’ll definitely stand out amongst your fellow camper buddies when you set this up.


  • Patented insulation keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Large door opening to easily get in and out


While this tent is designed for up to 3 people, getting 3 normal-sized adults in this tent will be a tight squeeze. We think this tent is better fit for 2 people and a large dog at most.

Cole 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent

Best budget tent for large families or multiple dogs

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with LED Lights | Lighted Pop Up Camping Tent with Easy 2 Minute Camp Setup | Portable Large Family Cabin Multi Room Tents for Camping
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTING: Easily controlled via a wall switch, our tent features ceiling pole-integrated LEDs that provide three levels of glare-free...
  • INSTANT POP UP TECHNOLOGY: Our instant tent design offers a frustration-free setup. The tent body has pre-attached poles that lock into place, so you'll be...
  • SLEEPING CAPACITY: This tent measures 18 feet by 10 feet with an 80-inch center height and can fit three queen-size air beds. It accommodates up to 12 people...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Our H20 Block Technology features 1200mm water-repellent fabrics, a fully taped rainfly, sealed seams, and fully zipped windows to provide...

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity12 person
FeaturesBuilt-in LED light, instant set-up, ventilation system to keep cool
Suitable forFamily camping
Conditions3 season
Width18 feet x 10 feet

Our Experience With This Tent

Finding a good tent for a large family isn’t difficult in today’s market, yet finding one that is actually easy to set up is another challenge. The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent changes that, as this was definitely one of the fastest and easiest tent setups we’ve tested to date. Core advertises a 60 second setup and that is about a true statement as it gets.

Another great feature that this Core tent offers is the built-in LED light. Sure everyone is carrying their phone these days, which is essentially a flashlight. However, a built-in light makes it so much more convenient to keep on and illuminate the entire tent. If you have children or pets camping with you, you know how important this can be.


  • Plenty of room for large families or camping with multiple dogs
  • Extremely fast setup for a larger tent
  • Built-in LED light
  • Large door makes it easy to bring in large mattresses
  • High enough (10 ft) so you can fully stand up
  • Ventilation system draws out warm air in the summer


This is a large tent with a lot of material meaning this tent can take up quite a bit of space when packed up. This is not a great tent for backpacking unless you are in great shape.

Best Tents Under $400

Gazelle GT400GR T4 Family Hub Tent

Best pop-up tent with 2 doors

Gazelle Tents™ T4 Hub Tent, Easy 90 Second Set-Up, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Removable Floor, Ample Storage Options, 4-Person, Alpine Green, 78' x 94' x 94', GT400GR
722 Reviews
Gazelle Tents™ T4 Hub Tent, Easy 90 Second Set-Up, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Removable Floor, Ample Storage Options, 4-Person, Alpine Green, 78" x 94" x 94", GT400GR
  • Alpine Green tent fits 4 people with plenty of room for additional gear
  • 78” tall allowing you to move around freely
  • Hub design makes assembly fast and easy
  • Six, tight-weave mesh windows

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity4 person
FeaturesInstant pop-up, 2 doors, collapsible, detachable rain fly
Suitable forFamily camping, hiking, fishing, boating, climbing, backpacking
Conditions3 season
Size94″ by 94″

Our Experience With This Tent

The Gazelle GT400GR T4 is a great family tent that can handle up to four people comfortably. We also had a couple dogs with two full-sized adults stay a couple nights in this tent and found it suited our needs just fine.

The “Element Resistant” coating on the fabric was both lightweight and helped protect against some light rain and heavy sun. This is crucial for camping with children, as they definitely like to take some naps during the day and you’ll want to make sure the tent doesn’t overheat.

Setting up this tent was also fairly simple and any beginner can do it after going through the instructions. A pop-up tent should take just seconds, however this one took a bit more maneuvering to get it popped up and open.


  • Fabric repels heat and moisture
  • Pop-up tent is easy to set up
  • Ground takes keep the tent stable in windy conditions
  • 2 doors for easy entry and exit
  • Comes with 6 built-in windows


We found that some of the mesh was showing signs of coming apart after just a couple testing camp sessions. Though not for certain, this might be an issue with the quality control and durability of these tents in the long-term.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Best dark-room tent with room divider

Currently On Sale
Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with WeatherTec Technology, Double-Thick Fabric, and Included Carry Bag, Sets Up in 60 Seconds
  • Dark Room Technology reduces heat for comfortable rest at any time
  • WeatherTec system's welded corners and inverted seams for superior water resistance
  • Included rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity10 person
FeaturesDark-room, weatherproof, instant setup
Suitable forFamily camping, long camping trips
ConditionsRain, sunny, casual
Height6 ft 7 in
Width14 ft x 10 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

The Coleman Cabin Tent is really like two tents in one, because this tent has the ability to be split in half in the interior to make it seem like there are two rooms inside. If you want some privacy from your kids or want a separate area for your pets, this feature is a God-send and will have you wondering why other larger tents don’t offer the same thing.

