Best Coolers for Kayak Camping [Browse the Right Cooler Features]

It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational kayaker or just a normal fisherman. It would be best if you had a good cooler that can easily fit in your boat. These coolers have become an important part of the kayaker’s gear, and they all have it in their collection.

These coolers can become handy when you want to keep fish that you just caught fresh for hours, even on sunny days, or the cooler might also come in handy to store drinks and food when you are out on an expedition for more than one day. In all fairness, a person wouldn’t regret investing in these premium model coolers instead of going for the normal coolers available.

Who needs a cooler for kayak camping?

The answer to this question is very simple: anyone who is going on a trip for a day or more and wants to keep their beverages, food, and catch (fish) cold needs a cooler. Since people can carry these coolers, they became essential for a person going kayaking.

Best Cooler for Kayak Camping

Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler 20

Seattle Sports Kayak Insulated Deck Top Catch Cooler for Fishing and Food Items, Silver, Small
  • KEEP YOUR CATCH FRESH - Deck Top Cooler Allows You to Keep Your Catch Fresh During a Day on the Water
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Removable Internal Liner for Easy Cleaning
  • EFFICIENT - Heat Reflective Body and Closed Cell Foam Insulation Keeps Your Goods Cool
  • VERSATILE - Works Great for Food Items When Not in Use for Fish


Good Storage: This cooler is perfect for storing a customer’s catch since the cooler comes with an inner bag that can easily detach to clean it.

Inner/Outer Bag: Caught fish is stored in the inner bag when a fish is caught, while ice is kept in the outer bag to keep the fish cool.

Special Specific Design: The cooler has been specially designed flat to be easily stored on top of or inside a kayak. The bag also has bungee cords on top of it which can store other items on the top of the cooler.

Waterproof and Reflective: The bag has been specially designed of material that can reflect heat and is also waterproof so that the items inside the bag can stay cold all day long.

What do we think?

Even though the cooler is a great option for storing fish, it doesn’t have much space to store other items. Some customers have also noticed that the cooler can leak.


  • The cooler is very easy to clean.
  • The design and the shape of the cooler are very convenient.
  • The cooler is not heavy so that it can be easily transported.


  • Some customers have reported that the bag might leak.
  • The cooler doesn’t have a very big storage capacity.
  • The fixtures and zippers on the cooler aren’t strong.

Who should buy this product?

The Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler 20 has been specially made for those customers who go out to catch fish, for example. This cooler is perfect for storing a customer’s catch since the cooler comes with an inner bag that can easily detach to clean it.

Yeti Hopper Two Portable Cooler

YETI Hopper Two 20, Portable Cooler, Fog Gray/Tahoe Blue
  • The YETI Hopper Two 20 is our ice-for-days portable cooler and is tough as nails so it can be hauled anywhere you want to take it
  • A tapered body makes extended hauling more comfortable
  • The YETI Hopper Two 20 is our ice-for-days portable cooler and is tough as nails so it can be hauled anywhere you want to take it
  • Features a waterproof DryHide Shell and nearly indestructible straps will stand up to an abundance of abuse in the field


Durable/Good Storage: this portable cooler is very strong and can store ice up to 20 pounds or even 18 cans in a very thin designed bag.

Strong Cooler: The strength of the cooler is unquestionable, where every part of the cooler is very strong and will last a long time from anything from the zipper to the liner, which Is waterproof.

Weight: The weight of this cooler is about six pounds. Even though it seems very heavy, it won’t be much of an issue since consumers will be just rowing with it.

Shape: This cooler has a flat shape, which is an advantage since you can fit the bag at the back of your seat in the kayak by simply strapping it to the deck.

What do we think?

Yeti hopper has gone an extra mile to make the design of this cooler and its quality very good.

However, some customers have complained about the ice not lasting very long in the cooler.


  • The cooler is very long-wearing.
  • It has extra pockets to store things.
  • The alterable straps the design of the cooler makes it easy to carry.
  • The cooler has a good shape
  • The cooler also comes with many loops and rings, which can help in strapping.


