Best Camping Dog Kennels for All Breeds

Camping with your dog can be a real treat for both of you. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Besides, dogs view you and your community as part of their pack and often dislike it if they’re kept away from you.

If you abandon your pet in your camper or tent and walk away to explore on your own, it might get worried and try its best to rejoin you. This, in turn, might lead to your dog getting lost on the way or facing some kind of danger. To avoid such a situation, you must carry a dog camping kennel while you go camping.

Having said that, selecting the right kennel for your pet can be a struggle, given the availability of hundreds of options in the market. This is why we have shortlisted the best products, based on reviews, quality, and efficacy.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Dog Kennel for Camping?

Want to provide a temporary shelter for your dog while camping? Before you decide, here is a list of tips to assist you in selecting the finest one for your next trip.


If you want to camp light, portability may be a significant consideration for you. Wire cages are rigid, but they’re cumbersome to transport unless you’re going by automobile. Soft crates and playpens, for example, are good alternatives to wire cages. 

These replacements may not be as durable as the originals, but they are adequate for weather and environmental regulation.


When picking the most delicate dog cage for camping, the basic rule is to choose one that allows your dog to turn around and lay down without compressing its body. While larger cages work fine, they might be inconvenient while camping. Always measure your dog to ensure you choose the correct box or enclosure for them.


Because nature is spontaneous, you must be prepared to embrace it. The same may be said about your dog’s cage. Soft kennels with openings and mesh panels are ideal for allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping your dog safe from the outdoors. 

On the other hand, wire crates will almost always need an extra cover to provide shelter from the wind for your dog.

How useful is a camping dog kennel?

Dog camping crates, like dog winter boots and movable dog fences, provide a variety of advantages for you and your pup when you’re camping. These kennels are very strong, yet they set up and pack up fast, making your life easier. 

It is convenient to quickly take dog camping kennels from the trunk and open them to have a space for your pet to relax after a long day of sightseeing. When your dogs are introduced to a new environment, they would like to have their breathing space and the kennel aptly provides for that.

Dogs are solitary creatures that live in dens. They feel more comfortable and protected when they are educated to remain quiet in a box. Consider the finest dog camping kennels as an excellent location for your dog to relax or sleep in rather than a cage. 

They are helpful during camping since they provide a secure place for the dog without requiring you to tie them to a leash at the campsite.

What are some of the precautions to take while using a dog kennel?

Even the most excellent dog camping kennels aren’t designed to keep your dog safe. Never leave your dog unattended inside a kennel. There are several horror tales of people placing their dog in one of these kennels and leaving the house, only to return a short time later to find a hole in the crate and the dog making a complete mess of their apartment. 

Ripping the web netting is quite dangerous. If your dog is violent or destructive, you should use a metal cage instead. Nobody wishes to move their campground with their dog in a kennel only to have a bear appear while they’re gone.

Furthermore, campers should ensure that the dog cage they choose is suitable for their dog’s size. A dog cage that is too tiny might cause stiffness or other sorts of pain in your dog’s bones. Before you purchase a kennel, learn how to evaluate your dog.

Consider carrying a camping mattress, a dog food travel box for secure food storage, a customized dog hiking strap along with a rucksack or hiking dog collar, and a foldable dog feeder to conserve room while packing. You’ll have a great experience camping with your dog if you prepare ahead and carry all the necessary equipment.

Top 8 Dog Kennels For A Safe Camping Trip

JESPET 3 Door Soft Sided Kennel – Best For A Comfortable Stay

JESPET 27'' Soft Dog Crates Kennel for Pets, 3 Door Soft Sided Folding Travel Pet Carrier with Straps and Fleece Mat for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Grey Blue & Beige (27" L x 20" W x 20" H, Grey)
  • Jespet Soft Dog Crate Dimensions: Folding soft-sided 27”L*20”W*20”H dog crate for large dogs up to 35 lbs. Our dog crate is 1" wider and 2" higher than...
  • Foldable Strong Dog Crate: Crafted of 600D Cationic Oxford fabric and heavy-weight mesh, it boasts reliable sturdiness. The collapsible dog crate frame is make...
  • Collapsible Dog Kennel: Three mesh entrances door (Top, front and side) for convenience sunlight and breathability; Ample Ventilation for Use in All Season....
  • Fleece Bed Included: Our Indoor & Outdoor travel dog crate have fleece pad in it. Quality fleece bed provide a comfortable place for your pet. Lightweight and...