Besides the divider, this room performed great in the rain. The day we arrived we saw some clouds overhead, but we were able to set this tent up quickly to beat the incoming storm.

The dark room technology is also a great feature of this tent. Blocking out the sun is really nice when you are trying to take a midday nap. This is also great for regulating the temperature in the tent and keeping it cool.


  • Room divider allows for extra privacy
  • Dark room technology keeps the tent dark and cool during the day
  • Rainfly keeps the water out during rain
  • Windows are large and allow for great airflow


Packing up this tent is easy, but the entire item weighs 42 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to carry any sort of distance, making this unsuitable for hiking, backpacking, or climbing.

Columbia Mammoth Creek

Best 8 person tent

Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Person Cabin Tent
  • STRAIGHT WALL DESIGN: Straighter walls mean more internal space and higher ceilings for you. The 14' x 8' floor plan with a 76" center height fits 8 campers, or...
  • UNIQUE POP-OUT WINDOWS: Pop-out windows provide extra interior space, privacy, and ventilation even during rain
  • EXTRA COMFORT: Large adjustable ground vent and No-See-Um mesh provide maximum airflow on warm days and nights.
  • WATER-REPELLENT: Omni-Shield coated fabric provides advanced repellency against water and stains. Omni-Shield fabric dries 3-5 times faster than untreated...

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity8 person
FeaturesWaterproof, windproof, lightweight, room-divider
Suitable forHiking, Climbing, Backpacking
Conditions4 season
MaterialMesh, Fiberglass
Size14 ft x 8 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

Columbia is usually known for their warm jackets, but now they’re bringing that same technology to their tents. The Omni-Shield coated tent walls do a great job with repelling both water and temperature. Not only does this keep you warm in the winter, but also keeps the heat out during hot summer days.

This tent also has a room-divider that can be removed, but useful when you need it for some additional privacy.


  • Omni-Shield water and temperature protection
  • Room divider for additional privacy
  • Pop-out windows that can be opened with rain falling


This tent was certainly not difficult to set up, but was not as easy as some of the other tents we’ve tested.

Best Tents Under $300

Coleman Montana Cabin Tent

Best tent with hinged door

Coleman Elite Montana Camping Tent with LED Lights, Weatherproof 8-Person Family Tent with Included Carry Bag, Rainfly, Air Vent, and LED Lights with 3 Settings
  • Large 8-person tent with built-in lights, auto-roll windows, and a patented hinged door
  • WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep you dry
  • Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; angled windows keep water out
  • Measures 16 x 7 feet with 6-foot 2-inch center height

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity8 Person
FeaturesBuilt-in light, hinged door, rainfly
Suitable forLight camping, backpacking, hiking
Conditions2 Season
Size16 ft by 7 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

The Coleman Montana Cabin Tent is a tried and true classic tent that has stood the test of time. While this tent may lack some of the fancier features that newer models are coming out with, the Coleman Montana has stayed in the market and still performed well because it does what it’s known to do well.

The two markers of this tent are durability and comfort. This roomy tent can fit up to three queen airbeds, which is an exorbitant amount of real estate in a tent. Many people buy this tent once and never need to buy another tent again because the materials and construction is really made to last.


  • Durable, strong, and lasting materials
  • Rainfly
  • Large, oval-shaped hinged door
  • Roomy and comfortable


Again, this is a basic tent that lacks any bells and whistles so if you’re looking for a new, techie type of tent, look elsewhere.

Coleman WeatherMaster

Best tent with screen room

Currently On Sale
Coleman WeatherMaster Camping Tent with Screened Porch, Weatherproof 6-Person Family Tent with Included Rainfly and Carry Bag, Easy Setup Tent with Screened-in Porch
  • Spacious interior: Room for 2 queen-size airbeds and ample storage pockets to keep items organized.
  • Easy Entry and Exit: Hinged door for fast, hassle-free access.
  • Bug-Free Lounging: separate floorless screen room for insect-free relaxation.
  • Weatherproof: WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to ensure dryness.

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity6 person
FeaturesScreen room, hinged door, rainfly, WeatherTec welded floors,
Suitable forHiking, Backpacking, Family camping
Conditions4 season
Height6 ft 8 in
Width11 ft by 9 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

Another tried and true classic tent is the Coleman Weathermaster. This tent is great for family camping as it comes with enough space for two large air mattresses. The screen room is great to keep your dirty shoes or you can peel off your wet clothes before getting into the sleeping area. The screen room is also great to keep a wet towel so you can wipe off your pet’s paws before they come in, keeping the sleeping area nice and clean.

