Best Portable Shower For Camping [5 Best Showers]

Camping is not complete if it does not entail a deviation from your daily routine; everyone needs a distraction from their mundane life once in a while. Camping is meant to escape from your everyday life, get away from the enclosure of your home, and traffic scenarios, and enjoy what nature has in store for you. It gives you a rare chance to rise with the sun, enjoy campfires at dusk, and on some occasions, hunt or fish for your dinner.

Camping, however, comes with leaving behind some modern conveniences. Some people can do with the dirt and sweat for a couple of days outdoors, but for sure, not all people can. If you are one of the people who can’t, then you will agree that a solution to this problem is nothing but necessary. The good news is, the market has delivered an ample solution in the name of camping showers.

These lightweight camping shower bundles will give you the best of both worlds. They allow you to wash off the dirt that comes with hiking and the campfire stench with little effort, wherever you are, even if you are in the middle of the bushes or the beach parking lot. You can also wash your dishes or camping gear with these showers.

The types of camping showers include solar-powered, car-fitted, compact, battery-powered, homemade, pressure, and propane-powered showers. The factors to look out for while purchasing a camping shower include durability, portability, water capacity, price, design, weight and compactness, length of hose, and design.

Here we take a look at six of the top portable camping showers that you can tag along your trip. Let’s dive into these showers’ details to find out what makes them the ultimate choice for outdoor activities.

The 5 Best Portable Showers For Camping

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Portable Outdoor Shower For Camping: Battery Powered
10,357 Reviews
Portable Outdoor Shower For Camping: Battery Powered
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR HANDHELD SHOWER - Transforms Sink or Bucket of Water Into Instant Shower Stream; Water-Resistant Unit Includes One Touch On/Off Switch
  • PERFECTLY PLEASING PRESSURE - Showerhead Features One Simple Flow Rate for Comfortable Bathing Experience; Gentle Enough for Seniors, Babies and Pets
  • SUCTION CUP SUPPORT - Shower-Head Securely Sticks to Any Flat Surface with Provided Suction Cup; Bonus S-Style Hook Lets You Hang it Safely Overhead
  • BATTERY POWERED CONVENIENCE - Rechargeable Pump Plugs into Laptop, Car Adapter or Computer via USB; Full Charge Allows Up to 1 Hour of Continuous Use, PLEASE...


This is a compact, battery-powered, portable shower. Water is pumped from the bucket onto a steady, gentle shower stream. The pump has a rechargeable battery, which is one of the best things about this shower.


  • Can recharge anywhere
  • Easy handling – has suction cup support
  • Lightweight
  • 60 minutes of use from one charge


  • Does not include a heating mechanism
  • The on-off switch can be challenging to get to with wet hands.

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag

Currently On Sale
Solar Shower For Camping
10,625 Reviews
Solar Shower For Camping
  • 【Heat Absorbing Design for Portable Shower】This solar shower bag is made by environmental friendly and leak proof materials which are safe to human health....
  • 【Compact and Lightweight Camping Shower Bag with High Water Capacity】Our camping shower bag can carry up to 5 gallons/20L water for showering outdoor, let...
  • 【Camping Shower Kit Supplied with Useful Accessories】The camping essentials supplied with a hose, a shower head and a water tap. The hanging hook sling can...
  • 【Wildly Use for Ducha Portatil】The camping shower kit is suit for INDOOR/OUTDOOR camping, hiking, traveling, backpacking, self-driving, kid bathing, pet...


This solar shower bag is made of materials that are environmentally friendly and leak-free materials. It heats water using direct sunlight, getting to 45 degrees Celsius in only 3 hours.


  • High water capacity – 5 gallons (20 liters)
  • Has a temperature indicator
  • Flexible hose
  • Easy to carry and store – lightweight and foldable
  • Leak-proof – has multiple deluxe layers.


  • Heavy to carry a long distance

VIGLT Camping Shower Bag

5 Gallon Portable Outdoor Camping Shower
  • Solar Shower Bag 20L: Upgraded shower head offers an easy switch with LOW to HIGH water flow. it is very convenient to control water yield.
  • Easy-to-use with on/off shower head valve.Front pocket in our solar shower bag is designed to hold soap, shampoo and other shower accessories.Portable mesh bag,...
  • Camping Shower Bag Unique Design:Solar heat absorbing. with new PVC health solar material, you will get 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours through direct sunlight
  • Tarpaulin designs with extra storage space. With a temperature indicator, you can know the temperature easier.


This summer shower bag has a unique design and is ideally suited for outdoor camping. 


  • Convenient to control water yield
  • Highly portable
  • High quality
  • Fast water heating


  • It only uses gravity to pump water.