  • The cooler isn’t made for long trips as ice doesn’t last very long.
  • The zipper of this cooler is quite hard to open and close. Hence, lubrication must be used, which is provided with the cooler.
  • The cooler has a big price tag when compared to other coolers available in the market.
  • The cooler is quite heavy.

Who should buy this product?

Have you ever wanted a cooler that is quite strong, durable, and with a sleek design? This cooler is one of the best choices for a customer who wants all those because yeti is a brand that is quite well known, and the Yeti Hopper Two Portable Cooler has all those qualities.

Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler White
  • The YETI Roadie is BYOB’s new best friend with a capacity of up to 14 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
  • Will keep your ice… well ice thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design is certified Bear-Resistant
  • The Rotomolded Construction makes the Tundra armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy...
  • The Roadie, like the Tundra features T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber and made with patented technology so you’ll never see another busted...


Storage: Customers can use this cooler to store 14 cans with ice if the recommended ice ratio is followed.

Built Quality: Since the built quality of this cooler is very high, people can also use it outdoors as it cannot be broken easily.

Dimensions: The cooler has dimensions of 15″x14″x19″. But customers can easily store it on bigger kayaks.

Rigid and Immoveable: With the help of the rubber feet, the cooler doesn’t move even when the boat is moving.

Drain Plug: The drain plug in the cooler helps get rid of excess water inside the cooler.

What do we think?

However, the cooler is very heavy and weighs a lot and it is not easy to store in every kayak.


  • This cooler will last a long time.
  • The cooler has been made of very good material and is durable.
  • The cooler is also very well insulated to keep items cold for a longer period.


  • The cooler doesn’t have a large storage capacity.
  • It is very heavy and weighs a lot.
  • Carrying the cooler can be a hassle due to its rigidity.

Who should buy this product?

People who prefer staying outdoors should choose the Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler.

Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 12 Pack

Polar Bear Coolers 12 Pack Original Soft Cooler Red
  • Insulation: Keep ice for 24 hours in 100+ degree heat with this leakproof cooler. 1" thick, 10 Gauge high-density foam insulation; Best Quality, Highest Density...
  • Food-Grade Interior Liner, TPU Double-Coated Nylon: Consumer Safe for Perishable Storage. Most durable and longest-lasting liner ever built into an insulated...
  • Outer Shell: Rugged 840 D luggage-grade nylon outer shell waterproof cooler bag; all seams are double hemmed, and anchor stitched (easy to fake, hard to make)
  • Heavy Duty Weatherized Zipper: Super Heavy-Duty YKK No. 10 Weatherized Zipper (RUST Proof). Our patent-pending zipper design keeps the zipper from ripping out...


Easily Carryable: This cooler created by Polar Bear is easily carryable because it is not very big, nor is it bulky. It also comes with handles to carry, a shoulder strap that can easily be adjusted, and an outside pocket for the convenience of customers.

Insulated Sides: The cooler bag has insulated sides that are semi-rigid.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 7″x14″x12″.

Material: The material from which this product is created is long-lasting and cannot be easily worn.

Easily fitted everywhere: Another advantage of this cooler bag is that customers can easily place it into almost all kayaks.

What do we think?

However, a downside of this cooler bag is that the outside of the bag can become wet, and the rigid sides of the bag become a hassle when trying to store the bag in a boat. Moreover, the storage capacity of this model is limited. 


  • It has good style with exterior pockets available to store more goods.
  • The bag is very durable.
  • This cooler bag has the capability of keeping ice for more than 24hrs.
  • Since the size of the bag is not that big, it is easy to carry and store in a boat.


  • Some customers have reported that the bag has some leakage after a year or two has passed.
  • Unless the cooler is filled, it doesn’t freeze the ice.
  • The thickness of the material used makes it difficult to remove or add items.

Who should buy this product?

Previously we introduced a heavy cooler. However, some kayakers prefer coolers that are easy to carry. Well, the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 12 Pack is the cooler you are looking for, something like this.