We always appreciate Coleman for what it is, a simple yet well-built tent. The door is hinged so you can open with ease. The floor is welded so that there is no chance of moisture getting in. Even though this family tent is cheaper in price, it does what it’s designed to do and nothing more.


  • Built-in screen room
  • Hinged door that is sturdy and tall
  • Large footprint
  • Waterproof floors thanks to the WeatherTec system


We’re getting down to the less expensive models in the list and because of this price point, the features that this tent comes with are not as extensive as the more expensive tents. You won’t find things like insulation or padded floors in these models, however the tents are still good quality and will last you plenty of trips.

Core Family Cabin Tent

Best budget family tent

CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room | Large Multiple for Storage Pockets Camping Accessories Portable Huge Carry Bag Outdoor Car
1,022 Reviews
CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room | Large Multiple for Storage Pockets Camping Accessories Portable Huge Carry Bag Outdoor Car
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: Experience the comfort of a cabin style tent with our nearly straight-wall design, which provides enough space to stand up and move around...
  • SLEEPING CAPACITY: This tent measures 17 feet by 12 feet with an 86-inch center height and can fit three queen-size air beds. It accommodates up to 11 people...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Our H20 Block Technology features 1200mm water-repellent fabrics, a fully taped rainfly, sealed seams, and fully zipped windows to provide...
  • MULTIPLE ROOM CAPABILITY: The sewn-in door easily transforms your 11-person cabin tent with screen room into a multi-room retreat, allowing you to create two...

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity11 person
FeaturesScreen room, closable windows, adjustable ground vents, rainfly
Suitable forHiking, backpacking, family camping
Conditions3 season
Height86 in

Our Experience With This Tent

Core is a well-known tent brand and we specifically like this model because of the extra large screen room that comes attached to the side of this tent. Not only is the entryway into the screen room just as large, but this area is large enough to keep your animals in overnight (only if it’s not too cold).

The windows on this tent are closable which is actually not always included as an option for some tents. While this tent is supposed to sleep 11 people, we recommend no more than 7.


  • Comes with an electrical cord access port so you can plug in any items like a fan or heater inside the tent
  • Extra large screen room
  • Fits 3 large air mattresses
  • Adjustable ground vents


There is no way you’re going to comfortably sleep 11 people in this tent, even though that’s what Core claims.

Best Tents Under $200

Coleman Dome Tent

Best 4 person tent under $200

Currently On Sale
Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool, Weatherproof Tent with Easy Setup and Screened-in Porch
2,733 Reviews
Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool, Weatherproof Tent with Easy Setup and Screened-in Porch
  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight for more comfortable rest anytime
  • REDUCES HEAT: Ensures a cool interior even during daytime
  • WEATHERPROOF: Provides protection against rain and winds up to 35+ mph
  • E-PORT: Convenient access point for bringing electrical power inside

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity4 person
FeaturesScreen room, dark room, waterproof, windproof
Suitable forHiking, backpacking
Conditions3 season
Height4 ft 11 in
Width9 ft by 7 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

Even though the Coleman Dome Tent is somewhat standard, we really love this tent for the simple fact that it is built well and keeps out moisture and wind. The dark room technology is fantastic for keeping the sun out during the day as well, making it nice and cool on the inside.

While the screen room is a nice touch, especially at this price point, there isn’t much to be said as it is quite small and you won’t fit more than 1 person in there at a time. Even so, you can rely on this tent for the long term and will handle your camp outings quite well.


  • Dark room cover
  • Screen room
  • Weatherproofing exterior
  • Quick and easy set up


The tent will last you in most weather conditions but we don’t recommend using this if you’re expecting any extreme weather conditions. Light rain and wind will do just fine but that’s about it.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

Best 1 person tent for backpacking under $200

ALPS Mountaineering 5024617 Lynx 1-Person Tent, Clay/Rust
  • Free standing, two pole design w/7000 Series aluminum poles; Easy assembly with pole clips; 75D 185T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut
  • Factory sealed fly and floor seams for best weather protection; 75D 185T Poly taffeta floor w/2000mm coating; Extra-large #8 zippers
  • Vestibule for gear storage and extra weather protection; Weatherproof fly buckles on for maximum adjustability and protection
  • Half mesh walls increase ventilation; Mesh Storage Pockets, Gear Loft, 7075 Aluminum Stakes and Guy Ropes included

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity1 person
FeaturesLightweight, waterproof, windproof, freestanding
Suitable forBackpacking, hiking
Conditions3 season
Weight4 lbs

Our Experience With This Tent

If you’re serious into hiking or backpacking, you know that the weight of your tent is one of the more important factors to consider when choosing your tent. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is our favorite option when it comes to choosing a tent for backpacking, because it comes in at just 4 lbs. The tent is also extremely easy to set up so even after a day of hiking through the outdoors, you won’t need much energy to get this tent up and going.

