Best Tents Under $300: For Hiking, Backpacking, 4 Person & More

A good tent is one of the most important items to bring with you on a camping trip. Tents are the foundation of your campsite. It’s where you sleep, a changing room, a place to store your valuables, a place for rest, and most of all, a place to keep the weather out.

Finding a good tent is easy enough, but if you’re trying to stick within a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re tested too many tents to count by now, and we’ve seen them all.

By now you’ve figured out that we’ve picked the best 8 tents under $300. But for just $300 or less, what can you expect from your tent? Here are the most important features to look for in a tent around this budget, and some of the tent specs that you can expect to forego.

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What to Look For in a Tent Under 300

The main things to look for in a tent that cost less than $300 is the following features:


No matter what price range you’re looking in, the most important feature for a tent is how durable it is. You might think that a cheaper tent is less durable and the more expensive a tent, the better it is constructed. While this can be the case in some situations, this is certainly not a hard rule.

We’ve come across plenty of expensive tents that were leaking on the first night or tearing at the seams when setting up for the first time. Don’t be fooled by the price tag and do your research before thinking that your fancy new tent is going to hold up.

3-4 Season

Unless you’re planning to only go camping during the summer or maybe you are religious about checking the weather forecast to make sure your camping trip will have only ideal conditions, you’re going to want a tent that is at least 3 season or 4 season rated. Luckily, the tents that fall under $300 are usually at a price point where this is possible without taking away many of the other features that are important in tents within this price range.


Think about how many people you normally camp with that will be sleeping in your tent. Make sure to add at least one, if not two additional people in terms of sleeping capacity if you want to be extra comfortable. If a tent says it can handle up to four people, then just know that while four people can technically sleep comfortably, three is probably the most you would want in there.

Also, if you have pets that you like to bring along with your camping trips, then make sure you add one person’s capacity per animal for the tent.

Doors and Windows

Many tents come with windows and they will certainly come with doors to get in and out. However, some tents will come with windows that are not able to be zipped close. Doors are sometimes harder to get open or the opening is not very large, making it difficult to fit something in (like a large mattress).

Pop-Up or Freestanding

Do you want a tent that is extremely easy and quick to set up? Consider a pop-up or freestanding tent. These tents are, as the name implies, set up without needing to be staked to the ground. However, if you want stability in your tent, then you can always choose to stake it down anyways.


At this price point, finding a tent that is insulated should not be a problem. $300 is a fairly good amount to spend on a tent, and you’ll see plenty of tents within this price range that offer insulation to keep you warm in the cold and keep the heat out in the summer.

Multiple Rooms

Another useful feature that you will want to look out for is the ability to split out your tent into separate rooms. Typically this is for tents that allow up to 5-6 persons, however can be found in tents that can fit just 2. The separate rooms are able to be zipped closed for some extra privacy between campers.


Most notable tent companies offer a decent warranty so that if your tent fails (seam rips, leaks, poles snapping) then you can get a new tent or your money back. Find a good tent company or make sure that your sporting goods store offers a return policy. If you purchase with a credit card, you can usually get extra protection on your items for free!

Where to look for tents under 300

You don’t have to buy your tents using our recommendations. Some other places to find good deals on tents and find one within your price range include your local sporting goods stores around major holidays when they have sales, Walmart, Costco, and other department stores, and even garage sales around the neighborhood.

But if you’re looking for a tent now, we’ve found the right tent under $300 for every type of camper by every feature or hobby that you may be into. Check them out here:

Best Tents Under $300

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Best overall tent under $300 / Best 4 person tent under $300

Currently On Sale
Coleman Weathertec Instant Camping Tent - Available in 4/6/8/10 Person Sizes
22,432 Reviews
Coleman Weathertec Instant Camping Tent - Available in 4/6/8/10 Person Sizes
  • Sets up in 1-5 minutes thanks to pre-attached poles
  • Integrated rainfly offers extra weather protection and improves airflow
  • Double-thick Polyguard 2X fabric stands up to the elements season after season
  • Fits 1 queen-size air bed

Our experience with this tent

The Coleman Cabin Tent is our choice for the best tent that you can find under $300. This tent gets our seal of approval for two main reasons, the durability and how easy we found it to set up. Nothing is worse than tinkering around with too many parts that come with setting up your tent. This Coleman Cabin Tent is a piece of cake to set up and you’ll be ready in under a minute.