The JESPET Soft Dog Crate & Kennel is a soft-sided container that is collapsible and compact. Each side uses retractable hinges to fold down around the middle, making it simple to set up and store when not in use. It comes with a handle so you can carry it with you wherever you go. 

The size of this kennel is large enough to fit a medium-sized canine, but not a huge one.

It has three entryways: one on the head, one in the front, and one on the side. This feature makes it easier to access by your furry friend. You may leave the doors open to reveal the hex mesh fabric, which provides enough ventilation to keep your pet cool and comfortable. 

You may store toys, food, snacks, dog collars, and any such item in the side and top pockets. This dog crate comes with a fleece mattress with a washable cover too. This makes for a cozy nap space for your doggo on cold nights. 


ColorsBlue, beige
Dimension36 x 24 x 27 inches
Number of Doors3
Number of Levels1


  • There is no assembling required.
  • Easy to sets up in seconds
  • You can fold it into a tiny box.


  • Not chew- and scratch-proof

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Kennel – Best For All Dog Sizes

PetNation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets, Collapsible and Portable
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Great for transportation and short outings
  • DESIGN: Tightly weaved mesh fabric panels surrounded by extra-strong steel frame
  • IDEAL: For crate trained dogs up to 70 pounds and supervised
  • NO TOOLS NECESSARY: Sets up and folds down in seconds

The Petnation Port-A-Crate dog kennel is available in four sizes, making it suitable for tiny, medium-sized as well as big dogs. The smallest size is 24 inches and the biggest is 36 inches long, an ideal size for dogs weighing up to 70 pounds.

This crate should only be used by dogs that have previously been trained to stay inside a box or cage and should not be left alone. A dog with separation anxiety left inside a soft-sided kennel may gnaw its way out in minutes. Depending on your dog’s activity, this box may be appropriate, or you may need a metal crate.

It folds up effortlessly in a few seconds for convenient storage when not in use. The product also includes a steel frame that is exceptionally sturdy and heavy-duty, as well as a tightly woven cloth cover. Locks and plastic-clip latches are on the upper and front doors making it completely safe and secure.


Dimension36 x 25 x 25 inches
MaterialAlloy Steel
Number of Levels1


  • Delivered wholly built
  • Easy to set up without the need for any tools
  • Suitable for both inside and outdoor use
  • Washable frame cover


  • Zippers are delicate.

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Kennel – Best For Large Dogs

Ruff 'N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen + Carrying Case & Collapsible Travel Bowl | Indoor/Outdoor use | Water Resistant | Removable Shade Cover (Medium)
  • ★ Available in 3 Sizes Medium (29x29x17 inches Dogs up To 10LBS) Large (36x36x23 inches Dogs Up To 25 Lbs ) Extra Large (48x48x23.5 inches Dogs 50+ LBS
  • ★ BONUS INCLUDED! The Portable Pet Play Pen comes along with a convenient carry case and a collapsible 16 oz. food bowl. Ideal for Travel.
  • ★ SUPERIOR DESIGN Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Made from durable water-resistant materials. Removable zippered top can be...
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We’ve got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues with your pet grooming accessories and...

Because there is so much area to roll about in, puppies, kittens, and baby bunnies adore the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen. It’s simple to put up and fold down, and it comes in three sizes to fit any dog. 

Though the prices vary depending on the size, they are all affordable without compromising on quality or comfort. The extra-large size is 48 inches by 48 inches, which means it can accommodate a giant dog such as a German Shepherd or Tibetian Mastiff.

The corners of this playpen are reinforced, and the seams protected. It comes with a lovely floor mat that is attached to the frame for stability. A zipper provides convenient access to the door.

Because it is robust yet flexible at the same time, your pet(s) can hop around freely without the fear of getting it broken. The best part is that it comes with a traveling bag that you can use to take it along while traveling or camping. 

This crate’s enormous size makes it ideal for constructing a play space at a campsite rather than utilizing it in a vehicle.


ColorsLight blue, purple
Dimension48 x 48 x 23.5 inches
Number of Doors1
Number of Levels1


  • It includes a travel case as well as a folding travel bowl.
  • The kennel is waterproof.
  • It features a removable shade cover.
  • It has eight panels and is spherical. 
  • The extra-large design is remarkably roomy.


