Best Dog Bed for Camping [5 Unbiased Reviews]

Dog lovers don’t simply camp with their dogs. The best obsessive dog lovers we know want to make sure that their puppy feels at home no matter where the family is. We admit to obsessive qualities over our lovely family of dogs – I mean, our baby voices when talking to our gorgeous pups are a dead giveaway.

A true dog lover knows the value of a great dog bed. And if a good dog bed is valuable at home where there’s lots of comfy areas for your puppies to nestle and relax, it’s an absolute must when taking your dogs camping. Without an outdoor dog bed to call their home, your dog may be prone to anxiety and acting up with all the crazy stimuli of the camping life bombarding them.

We wrote this article for the dog-loving camping aficionado who wants nothing but the best for their dog. Not only will we reveal the five best dog beds for camping on the market today, we’ll also give you a full overview of why a great outdoor dog bed is the perfect investment.

What makes a dog bed a camping dog bed? Why should you spend the money on an outdoor dog bed when you have a perfectly good dog bed you can bring from home? We’ll answer those questions and much more because loving dogs and loving camping is what we’re all about.

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Best Camping Dog Beds: Overview

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The 5 Best Dog Beds For Camping

SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

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The SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed has been meticulously designed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your favorite four-legged family member. The extremely durable 1680D Oxford fabric and steel frame combination will comfortably hold any dog or furry friend at a weight of 120 pounds or below. Sporting a breathable canopy and elevated more than nine inches off the ground, this dog bed was perfectly designed to spare your puppy from the harshness of the elements. 

Why This Dog Bed Is Awesome

Our Black Labrador has annexed this dog bed has her own and there’s no convincing her otherwise. This has been an absolute godsend camping with her in the summer. She’s protected from the hot ground and falls asleep almost instantly once she crawls into it. Her camping anxieties have diminished  to an amazing degree since her first chill-out session in this bed.


  • No tools and no screws are necessary to put this bed together. It’s easy to port and easy to assemble on the fly.
  • The Oxford fabric and steel frames are strong enough to withstand digging and scratching by playful and anxious puppies alike.
  • It’s super easy to clean. All you have to do is hand wash it with mild soap and let it air dry and voila!


  • The canopy is not water resistant, so be sure to either move the dog bed indoors or disassemble it when a storm starts brewing.
  • The canopy opening droops pretty low which can be tricky for larger dogs when they try to maneuver under it.

Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Dog Bed

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The only non-elevated camping dog bed on this list, the Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Dog Bed makes up for it thanks to its comfy design and water-resistant composition. A great waterproof dog bed is extremely hard to find. That’s what makes this one so special. It resists the worst of the elements while also holding up against chewing and scratching thanks to the strength of its polyester material. 

Why This Dog Bed Is Awesome

Our little diva of a Dachshund isn’t happy camping unless this bed is splayed out for her. Not only is this a great outdoor dog bed for her to relax while everyone does their thing in the campsite, it’s also a snuggle overload for her which turns into the sleepiest and happiest puppy around. 


  • The extra-strength channeled liner keeps the polyfill stuffing comfy, fluffy and in its correct place no matter how spastic and shifty your dog gets lying in it.
  • The water-resistant finish on this dog bed is as impressive as it gets. Raindrops and dewdrops simply slide right off and keep the bed from getting damp.
  • One of the toughest dog beds around when it comes to overall composition and how it holds up to scratching and biting.


  • The cover is not machine washable as there is no zipper to remove the inner filling.
  • This may not be the most comfortable bed for taller and skinnier dogs. It’s much more ideal for a medium-sized dog than a bigger one. 

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

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On the shortlist of candidates for the comfiest outdoor dog bed around, the K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot has a fluffy plush bolster which any dog is bound to fall into snuggle love with. This camping dog bed’s raised design keeps your dog cool in hot weather with the help of its breathable mesh center. To top it off, this is a waterproof dog bed which also resists bacteria, mildew, and mold!

Why This Dog Bed For Camping Is Awesome

We’ve watched our dogs jump on this outdoor dog bed at full force several times over the course of multiple camping trips and it’s held up without any trouble. The manufacturers have repeatedly tested this design for strength and durability and it shows. 


  • This is one of the easiest-to-assemble raised outdoor dog beds in the marketplace. It requires no tools and the non-skid rubber feet ensure it will stay where you put it.
  • Available in three different sizes to cater to a wide variety of different dogs.
  • A great mixture of extremely comfy material and undeniable strength. The largest size of this dog bed holds up to 150 pounds!


  • Don’t take the stuffing out! While there is a zipper to remove it in case you want to wash this outdoor dog bed, it’s almost impossible to recover the stuffing and get it back in the bed.
  • Sometimes the mesh center of the bed will stretch out and start to sink due to repeated use.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

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Regardless of the weather at your campsite, the Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed never gets too hot or too cold for your puppy to relax upon. The mesh fabric in the center of this elevated camping dog bed keeps air flowing so dogs don’t get too hot during the summer. Not too many waterproof dog beds can also boast UV stabilization which ensure the sun’s rays won’t make the materials uncomfortably warm.