We also chose this as our favorite tent under $300 because you can use this tent for multiple other options. Whether you’re going to need a tent for a hiking trip or you’re taking your family and planning to relax, this tent will cover all your needs. During the nights spent in this tent, we never found any issues with leakage or bad manufacturing.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity4 person
FeaturesWaterproof, lightweight, rainfly, 4 season
Suitable forBackpacking, hiking, mountaineering, bikepacking
ConditionsAll conditions
Weight5.4 pounds


  • Very quick setup time
  • Built to last with double-thick fabric
  • Roomy and comfortable
  • Versatile for other hobbies like backpacking, hiking, and more!


This tent is great for up to four people, but if you’re planning to take your kids and need a little extra room, consider one of the larger family tents down below.

Naturehike Star River 2 Lightweight Tent

Best backpacking tent under 300

Our experience with this tent

Of all the tents we’ve tested, our favorite for taking on backpacking trips is the Naturehike Star River 2 Lightweight Tent. This tent is extremely lightweight at just 5.4 pounds, making this a perfect companion in your camping backpack. The polyester fabric has performed very well in both heavy rain and wind so you rest assured that you won’t be dealing with any leaks.

Another reason why this tent is perfect for backpacking is because of its freestanding design. When you’re out on a backpacking trip, you never know when you may have to set up your tent on a harder surface that doesn’t allow for stakes. You can tie your tent down to some rocks or trees and stay secured all night long.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity1-2 person
FeaturesWaterproof, lightweight, rainfly, 4 season
Suitable forBackpacking, hiking, mountaineering, bikepacking
ConditionsAll conditions
Weight5.4 pounds


  • 5.4 pounds makes it great hiking and backpacking
  • Ultralight and portable takes up very little room in backpack
  • 4 seasons rating able to handle any climate conditions
  • Freestanding


The small size is only suitable for 2 adults, though you might be able to squeeze in a dog. Since many of our readers like to backpack with their pets, keep in mind that it’s going to be a tight squeeze by adding in your dog for this tent.

Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Backpacking Tent

Best hiking tent under 300

Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Backpacking Tent 3 Season Free-Standing Lightweight Hiking Tent for Outdoor Activities (Purple)
304 Reviews
Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Backpacking Tent 3 Season Free-Standing Lightweight Hiking Tent for Outdoor Activities (Purple)
  • SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT: Naturehike's Mongar 3-season, 2-person backpacking tent is famous for its ultra-lightweight and space-saving design. Weighing only 4lbs...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The Mongar tent is made of top-quality materials. The rainfly is 20D polyester with 4000mm waterproof index; The bottom of the tent is...
  • EXTRA VESTIBULES: The Mongar 2-person tent has 2 doors, one on each side, for easy access. The 2 vestibules provide larger storage space for gear than standard...
  • EASY &QUICK SETUP: Naturehike's tents come with a straightforward instruction manual. The installation instructions sewn inside of the stuff sack. The Y-frame...

Our experience with this tent

When choosing a tent for hiking, you’ll want something that is portable, lightweight, durable,  and relatively easy to set up. The Naturehike Mongar is one you may want to consider as it meets all those necessary features. This tent is big enough for 2 people and will keep you warm and dry overnight.

And sure this tent can do it all, but we also just adore how it looks. You’ll be sure to stand out with this igloo-style exterior that looks very modern and cozy.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity1-2 person
FeaturesPortable, waterproof, lightweight, rainfly, UV protection, 3 season, freestanding
Suitable forHiking, backpacking, cold-weather camping
ConditionsAll conditions
Material20D rip-stop nylon
Weight4 pounds


  • Comes in at just 4 pounds for ultra-portability
  • Option for freestanding
  • Looks the coolest out of all the tents in this list


This tent is not very breathable and is designed to keep the elements out. If you’re hiking and expecting warm nights, this tent might get a little too stuffy for you.