Abco Pop Up Privacy Tent

Currently On Sale
Pop-Up Privacy Shower For Camping
4,828 Reviews
Pop-Up Privacy Shower For Camping
  • INNOVATIVE POP-UP TENT – The Abco privacy tent offers you instant private space for bathroom and potty use, outdoor showers, changing clothes, and more.
  • INSTANT INSTALLATION – Designed for utmost convenience, our popup tent can be set up instantly and is equally easy to fold back into the included carry bag....
  • IMPRESSIVE FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – This lightweight pop up shower tent offers enhanced airflow and has a side window to allow for outward visibility while still...
  • COMPREHENSIVE ACCESSORIES - The package includes one (1) pop-up canopy tent, one (1) carrying bag, four (4) metal mounting stakes, one (1) additional built-in...


The privacy tent from Abco Tech offers private space for camping bathroom and potty use, outdoor showers, soft rain shelter, cloth changing, and more.


  • Instant installation
  • Impressive functional design
  • Comprehensive accessories pack


  • Cumbersome to carry
  • Can be challenging to get the shower into the tent

Innhom Portable Shower

Currently On Sale
Rechargeable Camping Shower For Outdoor Use
  • 【2 Battery with 1 Year Warranty】innhom portable shower for camping come with 2 detachable batteries and a charging cable, direct charge from USB port, car...
  • 【Easy Assembly/Operation】Attach pump and shower head to the hose. Fully immerse the pump in water and press the switch on battery to start. The camping...
  • 【Safe and Convenient Outdoor Camp Shower】innhom camp shower conforms to the safety requirements of RoHS standard, EN 55014-1 and EN55014-2. The water filter...
  • 【Small and Compact】Weights 1.6LB, bonus mesh storage bag, convenient to carry and store. Provided suction cup can fix the shower head on any smooth flat...


The Innhom Portable Shower is a rechargeable portable shower that can be powered by a rechargeable battery or car. Connect shower pump to the battery and push on the switch on the battery to start. 


  • Safe and convenient
  • Versatile
  • Purifies water


  • Small diameter pump

EasyGo Product EGP-TENT-016 Shower Shelter

Extra Large Portable Camping Shower
  • High Quality Material - Our portable tent is made of high quality waterproof polyester material which is lightweight and sturdy. The instant tent provides...
  • New Convenient Design - Our bathroom tent has two openings that can be used for two rooms. Windows offer easy ventilation. Includes towel bar and mesh pockets...
  • Lightweight and Portable Shower Tent - Ultra-lightweight construction allows for easy transportation including a carrying bag. The tent is 7.5”Tall x 4”...
  • Universal Usage - Our instant camp shower tent takes care of your privacy. It offers dual room feature. One room can be used for shower and the other one as a...


Extra large portable camping shower by EasyGo is fantastic for larger folks or if you have kids and need to wash them up. This potable shower is our favorite only because it is so darn big! Another great thing about this shower is that it is relatively easy to pack up when you’re ready to leave your campsite. Set up is also super simple.


  • High water capacity
  • Largest portable shower 
  • Easy to transport
  • Versatile
  • Simple


  • Heavy when filled; Makes it difficult to move after filling with water
  • Harder to clean out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best portable shower for camping?

If I were to pick the best shower, I’d go for Abco Pop Up Privacy Tent. I value my privacy, and especially on a long-lasting trip, this would be a great option. Having your clean bathroom is something everyone would wish for.

The KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag is also a great option, even without a tent. Twenty liters is enough for some good soak, and enough water to wash and rinse hair, especially for ladies with long hair. 

How do portable camping showers work?

Camping showers consist of showerheads and hose pipes that suck out water from water reservoirs and turn it to slow water streams allowing you to take a bath. The different types of camping showers have different operating procedures, and some can be complicated. For some showers, the bag must be high off the ground; the bag is heated on a flat surface or hung at high points such as on a tree to heat. Gravity will then feed the water through the showerhead. Other pumps require a body of water, which could be a container or any other reservoir.

How do you heat water when camping for showers?

There are three ways in which you can heat water while at the camp. The first method is by utilizing the sunlight and applies to the solar-powered showers. Another option for heating your water is using batteries; this is made possible by battery-powered showers. The third option is the use of burners and coils using propane-powered showers.

What type of soap can I use when camping?

To protect the environment and maintain safety for campers, you should use biodegradable soap, made with organic ingredients and no preservatives, and leaves no traces.

Our Final Verdict

When you are out hiking or camping, taking a shower is inevitable. Nothing beats a warm shower during your relaxation time in the camp after returning from a long day’s hike. Being clean while outdoors makes you comfortable. This is the reason you should own a portable camping shower.

Your shower should have a strong overhead shower stream and be easy to use by senior citizens and kids. If you are planning to go camping, all of the camping showers discussed above will come to your aid. We hope our review will give you all the information you may need to know when shopping around for a camping shower. All of them make great options; the choice is yours.


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