Engle USA Cooler/Dry Box

Engel UC19 19qt Leak-Proof, Air Tight, Fishing Drybox Cooler with Built-in Fishing Rod Holders, Also Makes The Perfect Small Hard Shell Lunchbox for Men and Women in Tan
322 Reviews
Engel UC19 19qt Leak-Proof, Air Tight, Fishing Drybox Cooler with Built-in Fishing Rod Holders, Also Makes The Perfect Small Hard Shell Lunchbox for Men and Women in Tan
  • ENGEL HARD SHELL DRYBOX FISHING COOLER: Stainless Steel industrial strength latches and hinged lid for quick and access to food and drinks; Keeps ice for up to...
  • ENGEL HIGH-PERFORMANCE INSULATION: Features high-grade molded polystyrene foam insulation with hard plastic outer shell heat barrier; Perfect for keeping food...
  • AIR TIGHT AND LEAK PROOF: Engel’s recessed ethylene-vinyl acetate gasket seal ensures that this cooler does not leak and is air-tight. This prevents dust and...
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS: Includes a removable hanging accessory tray for to keep smaller items within easy reach and to separate sandwiches and other...


Hard-shell Cooler: Suppose a customer’s kayak is big enough to have a place for a hard-shell cooler then this cooler is perfect for them.

Storage Options: The cooler has been designed to keep food and drinks rather than fresh fish, but since the box is square-shaped, it can do both.

Equipment: The cooler also comes equipped with four-rod holders that can be useful to someone going on a fishing trip to store nets, fishing poles, umbrellas, and even safety flags.

Capacity: The cooler has been designed with an inbuilt fitted tray to keep things separate and has a capacity of 19-quart. Customers can put their phones on the tray without worrying about it getting damaged, even if there are beverages and ice below.

What do we think?

This is one of our favorite coolers because of the price to size ratio. The design of this cooler is also quite eye-catching.


  • The cooler comes with a gasket that doesn’t leak.
  • The cooler has been designed in such a way that it is lightweight
  • The pole holders that come with the cooler can also be removed.
  • The cooler has a very spacious capacity for storing items.


  • The hinges of the cooler have been reported not to be very strong.
  • Some customers have complained that the ice doesn’t stay for longer than a day.
  • The cooler is hard to carry around since it is bulky.
  • The shoulder strap attachment is badly designed and very uncomfortable.

Who should buy this product?

When going out fishing, some people prefer a cooler, which can help them carry multiple items in the same box. The Engle USA Cooler/Dry Box cooler is the perfect choice for such customers. But when buying this cooler, one must keep in mind that some customers have reported that the ice doesn’t always stay frozen for longer than a single day, and thus people can only use this cooler for short trips.

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

Currently On Sale
RTIC Soft Cooler 20 Can, Insulated Bag Portable Ice Chest Box for Lunch, Beach, Drink, Beverage, Travel, Camping, Picnic, Car, Trips, Floating Cooler Leak-Proof with Zipper, Blue/Grey
10,262 Reviews
RTIC Soft Cooler 20 Can, Insulated Bag Portable Ice Chest Box for Lunch, Beach, Drink, Beverage, Travel, Camping, Picnic, Car, Trips, Floating Cooler Leak-Proof with Zipper, Blue/Grey
  • UP TO 24 HOURS OF COOLING – The RTIC soft insulated cooler is the perfect insulated cooler bag to keep your food and drinks cool wherever needed for up to 24...
  • IT’S A FLOATING COOLER – Not to mention it’s a floating cooler, it floats, so your drinks and snacks can go wherever you go. Ideal for a day at the pool...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – The soft cooler is lightweight yet tough to take on any terrain with its heavy-duty nylon shell. Dimensions: 12 Can: 11” × 11”...
  • MULTIPLE USES – It’s the perfect ice cooler, drink cooler, travel cooler, beer cooler, lunch cooler, camping cooler, beach cooler. Features ​​up to 1.5...


Capacity: This cooler is soft-sided and has a very big storage capacity that can hold up to 20 cans.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this cooler are 15″x14″x11″.

Insulation: The company claims that the cooler can store ice for up to five days with the help of 2 inches of foam insulation.

Storage Features: The cooler also has two storage pockets on the outside, while the internal liner is rust-resistant and antimicrobic.