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent XL

Best family tent under 300

Currently On Sale
Coleman Skydome Tent XL, 8/10/12 Person Camping Tent, Blue Nights
  • QUICK PITCH: Sets up in under 5 minutes (based on average setup time with 2 people) thanks to pre-attached poles
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Large enough inside to fit 3 queen airbeds
  • MORE HEADROOM: Nearly vertical walls provide more headroom
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: WeatherTec system uses a tub-like floor, patented welded corners, while inverted seams and taped seams on rainfly and tent body help keep...

Our experience with this tent

The Coleman Skydome XL is hands down the best camping tent for families, and is priced well under the $300 range. Coleman is known as a brand to make quality tents and affordable prices, and this Skydome does not disappoint.

When it comes to family tents, we kept two things in mind: space and durability. If you’ve gone camping with young ones, you know how curious they get playing with zippers and doors on a tent. Too much wear can lead to excessive tear, but the design of this tent’s door and zippers make it so they will last through whatever you throw at it. There’s plenty of space in this tent too, making it easy for you and your children to sprawl out and have your own space.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity6-8 Person
FeaturesQuick pitch, weather protection, headroom, wide door
Suitable forFamily camping
Conditions3 Season
Size182 x 84 x 72 in


  • Easy set up so you have more time enjoying the outdoors than setting up your camp gear
  • Great warranty and trusted name in the Coleman brand
  • Comes with a rainfly for added moisture protection


This is a pretty basic tent and if you are looking for a tent that has a lot of the newer features like a built-in LED light, screen room, or space dividers, there are others you can look out for.

MIER Ultralight 3-Season Tent

Best 3 season tent under 300

MIER Ultralight Waterproof Backpacking Tent for 3 Person 3 Season Lightweight Camping Tents Freestanding with Footprint and Aluminum Frame, 2-Door, Easy Setup, Green
  • 🎪【Ultralight and Spacious Tent】MIER lightweight 3 person camping tent can easily accommodate 3 person. Only weigh 5.5 lb, it can be stored into the 19.7"...
  • 🎪【Double Layer Tent】Inner entire mesh walls provide excellent ventilation and star gazing, enhances breathability and comfort. Tent rainfly offers...
  • 🎪【Fully Seam Waterproof & Durable】Durable materials include seam-taped rainfly (15D nylon, silicone/PU 5000mm) and bathtub floor (20D nylon, silicone/PU...
  • 🎪【Easy Setup & Move】Aluminium poles and durable clips on the inner tent offer quicker and easier set up by one person with no experience. The tent can be...

Our experience with this tent

Finding the best 3 season tent under $300 wasn’t easy, as many tents in this price range are at minimum a 3 season rating (if not 4 season). However, we landed on the MIER Ultralight Tent as our winner for this classification because we loved how unique the dome shape design is, the level of ease in setting up, the lightness of weight, and it’s overall durability. This tent really checks all the boxes for a great 3 season tent that has just about everything you need.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity3 person
FeaturesUltralight, waterproof, dome, lightweight, rainfly
Suitable forHiking, backpacking, mountaineering, cold-weather camping
Conditions3 Season
Weight5.5 pounds


  • Ultralight at just 5.5 pounds makes it easy to pack up and get moving
  • Unique dome design with vibrant colors
  • Can be set up easily by just one person
  • Great for two people and up to two dogs


While this tent may technically be listed as a 4 person tent, fitting that many people will be a challenge. Stick with 3 or less people for this particular tent.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

Best 4 season tent under 300 / Best 6 person tent under 300

Currently On Sale
Coleman WeatherMaster Camping Tent with Screened Porch, Weatherproof 6-Person Family Tent with Included Rainfly and Carry Bag, Easy Setup Tent with Screened-in Porch
  • Spacious interior: Room for 2 queen-size airbeds and ample storage pockets to keep items organized.
  • Easy Entry and Exit: Hinged door for fast, hassle-free access.
  • Bug-Free Lounging: separate floorless screen room for insect-free relaxation.
  • Weatherproof: WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to ensure dryness.