  • Not powerful enough to detain hostile animals or prevent pets from fleeing

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Kennel – Best Durability

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets, 26-Inch
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Lightweight and durable steel frame; sets up and folds down in seconds!
  • WELL-VENTILATED: Mesh panels encourage air flow and provide view.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Sets up and folds down in seconds.
  • TRAVEL READY: Lightweight and easy to carry and clean – rounded corners protect against scratches.

The Noz2Noz kennel is a powder-coated steel structure with rounded edges that is lightweight and resilient. It’s simple to put together, made of water-resistant material, and easy to maintain. 

Remove the cap from the metal frame and place it in the washer to clean. It should be washed in warm or cold water. Leave it to air dry to ensure that it retains the right size to fit back into the frame. This aspect appeals to me since the entire kennel is generally dirty when I return from camping.

This cage is available in five sizes, ranging from 21 to 42 inches, and can hold dogs weighing up to 100 pounds. The cost varies according to the cage’s dimensions, but they are all of excellent quality for your dog. 

Get a size that’s a bit larger than your pet so that you can give it enough space to stand up and spin around.


Dimension26 x 18 x 21 inches
Weight5.78 pounds
Number of Levels1


  • Fully built when it arrives
  • Mesh panels on the sides and top to give excellent ventilation
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be folded up in seconds and compactly stored


  • Zippers are made of plastic and can break easily.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Kennel – Best Value For Money

Because of its versatility, the EliteField 3-Door kennel is the most desirable among the best dog camping crates. It comes in various sizes, making it simple to choose one that fits your dog perfectly. 

When your pet can readily turn around in the cage, you know it’s the right size. This container is relatively large, and the color options are fantastic.

This box features three zip-up doors with plastic clip locks. Having these additional doorways allows the dog to enter from any angle. The screens on all four sides and the top may be removed for cross ventilation, keeping your dog secure and calm. 

This soft-sided dog kennel has a sturdy steel-tube structure. When not in use, it folds up effortlessly.

Large zipper compartments on the back and top of this kennel accommodate dog food, grooming supplies, leashes, and other equipment. These pockets are ideal for storing all of the additional items you could need on a camping vacation. Remember to bring the dog goodies!


Colors10+ options
Dimension42 x 28 x 32 inches
Number of Doors3
Number of Levels1


  • Durable while being soft and comfy
  • Pre-assembled and can be put up or rolled down in a matter of seconds
  • Apt for both outdoor and indoor use
  • The bed is made of fleece and can be removed and washed.


  • Pets accustomed to metal cages may find it easy to gnaw through this cloth material.

Zampa Portable Foldable Kennel – Best Portability

Zampa Dog Playpen Medium 45'x45'x24' Pop Up Portable Playpen for Dogs and Cat, Foldable | Indoor/Outdoor Pen & Travel Pet Carrier + Carrying Case.
17,451 Reviews
Zampa Dog Playpen Medium 45"x45"x24" Pop Up Portable Playpen for Dogs and Cat, Foldable | Indoor/Outdoor Pen & Travel Pet Carrier + Carrying Case.
  • Quality: Pet playpen with protected seams and reinforced corners to ensure your pet's safety made from durable quality & water-resistant materials.
  • Design: Our stylish 8-Panel puppy playpen is designed with a spacious interior, with features as bottle holder from the outside and exterior side pockets that...
  • Measurements: The size of this pop up playpen is 45 inches diameter with a height of 24 inches.
  • What To Expect From Zampa: Playpen, mesh top to zip on when needed, 4 metal spikes for outdoor safety, carrying case, and a commitment from our customer service...

When you’re a frequent camper, the Zampa Portable Foldable kennel will be your constant companion. The brand that crafts it recognizes that nature may be unforgiving at times, so they make certain modifications to make it as long-lasting as possible. 

Starting with the details, this kennel’s inner and exterior seams are covered and fortified to avoid tearing from digging and rocky terrain.

The flooring, in particular, is waterproof in this playroom. If an accident occurs, all you have to do is wipe it clean, and it’s as good as new. The final element worth mentioning is how well-designed it is. 

This playpen has a compartment where you can keep all of your dog’s necessities in one spot. There’s a mesh pouch and a water bottle hook to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day. This crib folds up to a few inches when not in use and may be held in the supplied storage bag.


