Best Marshmallow Roasting Sticks for Camping

One of our favorite things about a camping trip is spending the evening over an open fire. Whether camping with friends or family, roasting food in the wild is a thrilling experience shared over a roaring fire and fun conversation. Traditionally, roasting marshmallows required you to go hunting for a stick in the woods that was just the right length and width. Luckily, modern technology has provided a much more convenient solution: marshmallow sticks in which you won’t have to worry about its cleanliness, toxicity, and most of all, it’s ability to roast that perfect marshmallow.

And remember, these sticks can also be used to roast your hot dogs or anything else that can be poked through with a stick. The only certainty is you need to bring some roasting sticks with you on your next camping trip or you will be missing out on two iconic camping meals!

How To Choose The Best Marshmallow Roasting Sticks For Camping


There are two types of marshmallow roasting sticks; metal and bamboo. Each type comes with their own pros and cons. For example, metal sticks tend to be more durable and can even cost less. Meanwhile, bamboo marshmallow sticks are all-natural and look much more attractive for those awesome campfire photos.

Metal sticks can be less aesthetic but are a better overall value due to its reusability. However, we still don’t recommend reusing marshmallow sticks too many times, as there will be discoloration and buildup from the heat that is harder to wash away. Bamboo sticks should only be used once.

Length of the marshmallow stick

Marshmallow roasting sticks range between 10 to 45 inches. Bear in mind that shorter roasting sticks can be unsafe, while extra-long ones are less sturdy. A good stick balances somewhere in between. 


You’ll find that when purchasing your marshmallow roasting sticks for camping, most will come in a multiple pack. The average range for the quantity of sticks in a pack are between 6-10. If you have a lot of campers on your trip, you’ll probably want to be extra prepared with multiple packs. 

How much you want to spend

Marshmallow roasting sticks will rarely be purchased in single packs, as we mentioned before. The price per marshmallow stick will range from $1 to $3, though this can still vary slightly.

Best Marshmallow Roasting Sticks For Camping Breakdown

Best Marshmallow Roasting StickBest For
Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Wooden HandleBest overall
Ajmyonsp Marshmallow Roasting Sticks with Wooden HandleSturdiness and durability
Aoocan Marshmallow Roasting SticksLightweight
FLYPARTY Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting SticksBamboo
Zulay (8 Pack) Long 32-inch Marshmallow Roasting SticksExtendable / retractable

Best marshmallow roasting sticks for camping Reviewed

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Wooden Handle

Best overall marshmallow roasting stick for camping

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These sticks feature a simple design with compact 32-inch fork skewers. The handles have adjustable lengths, and the metal rods can extend up to three times in length. They come in 12 different colors for easy tracking and are a safe alternative for kids. The telescopic sticks extend long, ensuring children’s safety as they do not have to get close to the fire. 

The sticks are easy to clean as they are made of stainless steel. They can be hand washed or washed using a dishwasher. They also come with a canvas travel bag pouch for long-distance traveling and storage. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Blunt tips for safety
  • Heat resistant canvas storage bag
  • Adjustable length
  • Varying colors
  • Pack of 12 makes this a great value per stick


  • Design could look better
  • Included carrying bag doesn’t do a good job of keeping these sticks organized

Ajmyonsp Marshmallow Roasting Sticks with Wooden Handle

Best sturdy and durable marshmallow stick

No products found.

This stick has a telescopic design that can be stretched to 32 inches making roasting hands-free and burn-free. It is constructed from stainless steel, protecting it from easy rusting and twisting. Additionally, it has a wooden handle that prevents heat and allows for a comfortable grip. It is suitable for road trips, reunions, friends get together, and outdoor parties.

At first glance, these will look very similar to the first marshmallow stick we reviewed (above), but you’ll find that they do have a slightly different feel in the hand.


  • Offers five different colors to keep each person their own assigned stick when camping (great for kids)
  • Full 360 rotating stick
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient storage
  • Stretchable design


  • Not very sturdy
  • Discolors quickly

Aoocan Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Best lightweight roasting stick

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The Aoocan Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are extendable and made of non-toxic, heat-resistant stainless steel. The tips have mini rubber safety caps that are removed before use. It has a heat resistant non-slip handle that has finger indents for a steady, firm grip. It is very sturdy, high quality, and lightweight. These sticks can be used to roast hot dogs, appetizers, veggies, and marshmallows. 

The telescopic design allows one to push back the rod to save storage space and easily do not bend or rust. Besides, it has various colors for easy recognition and non-sharp tips for safety. The product has a refund policy if you are not satisfied with it. 


  • Prongs are further apart making it more sturdy for holding hot dogs or other longer foods
  • High-quality material
  • Various exciting colors
  • Telescopic design for space-saving
  • Full refund policy
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Non-sharp tips for safety


  • Extending feature wears out quickly
  • Included rubber tips can get lost easily

FLYPARTY Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Best bamboo marshmallow roasting stick

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These bamboo skewers are perfect for sausages, marshmallows, kebabs, hot dogs, appetizers, and grilling meats. They are made of bamboo material that is FDA approved. The 30-inch long sticks are suitable for keeping a distance from the fire preventing burns. The FLYPARTY Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks have been crafted with semi-pointed tips and are safe for kids. The stickers are easy to grip on, and they do not have to be washed as you throw them in the fire after use. 


  • 100 pc pack for many sessions of use
  • Made of premium, natural bamboo
  • No need to clean
  • Extra-long and sturdy


  • They catch fire quickly when roasting
  • Single-use

Zulay (8 Pack) Long 32-inch Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Best extendable/retractable stick

No products found.

The Zulay (8 Pack) Long 32 inch Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are made of non-toxic heat-treated stainless steel. The tubes and rods are arc-welded with a length of 0.75 inches for perfect roasting. They have polished wooden handles with plastic ends that hold the metal and prevent heating. The forks are non-sharp and have an extendable and collapsible feature that can stretch to 32 inches and rotate to 360 degrees.


  • Decent quality materials 
  • User friendly
  • 360-adjustable arms for consistent cooking
  • Non-sharp tips


  • No warranty
  • Not the easiest to clean

Frequently asked questions

Are there extra long marshmallow sticks?

Yes, there are marshmallow sticks that have a length of 32 to 45 inches. These sticks are perfect for younger children to keep them at a safe distance from the open fire while being able to roast their marshmallows perfectly.

Can I roast other foods apart from marshmallows?

Yes, apart from marshmallows, you can roast hot dogs, veggies, meat, and fruits. Be sure to use a stuck that is sturdy enough when roasting heavier foods.

Can I reuse bamboo marshmallow roasting sticks?

Bamboo marshmallow sticks are not meant to be reused as they are not heat resistant and will most likely burn during use. The high heat from the campfire makes them less potent and flimsy after one or two uses.

How can I clean my marshmallow sticks?

It is very simple to clean marshmallow sticks. You need soap, an abrasive sponge, and water. Use the abrasive material and soap to scrub the charcoal bits off the stick and rinse with clean water.

Roast Away!

If you love roasting marshmallows around the campfire, the marshmallow roasting sticks are an essential part of your camping gear. The sticks help to solve many problems with barbeque. However, it would be best if you were sure about the stick you are purchasing to get the best experience. There are various options to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.


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