Our experience with this tent

What exactly is a 4 season tent and why might you need one? Well, think of a 4 season tent as a 3 season tent, but can handle a bit more. If you’re going to be camping, hiking, backpacking, or just pitching a tent in an area that might be hit with some heavy rain, snow, winds, or even sand (or dirt), you’re going to want to go with a 4 season tent just in case.

The Coleman WeatherMaster is a great 4 season tent and has plenty of space for up to 6 people. This tent even has a screen room, which can be used to clean off your camp gear and boots before you enter the sleeping area. Chances are, if you are in 4 season tent territory, then there’s plenty of snow or sand to be cleaning off yourself anyways.

Outside of the wild climates, some people prefer to have a 4 season tent just for the extra durability they offer. If you’re worried about your tent breaking down over time, grabbing a 4 season tent is not a bad idea.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity6 person
FeaturesScreen room, large hinge door, rainfly, spacious 
Suitable forCamping, family camping, hiking
Conditions4 season
Size11 x 9 ft (6ft 8 inches at highest point)
Weight32 pounds


  • 4 season rating to handle the elements
  • Screen room
  • Spacious and can fit 2 queen size airbeds


This tent comes in at 32 pounds, making this much heavier than some of the ultralight options we’ve covered above. If you’re hiking or backpacking long distances, you may want to consider another tent.

Marmot Crane Creek Tent

Best 3 person tent under 300

Marmot Crane Creek 3P Tent | Marmot Tent, Three-Person, Lightweight and Durable for Backpacking, Camping, Mountaineering in Fall
  • Lightweight for Camping and Backpacking - Built for comfort and durability, the Marmot Crane Creek 3-Person Tent provides 41.5 square feet of shelter on your...
  • Fully Waterproof - Seam-taped floor prevents leaks in inclement weather, while seam-taped polyester fly provides fully waterproof support while still allowing...
  • Durable and Reliable - 7000 series aluminum poles ensure added toughness to this packable and lightweight tent
  • Convenient Access & Storage - This Marmot tent is equipped with two large, D-shaped doors plus two spacious overhead vestibules to stash your gear

Our experience with this tent

If you’re looking for a 3 person tent that is compact, durable, easy to set up, and still under that $300 cost, then the Marmot Crane Creek is certainly one you’ll want to consider. This tent is fairly simple in design but this means there are less pieces to mess with, and getting it up and ready is super fast and simple. You won’t have to worry about leaks as the base of this tent is completely sealed and made with a lasting material coating. The aluminum poles make this tent very lightweight to handle.

Note: This tent does also come in the 2 person size so make sure you choose the right one.

Key Features of This Tent

Tent Capacity3 person
FeaturesWaterproof, lightweight, rainfly, weatherproof, round shape
Suitable forBackpacking, rugged camping, hiking
Conditions2 season
Weight4.8 pounds


  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Easy and simple set up process
  • Great for casual campers looking for a tent that will last


This tent only has a 2 season rating, meaning this isn’t built for many trips of heavy rain or wind. If you’re a casual camper and only go camping in the late spring to early fall (when it is still relatively nice out), this tent will be more than enough. If you’re a bit of an adventurer, then look to others on the list with a 3-4 season rating.

Outdoor Products 4 Person

Breaking Down the Best Tents Under $300

Now that we’re at the end of our list, we want to make sure that we break down what is most important to look for when finding a suitable tent that fits within your budget. Remember, the key decision making factors that you should be weary of are how you intend to use your tent. Consider the following:

  • How many people are going to be sleeping in your tent?
  • Will there be any dogs or other animals in your tent?
  • What weather conditions are you expecting when you camp?
  • Is ease of setup an important factor for you and are you willing to pay more?
  • Are you planning to take your tent on your travels, like hiking or backpacking?

Once you have answered these vital questions, you can now look for the features that are most important and make sure that the tent you choose offers them.

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