Modifiable Handling: The cooler comes with additional features of a removable shoulder strap and carry handles. 

Size Specification: The size of the cooler makes it easy for it to be stored in any size of the kayak. 

However, some customers have reported that the strap on the cooler sometimes breaks away easily. 

What do we think?

This is an absolute bargain if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line cooler at a lower price. Honestly, we would rather save a few hundred bucks and get this over the Yeti.


  • The cooler can keep the contents cold for up to 5 days.
  • There is ample storage in the cooler.
  • Even with condensation, the exterior won’t sweat.


  • The cooler doesn’t, at times, keep ice frozen for five days.
  • The cooler is very heavy and weighs approximately 5 pounds.
  • The fixtures and straps on the cooler aren’t very durable.

Who should buy this product?

People who prefer going on long trips and want a cooler that could keep their cans cool for a very long time should purchase RTIC 20 Soft Pack.

IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers

IceMule Pro Cooler- Grey, XXL (40L)
  • MuleSkinET & MuleSkinEV: Tough 1000 denier ripstop outer layer for exceptional strength and durability; heavy-duty inner layer 2X thicker than most soft coolers
  • Rolls up for easy storage and it even floats
  • Capacity: Small - 18 cans, Medium - 24 cans, Large - 36 cans
  • Waterproof: Welded seams and no zippers


Stylish Features: With its sleek shape and straps on the back, this cooler is not only stylish but easy to carry. This cooler bag has a similar design to other kayaking bags. 

Easy to Store: It is quite easy to store the bag in the boat’s hatches because of its cylindrical shape if it is big enough.

Capacity: The bag has about 20-liter size which can fit up to 18 cans easily with ice.

Dimensions: The bag has dimensions of 17″x14″x11″.

Storage and Handling: If a customer doesn’t pack his cooler bag fully, they might also take bungee cords and store them together in the boat.

What do we think?

However, some customers have also reported that the straps of the cooler bag might break or wear in a few months. Sometimes the bag might also get wet due to condensation, this is not a big deal when people are kayaking, but it might create a hindrance when a customer is elsewhere.


  • The backpack has a sleek design to carry the bag easily.
  • It has a lot of storage space.
  • The cooler bag also has a waterproof seal.


  • The straps might wear easily within months.
  • The cooler bag is big; hence it might not fit in all boats.
  • The cooler bag might get wet from condensation.

Who should buy this product?

Some customers prefer a little bit of style when they look to buy a cooler. IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers is the perfect cooler bag for them.

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler, Gray
  • One piece roto-molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability
  • Extra thick insulation for maximum ice retention
  • Premium features such as padded shoulder strap, ICE vault lid gasket, POSITRAC lid latches, ENDURA integrated hinge system, and SURE Grip rubber feet
  • Professional Grade - Engineered to make the outdoors great!


Sometimes consumers prefer to have a box cooler with them on journeys because of its durability.

Durability: K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler is a solid cooler which makes it more durable.

Insulation Ability: It keeps things colder for a longer period.

Weight: Even though the cooler’s weight is 14 pounds, it comes with a strap that makes It easy to carry around.

Storage Capacity: The cooler can easily store 12 packs, but it might leak if the cooler is not well-adjusted on a flat surface.

What do we think?

Great for storing lots of drinks and other kayaking essentials. Pick this up for a quick cooler that you’ll use many times over.


  • The cooler can keep ice frozen for a very long time.
  • The cooler has a spacious capacity that can store multiple cans.
  • The cooler has a very tough design.
  • The rubber feet on the cooler help to keep it from not sliding.
  • It has a very handy shoulder strap to carry the cooler around.


  • If the cooler is not kept stable, it might leak.
  • The cooler is quite heavy and weighs a lot.

Who should buy this product?

Customers who value durability and ease of handling should opt for buying this cooler.

Our Final Thoughts

In our list above, we have shown you the best cooler for kayak camping. These coolers have their advantages and are perfect for people who want to go on a fishing trip on their kayak. From the above options available, which of these do you think is best suitable for you? And which one will you take on your trip? We hope that you make a sound decision.


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