Best Portable Dog Bowls

If you find yourself taking long walks, hikes, or regularly exercise with your dog pals, you’ll want to make sure to get the best portable dog water bowl to keep your four-legged pal hydrated. Water, especially in hotter conditions, is crucial to make sure your dog doesn’t overheat or dehydrate when going on camping trips that include hikes around the area, or simply a long walk around the neighborhood in the summer heat.

How Dogs Regulate Heat

The primary way that a dog regulates their body temperature is through panting. Dogs do sweat, though very minimally, and is not the main way that they can lower their body temperature during times of overheating.

You’ve probably noticed your dog starts to pant with their tongue flopping out of their mouth when they are exercising or it is simply a hot day. While a panting dog may look like they are happy and having a great time, keep in mind that the dog is also probably getting quite warm and even more likely to be very thirsty!

Keeping around a portable water bowl for your dog is very important to make sure your dog can replenish their fluids and make sure that the poor thing doesn’t overheat.

Quick Look at the Dog Bowls

Portable Dog Water BowlRating
MalsiPree Dog Water BottleBest overall
Awakelion Collapsible Dog BowlBest collapsible dog bowl
SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl, 2 PackBest budget friendly water bowl
lesotc Pet Water Bottle for DogsBest dog travel water dispenser
Outward Hound Dog BowlBest portable dog bowl
PetBonus 4-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog BowlsBest collapsible dog bowl pack

Best Portable Dog Water Bowls

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

Leakproof, portable water dispenser
  • Portable Dog Water Bottle: Keep your pet hydrated on the go with the MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle. This travel dog water bottle is a must-have for walks, hikes,...
  • Easy to Use Dog Water Bottle Dispenser: This pet water bottle features one-hand operation, allowing you to easily provide water for your pet. The built-in...
  • Choose Your Dog Travel Water Bottle Size: Available in two sizes to fit all dog breeds. This compact and lightweight portable water bottle for dogs, weighing...
  • Hygienic and Leak-Proof: Designed with a leak-proof lock, this Dog Water Dispenser keeps water clean and prevents spills. This makes it a reliable dog portable...

Best overall portable dog water bowl

The MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle has a built-in water bowl at the top that can be filled by the simple press of a button. The convenience of having a water bowl attached to the water bottle is such a convenience and space saver. You’ll never forget a water bowl for your dog again.

Our favorite thing about the MalsiPree is that there is plenty of water that can be stored, it is easy to clean, and filling the bowl area is a breeze. Some other competitors require squeezing to fill the bowl which can get messy. The bottle is also lightweight and comes in two sizes. The 19oz is a great option for multiple pets that may be walking or hiking with.


  • Bowl is built right into the bottle
  • Quick water filling with the press of a button
  • Comes in two sizes, with the larger great for multiple dogs
  • Comes apart easily making it easy to clean
  • Leak proof design


  • For extra large dogs, the water bowl can be hard to work with their oversized tongues!
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not as sturdy as a hard bowl so can spill food or water easier

Awakelion Collapsible Dog Bowl

food bowl and water bowl kit
  • 🐶ESSENTIAL FOR OUTDOOR: ★Not for Long-term Water Storage★ Collapsible, cleans easily and dries fast. Designed with the outdoor travelers in mind, it...
  • 🐶5L LARGE CAPACITY FOOD BAG: The bag keeps food dry and contains a hook & loop strap as an easy-carrying handle and a sturdy closure for the bag to roll up....
  • 🐶DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: We used oxford cloth and waterproof, tear-resistant lining to provide a rugged travel option for you and your dog. Made with...
  • 🐶ECO-FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC: Constructed with 900D oxford cloth and waterproof lining, this travel bag kit is made of food-grade materials to ensure your pet's...

Best collapsible dog bowls

We’ll admit, the Awakelion Collapsible Dog Bowl set is one of the cooler looking sets we’ve come across and almost made the top spot. Frankly, this might just be what you’re looking for if you’re into the durable, cloth design that is pliable enough to be stuffed into any bag without worrying that it will bend or break.

This kit comes with two collapsible bowls and another container to hold your dog’s dry chow. We really love the look of these bowls and they make for a great addition to anybody’s camping gear. Our dogs also seem to prefer these bowls over the traditional stainless steel or silicone bowls that are popular today. 


  • Durable cloth design that is eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Non-toxic materials stitched from oxford cloth and waterproof lining
  • Collapsible and pliable that is easy to pack and store
  • Fun design that makes a great addition to camping and hiking gear
  • Comes with an additional container to store dry dog food


  • Not dishwasher safe (obviously!)
  • Only comes in one size

SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl, 2 Pack

Currently On Sale
budget friendly dog water bowl
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Convenient collapsible design for saving space, simply stretch and fold away,which are good for traveling,hiking,camping.
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: The collapsible pet bowls are great pet travel bowls, lightweight and easy to carry with climbing buckle. It can attach to belt loop,...
  • DURABLE & SAFE : These dog bowls are made of high quality soft plastic , odorless, durable and friendly.
  • SIZE: 5.1 X 3.5 X 2.1 inch ( 5.1*3.5*2.1 inch), each bowl holds up to 12 fluid ounces of water or 1.5 cups of pet food. The dog bowls can be collapsible to...

Best budget friendly dog water bowl

If you are searching for a portable dog bowl, chances are you had one of these in mind. The SLSON collapsible dog bowl is the classic design that’s been popular for ages, and for good reason. The simple and utilitarian design of a collapsing silicon bowl makes it easy to pack and stow away for camping trips, hikes, and picnics. There is also an included climbing buckle that can strap onto a backpack, adding even more convenience.

Buying the two-pack comes in handy for designating one bowl for food and the other for water. These collapsible dog bowls are also easy to clean, and are dishwasher safe.