The tent is rated for 3 seasons and we found it performed just fine in heavy rain and some windy nights. If you are hiking with your dog and they like to cuddle, don’t worry as there is plenty of space for the both of you in this tent.


  • Ultralight
  • Freestanding tent can be tied down to different types of stakes if needed
  • Very weather resistant
  • Simple set up


Remember, this tent only fits one adult so don’t expect to squeeze two humans in this tent. It’s not happening!

Best Tents Under $100

Coleman Tent Elite Montana

Best 8 person tent under $100

Currently On Sale
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green
  • Durable, Polyguard tent fabric is made to last season after season with included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • Spacious interior has room for 3 queen airbeds and has a 6 ft. 2 in. center height
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup in about 15 minutes
  • WeatherTec system – patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity8 person
FeaturesQuick setup, hinged door, rainfly
Suitable forFamily camping
Conditions3 season
Width16 ft by 7 ft

Our Experience With This Tent

This tent normally costs above $200, however you can almost always find this tent on sale to be under $100. If you’re on a budget and need to take your family camping (or just want some extra space), grab this tent when you can find it on sale. 

Coleman not only has a great reputation in their tents, but their customer service is on point too! This tent has all the space you need plus all the weatherproofing for what even most experienced campers will endure.


  • Hinged door
  • Easy set up
  • Floors keep the water out
  • Can fit 3 queen air mattresses


This is another Coleman classic, meaning no frills and thrills here. Just the tent and a hinged door, but nothing more and nothing less.


Best backpacking tent under $100

AYAMAYA 4 Season Backpacking Tent 2 Person Camping Tent Ultralight Waterproof All Weather Double Layer Two Doors Easy Setup 1 2 People Man Tents for Backpacker Outdoor Hiking Survival
  • This is a Waterproof & Lightweight Backpacking Tent – This tent is made of 3000MM waterproof PU-Coated 210D oxford groundsheet, 2000MM waterproof PU-Coated...
  • This is a 2 person Tents with 2 Vestibules – This tent has vestibules on both side that provide extra storage space for your camping gears. Tent’s floor...
  • This is a Ventilation Tent with 2 Doors & 2 Top Vents – This tent conveniently built with 2 d-shape doors for easy access and enable direct air circulation...
  • This is an Easy Setup Tent with 2 Poles – The 4-Season backpacking tent is designed with two poles for cross-installation and a small center pole for added...

Key features of this tent

Tent Capacity2 person
FeaturesUltralight, weatherproof, 2 doors, double layer exterior
Suitable forHiking, backpacking, mountaineering
Conditions4 season
MaterialsOxford, Polyester, Mesh

Our Experience With This Tent

The AYAMAYA tent is not only ultralight, but it is also weatherproof! Despite being at this lower price point, this is a well made tent and actually has quite a bit of features that you won’t find in other models in this price range. The double layer exterior works great to keep out the elements, whether it be rain or wind.

We also love the way this tent looks. You’ll be standing out in front of all your backpacking or hiking buddies.


  • Great weatherproof design with the double layer
  • Ultralight makes it perfect for backpacking or hiking
  • Comfortable sleeps 2 people
  • Has an automatic pole setup


While we didn’t experience any leakage of any sort in this tent, we did notice that some of the materials were beginning to fray. This could be due to the fact that the materials are not made of nylon, which you would normally expect in a higher end tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest tent?

Tents can start as low as $30 depending on where you look and what sales are available. However, we took the time to find the best tents under $100 and the cheapest tent in that range was the Coleman Tent Elite Montana, when you can find it on sale.

Are cheap tents worth it?

Cheap tents are absolutely worth it if you find a reputable brand. Always check the reviews to see what others are saying. In our experience, cheaper brands have poor quality control and you’ll find improper construction, so make sure you go with a tent brand that’s well known and has great customer service.

How much is a good backpacking tent?

A good backpacking tent can start as low as $100 if you’re looking for a fully weatherproof, ultralight tent. For fancier tents that have things like insulation and can pop-up, you’ll likely be looking closer to the $300 range.

Wrapping Up

Most everyone has a budget, especially if you’re just getting into the hobby of camping, hiking, or backpacking. While it is always important to find a tent that stays within your means, if this is a hobby that you want to take seriously, then do the research and opt for some extra features when you can.

The last thing you want is to be sleeping overnight while moisture or wind is penetrating your tent. This means you’ll just have to go out and buy another tent, meanwhile enduring the cold and wetness on your trip. Believe me, we’ve been there and nobody wants that!

Working on a specific budget or price range for your tent? Find the right tent here:


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