dog on summer trail

How to Keep Your Dog Cool When Camping In the Summer

In the summer months, it can be hard to keep your dogs cool. In fact, many dog owners find themselves

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two dog bowls filled with dog chow and water

Best Portable Dog Bowls

If you find yourself taking long walks, hikes, or regularly exercise with your dog pals, you’ll want to make sure

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camping dog harness with storage pockets and a handle

Best Dog Harness for Camping

There’s nothing that beats spending time with your pooch, especially when camping. Even so, dogs can get into a little

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green LED dog collar and leash on a brown dog in the woods on a camping site

Best Dog Collars for Camping

There’s nothing quite like sharing the great outdoors with your loving, four-legged pals: your dog! If you are taking your

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camping with dogs in the wilderness

Tips For Camping With Dogs

As a proud dog owner ourselves, we know how important it is to share many of our special moments with

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