  • Collapsible bowl for portability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable and built to last
  • Attached carabiner to hook onto a dog harness, leash, or backpack
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in two packs for dog food and water


  • You’ll need to clean these often as dirt and dust get caught between the collapsible panels
  • Some dogs don’t like drinking from silicon bowls

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

dog travel water dispenser
  • The capacity of this model is 18oz. It's Easy to Use: With its exclusive patented design, the U2mug dog water bottle is a two-in-one solution that combines a...
  • No Water Leakage: The top rotational buckle is designed to ensure that water does not spill out or return to the bottle. The idea is to prevent the remaining...
  • Safe and Lightweight: The compact dog water bottle is made of LDPE stock, while the water bowl is produced with food-grade silicone. It's BPA-free, odorless,...
  • Large Capacity: With a volume of 18 oz / 520 ml, this dog water bottle provides safe, fresh, and healthy water for your furry friend anytime, especially during...

Best dog travel water dispenser

The Iesotc Pet Water Bottle is one of the funnest ways to travel with water for your dog. This portable dog bowl is part of the top and can be filled by squeezing the water container. Not only is this a blast to do (your kids will love it), but the dogs seem to get joy out of licking the water as it’s shooting out from the bottle too!

The safe and lightweight design is made of HDPE stock, which is a safe type of silicone suitable for food. We’ve also found very little to no leakage, despite its design to bring out water on command.


  • Easy squeeze feature to fill up the water bowl
  • Water bowl is attached to the water container making it easy to pack
  • Silicone parts can detach for simple cleaning
  • Comes in multiple fun colors and sizes


  • Good for a quick drink but can’t be used as a standalone water bowl
  • Squeeze feature actually spills water leading to some water waste

Outward Hound Dog Bowl

Currently On Sale
portable dog bowl
  • HYDRATION ON-THE-GO: The Port-A-Bowl by Outward Hound is your go-to solution for keeping your dog hydrated no matter where you roam. Made from a nylon material...
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Easy to tuck into a backpack, pocket, or purse, this lightweight dog bowl is designed to fold flat for convenience at your...
  • HOLDS 48 OZ OF FOOD AND WATER: With 48 oz of room, this collapsible dog bowl is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Note,the Port-A-Bowl is designed for...
  • DRIES FAST & EASY TO CLEAN: No need to stop the fun for long with this fast drying dog bowl made from nylon material that wipes clean with warm water and soap.

Best portable dog bowl

Another soft-construction, portable dog bowl we looked at is the Outward Hound Dog Bowl. This single bowl can easily be folded, and is durable enough to take lots of punishment. Whether you’re going on a hike or a long camping trip, keeping this around in your backpack ensures that your four-legged pal has plenty to drink through the entire journey.


  • Collapsible for lightweight storage
  • Very easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Large 48 oz container to hold plenty of food or water
  • Designed to last many camping trips and hikes
  • Fairly cheap in price


  • Included clip is not tight and can slip off your belt
  • Only comes in a single pack and color
  • Not dishwasher safe

PetBonus 4-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls

collapsible dog bowl pack
  • Collapsible Design - The dog travel bowls can collapse completely flat, easy to storage, clip onto backpack, belt loop, dog leash, put them in your car or...
  • Very Durable and Safe: The collapsible dog bowls are made of 100% Premium silicone at Food Grade, BPA Free and non-toxic
  • Portable and Convenient: The portable dog water bowl are foldable, lightweight and compact, it's very handy when you are on a road trip, travel, dog park,...
  • Size: 7*5*2.65 inch (Expanded), 0.8 inch height (Folded), each one dog bowl holds up to 4.2 Cups (34oz) water or food, suitable for all kind of dogs, cats or...

Best collapsible dog bowl pack

If you’ve got multiple pets or you’re known as the responsible one in your group, grab the PetBonus 4-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls and have plenty of extras handy for all pets on a camping trip or hike. These silicone bowls are very affordable and make sense to buy in bulk. You can keep one in your camping pack, one in your car, and another for your daily walks to make sure you have a bowl at all times for your thirsty canine!


  • Affordable 4-pack to keep around extras
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes a carabiner with each bowl
  • Great for cats or dogs


  • Smaller size can get easily knocked over by larger dogs
  • Need to clean often


How often should you wash your dog’s bowl?

Dog water and food bowls should be washed daily if possible. However, it is easy to forget a day or two in between which will probably be fine but not recommended. The most important thing is to wash your dog’s bowls if you definitely see any sort of dirt or debris in between uses (especially the water bowl). 

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the bowls to make sure your dogs are not ingesting any sort of soap.

Should dogs drink out of metal bowls?

Most metal bowls on the market are stainless steel which are perfectly fine to use for dogs. In fact, our experience is that most dogs prefer stainless steel as they are very low in odor. 

Is it okay for dogs to share water bowls?

For the most part, it is perfectly fine for dogs to share water bowls. There are rare cases where this would not be sanitary, for example, if either dog is exhibiting symptoms of sickness or parasites. Some dogs can also be a bit territorial with their water so be on the lookout for that.

What is the best material for a dog water bowl?

The materials to look for in a dog water bowl are either stainless steel, silicone, or a waterproof, synthetic liner.

What should I look for in a travel dog bowl?

A travel dog bowl should be portable and durable. Both of these are crucial to make sure your pet’s bowls do not wear down easily and are able to handle the tussle of traveling.

Keep a Bowl On You At All Times

Never let your dog go thirsty! Keeping a bowl on you to allow your dog access to fresh water isn’t just a good idea, it’s a priority. Your dog needs to stay hydrated and able to regulate heat in order to avoid health complications and discomfort. Always have plenty of water on hand to keep your furry buddy a happy camper!


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