Dimension25.59 x 3.54 x 17.72 inches
Number of Levels1


  • Thoughtfully crafted design 
  • Made from polyester, which is durable and water-resistant
  • It folds inside the carrier flat.
  • Ground stakes are included.
  • Spacious and well-ventilated


  • Claws might get entangled in the mesh screen.

Petsfit Dog Kennel – Best Ventilation

Zampa Dog Playpen Medium 45'x45'x24' Pop Up Portable Playpen for Dogs and Cat, Foldable | Indoor/Outdoor Pen & Travel Pet Carrier + Carrying Case.
17,451 Reviews
Zampa Dog Playpen Medium 45"x45"x24" Pop Up Portable Playpen for Dogs and Cat, Foldable | Indoor/Outdoor Pen & Travel Pet Carrier + Carrying Case.
  • Quality: Pet playpen with protected seams and reinforced corners to ensure your pet's safety made from durable quality & water-resistant materials.
  • Design: Our stylish 8-Panel puppy playpen is designed with a spacious interior, with features as bottle holder from the outside and exterior side pockets that...
  • Measurements: The size of this pop up playpen is 45 inches diameter with a height of 24 inches.
  • What To Expect From Zampa: Playpen, mesh top to zip on when needed, 4 metal spikes for outdoor safety, carrying case, and a commitment from our customer service...

The Petsfit Dog kennel is one of those rare things that you can tell is well-made from the start. Their dog cage for traveling is no exception, created by a renowned firm that provides some of the most exceptional pet gear items. 

This playpen is made of tough oxford cloth and can withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it. It’s also waterproof on the outside and inside, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe.

Unlike other comparable goods on the market, this crate has nine sides, allowing your dog to walk around more freely. It’s simple to assemble; remove it from the carrying bag and loosen it to let it pop up into form. 

Because of the hex-mesh panels on both sides, this playpen has excellent ventilation. There is just one entrance protected with a secure zipper and can be rolled inside to provide your dog with easy access. 

Do you need immediate access to your dog? You may remove the top mesh to throw some kisses whenever you feel like it!


Dimension36 x 24 x 23 inches
Number of doors2
Number of Levels1


  • Extremely light
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Made of oxford, which is a solid and long-lasting fabric
  • Folds into a flat shape
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Pop-up mechanism


  • An extra blanket is required to keep your pup warm at night.

A4Pet Portable Foldable Kennel- Best To Withstand Rough Weather

Because of its simplicity and low weight, the A4Pet Portable Foldable kennel is becoming more popular among campers. This collapsible pop-up tent is ideal for a pair of crate-trained medium or large dogs. 

Its shape is suitable for creating a warm retreat, particularly when paired with their favorite mattress. It also folds up and remains flat, thanks to a built-in storage strap!

The interior is light, airy, and expansive. It’s ideal for usage when hiking in summer when your dog wants extra ventilation. The playpen’s walls are made of wireframe and sturdy nylon fabric if mesh screens aren’t used. 

This fabric, particularly the detachable base, is super easy to clean. Remember that this crib isn’t designed to withstand rough weather conditions, so you’ll probably need to buy a rain cover to complete your pup’s enclosure.


Dimension36 x 24x 22.5 inches
Weight9.3 pounds
Number of Levels1


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made from superior grade nylon
  • Watertight floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious
  • Excellent airflow


  • It requires additional warming devices at night or on cold days.


Is it possible for dogs to go camping?

Most campgrounds allow dogs to join their owners, and some even provide a dog-specific pathway. To be sure, check with the park’s administration to see whether it’s authorized.

Is keeping a dog in a kennel at night unfair?

If done correctly, putting your dog in a dog kennel for the night offers numerous advantages. Contrary to common perception, a puppy may develop a feeling of security in its kennel, provided it’s trained adequately. It might be a win-win situation where the dog is in its element, and the person has more control while camping.

Is it possible for dogs to rest in a tent?

Letting them adapt to sleeping apart from your tent is healthier for both of you to get a good night’s sleep. When your dog becomes restless inside the tent, it may begin digging or scratching its way out.

Should I keep a dog in a cage?

According to veterinarians, a well-trained dog should be kept in a kennel for up to 8 hours at night. However, you let them relax a bit in between by letting them out.


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