Why This Dog Bed For Camping Is Awesome

This is one of the sturdiest elevated dog beds we’ve ever used or tested. The powder-coated steel tube frame and powerful textilene fabric aren’t just water resistant – they’re dog resistant! This is one of the best camping dog beds around for larger dogs who also happen to have a ton of energy to spare. 


  • The load-bearing capacity of this outdoor dog bed is as impressive as it gets! There really is very little chance that this bed will collapse, even after repeated usage.
  • The tear-resistant textilene fabric is also anti-bacterial and pest resistant. That’s huge when leaving this outdoor dog bed outside in a campsite for long stretches.
  • The fabric on this camping dog bed stays temperate and comfortable no matter how cold or hot it gets outside.


  • There have been a few customer complaints about the overall durability of the largest size. It’s not a pervasive complaint, but it’s something to pay attention to.
  • The Breton pattern sometimes sports sloppy stitching which is a bit of an eyesore. 

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

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This camping dog bed wins out for those looking for an easy dog bed to wash and maintain. The removable cover is machine washable and durable enough to withstand countless washes and regular usage. A waterproof dog bed through and through, the K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot also sports an elevated design and a mesh center which keeps dogs cool during the longest of summer days.

Why This Dog Bed For Camping Is Awesome

We were pretty bummed when a design defect in the frame of this dog bed made it virtually unusable a couple months after purchase. However, the manufacturer’s limited one-year warranty covered the problem and we were blown away with the quality of this outdoor dog bed on our second go-around!


  • The cool mesh center of this dog bed resists everything from moisture to bacteria and pet odor.
  • This camping dog bed is available in four different sizes to ensure that pretty much any dog can call one their own.
  • This outdoor dog bed may have the strongest metal frame we’ve tested. It holds up to 150 pounds and it also holds true if your dog gets spastic and starts moving around a lot.


  • The mesh center has been known to bow and stretch out after repeated usage.
  • The metal posts of the bed sometimes cut through the plastic foot caps. This could scratch up your floor if you use this dog bed inside. 

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How to Choose a Dog Bed For Camping

What’s So Dang Special About An Outdoor Dog Bed?

A good outdoor dog bed gets the comfort part right while also boasting construction and composition which helps it hold up against the unique threats and challenges which the Great Outdoors can present. A regular dog bed is made for a temperate indoor environment. A camping dog bed has been built to provide a safe place for your dog in a wide variety of outdoor conditions.

In addition, the best dog beds for camping boast an extra level or two of durability to ensure the dog bed can hold up to an inordinate amount of wear and tear. Outdoor dog beds need that extra reinforcement or they’re not going to be much use after the first camping trip you take. 

Camping Dog Bed vs Normal Dog Bed

If you really, truly love your puppy (and you must if you’re reading this article), you don’t want to settle for a budget outdoor dog bed. You’re only interested in the best dog beds for camping which will treat your dog like true puppy royalty. If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to an outdoor dog bed, be on the lookout for these three key features.

A Dog Bed That Is Resistant to the Outdoor Elements

A waterproof dog bed is par for the course when it comes to the best dog beds for camping. Look for a dog bed which also resists a wide variety of other potential problems from scratching and clawing to bacteria and mold. The more your outdoor dog bed protects against, the better investment it is.

Keep Your Dog Elevated

Of the five outdoor dog beds on our list of the best dog beds for camping in 2019, four of them have elevated design schemes. That notable exception aside, elevated dog beds are a huge get when it comes to protecting your dog from the hot ground on steamy summer days at your favorite campsite.

Look for Durability

You can get away with a less durable dog bed when it comes to indoor use. That’s not the case when it comes to outdoor dog beds. There are just too many potentially damaging factors when it comes to outdoor usage for you to settle on a camping dog bed which doesn’t pass the strength test. A comfy dog bed won’t mean much if it falls apart on the first couple days of your camping trip.

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Signs of a Bad Camping Dog Bed

While the vast majority of outdoor dog beds claim to be waterproof or water resistant, there are a few pretenders out there on the market which can’t back up these claims. If you find a camping dog bed with a questionable star rating on your favorite online shopping site, be sure to look at the comments for potential complaints about that particular outdoor dog bed’s weather resistance.

Furthermore, make sure you find a camping dog bed which is tear-resistant and bacteria-resistant (if possible). Outdoor dog beds which aren’t durable in these fashions are nothing more than regular dog beds repackaged in name only for outdoor usage. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know the difference between a good camping dog bed and the best dog beds for camping, why settle on a budget option which will just disappoint you and your dog? Any one of the six options on the above list will be a fantastic investment in your dog’s happiness and your own peace of mind.

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