How to Keep Your Dog Cool When Camping In the Summer

In the summer months, it can be hard to keep your dogs cool. In fact, many dog owners find themselves skipping their favorite summer pastime of camping with their pets because they are afraid that it will be too hot for them. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can make sure your pup stays happy and hydrated this summer while you enjoy the great outdoors together. From picking a campsite to packing up gear, here is how to keep your dog cool when camping this season!

How hot is too hot for camping with dogs?

If your campsite is going to stay at a temperature above 80°F for a good portion of the day, you’ll want to keep an extra close eye on your pets. There’s no steadfast rule for which temperature is too hot, and your dog can still overheat in lower temperatures if they are very active throughout the day or not drinking enough water.

The hotter, summer climate can lead to serious conditions for your dog, like heat stroke or death. But by following a few simple steps you’ll be able to keep them cool and safe during these hot months!

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Signs of an Overheating Dog

If your dog is panting excessively, has a rapid heart rate and cannot remain calm, or if their tongue starts turning blue—these are all signs that they need immediate attention.

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do so it is even more vital that we provide them with plenty of fresh, cool water throughout the day while out camping.

Dogs with a heavy coat, who are especially large or small breeds, and dogs that live in hot climates will be most at risk for overheating while camping.

What to do if you suspect your dog is overheating?

In the event of heat exhaustion, move them into shade and have them drink water slowly for 15 minutes. In the event of heat stroke, quickly cool down your animal with cold water on his paws, belly and neck as well as submerging him up to his head in cold (not ice-cold) water. Closely monitor temperature until it’s back to normal levels; contact veterinarian immediately if symptoms persist.

How can I keep my dog hydrated when camping?

The best way to keep your animal hydrated is to continually offer fresh water. Take frequent breaks if you’re hiking or performing any physical activities and always keep a portable dog bowl and water container around.

Keeping Your Dog Cool For Summer Camping

Now that the hotter days of summer are here there is one thing every pet owner should do: take precautions when it comes to their dogs’ health in order to thrive this season.

There is no one answer to how hot it needs to be for a dog in order not to tire of walking and playing. The best thing you can do is to make sure your pet has access to plenty of water before leaving the house when traveling. If they stop drinking or their tongue starts panting excessively, take them inside immediately! And if this happens while at the campsite, consider bringing them into the car or RV with some air conditioning blasting to get them back to a suitable temperature.

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Hydrate Your Dog

Remember to always keep water around and keep offering your animal water throughout the day. If you plan to keep a bowl out in the open at your campsite, make sure you’re checking it on a frequent basis to make sure it’s free from any dirt, debris, or bugs.

Make Shade

Provide shelter from sun exposure by setting up an area under trees out of direct sunlight. Also keep your special tent for camping with dogs as an option in case they want to take a break inside.

Use a Cooling Dog Bed

You’re probably wondering what a cooling dog bed is.ry them off

After your pet comes inside from a swim at the campsite, try and dry them off as quickly as possible. Use towels or blow-dryers to get their fur back to its normal state—especially if they’ve been playing in muddy water.

Keep Them Cool In the Tent or RV with Fans Or A/C On High

The air inside your RV or tent will be much cooler than the outside temperature. If you see that your dog is getting hot, don’t be afraid to let them hang out inside.

If you’re going to be gone for a few hours, fill up their bowls with ice cubes and put some in the freezer before they go out on that hike or bike ride.

Cold Doggy Snacks

Pack frozen fruit into their food bag so it can thaw during the day and provide extra cooling power.

If you’re an ice cube person, freeze water or juice in a tray and then put the cubes into their food bag. This works especially well for using hot days at home—just pack them for your road trip!

Wet Your Dog’s Ears

If it gets really warm and humid where you camp, offer to wet your dog’s ears by running cool water over them. They will love this quick way to get cooled off!

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Cooling Vests or Wet Towels

There are specially made cooling vests that are designed specifically for dogs. You can put one of these vests on your dog for a quick way to cool off their coats. In a pinch, a wet towel or t-shirt will work as a substitute.

Take Your Dog Swimming

If your dog is a fan of swimming, take them on a little adventure into the water.

Dog camping gear you may need for a hot summer

Water bowls: Encourage hydration by packing portable water bowls that are designed just for pets.

Water containers: Make sure you have plenty of water that you can keep around when you’re out camping with your pets. You may want to pack more water than you think, as dogs can drink a lot more than they usually do when they are in the hot sun all day. Also, a thirsty dog tends to slurp so hard that they’ll be spilling out water from their bowl.

Dog cooling bed: A dog cooling bed is great for keeping your four-legged pals nice and cool when it gets too warm.

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Have fun camping! Remember to pack plenty of water and shade for your pup. And don’t forget treats, toys, and a comfortable pad or mat that they can lie on during breaks from exploring the great outdoors with you all day long. If you’re worried about how hot it will be where you are going this summer, use these tips to find out if your campsite has trees nearby so your pet doesn’t overheat while playing fetch in the sun. We hope we’ve given you some good ideas for keeping cool when camping with your pets this season – now get outside and have some fun!

And lastly, remember there’s plenty of wildlife out there. Make sure to keep your pets safe from other wildlife.


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