How to Keep Baby Warm While Camping: Baby Camping Guide

Camping is a beautiful experience to rejuvenate and boost your senses. Irrespective of age, camping is fun and exciting. You will always find something new to learn, relax, and make a ton of memories. With babies and toddlers in the group, however, you can always expect the unexpected. 

Many young parents throw camping out of their bucket list thinking it would be an inconvenience. But guess what? Camping with babies is absolutely possible! All you have to do is keep them warm and pack a few essentials for their safety and comfort. 

One of the challenges that you might face while camping in cold weather is the need to protect your little one from the rough weather. With a sorted agenda and a little preparation, this can be handled easily. So, hold on! It’s not yet time to put away your camping gear. This article acts as the perfect guide to making your next camping trip a memorable one. If you’re traveling to a cold location, let’s look into a few tips on how to keep your little one warm and cozy throughout the camping trip.

Tips to keep babies warm

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Be aware of the weather conditions

Be it any season, weather is never constant anywhere. You can expect sudden showers in the peak summers and warm afternoons even in the middle of winter. Most of the famous camping sites are located on hill stations, in the countryside, on mountains, and by the lakeside. All of these areas have fluctuating weather conditions. 

It mostly rains for long hours in hill stations and forests. So before you head out for a camping trip, check the weather forecast of your campsite and be prepared to face any kind of weather condition.

Babies cannot adapt to changing altitudes and temperatures like adults do. They take time to adjust. So, if they are not dressed for it, they might catch a cold or other illness. If you are camping in the peak of summer, dressing your baby in heavy layers will not help. They will dehydrate easily and start feeling suffocated. You will have to dress them based on the weather conditions. 

Always keep extra baby clothing in the bag. Remember, babies can easily catch a cold. Once their body gets chilled, it will take time to warm them up. So, you need to keep a constant check on your little bub. Touch their skin often and if you find that they are turning cold, add an extra layer of clothing on them.

Warm clothing is a must  

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Clothes are the top priority for babies on a camping trip. They have to be kept warm always as they have sensitive skin. Sometimes even at high temperatures, babies’ bodies become cold due to the altitude change. Parents should always look out for their baby’s temperature changes. 

If they start sweating, wipe them with wet wipes and change them into light-shaded but full-sleeved clothing. Remember, just moving from the sun into the shade can have a significant drop in their temperature and can make your baby go from being warm to chilly in the matter of a few minutes. 

The best way to address this problem is by dressing your little one in layers. With changing temperatures, you either add another layer on the top or remove one layer, whatever helps your little one be comfortable. They will take at least 6 hours to completely set into the climate and new environment.

First thing in the morning, make sure to give your baby warm water, clean their body with wet wipes, and add a thick layer of baby lotion. Body lotions help to keep the body hydrated. Having done that, make your toddler wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and thick woolen socks. You can add a sleeveless thermal shirt under the long-sleeved one, if you prefer.

Add a fleece sweater or warm hoodie to top it all. You can remove it layer by layer as the day starts getting warmer. Make sure you add a muffler or a fleece beanie to ensure that the changing altitudes won’t affect your little one. However, note that too many layers can sometimes be an issue. It can lead to overheating and sweating. Too much sweat can make a baby catch a cold. So, it’s up to you to keep a tab on your bub.

What kind of clothes should your baby wear on a camping trip?

The following types of clothing are a necessity for your little one on an exciting camping trip:

Down jacket

Jackets are perfect for both cold mornings and cozy evenings. You can always let your baby sleep in their jackets if it gets too cold in their camping bed. You will never have enough blankets in the wild. So, it’s a good idea to get a down jacket that’s one size bigger than your toddler. This way, you can add many layers under the jacket. These are perfect attires for winter and fall camping trips.

Fleece pajamas

Fleece is the best material to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Both short and long-sleeved fleece pajamas with flannels are an excellent choice of clothing. You also get footed pajamas to keep your baby’s feet warm. For extra warmth, you can add socks over the footed pajamas.


Mittens always add extra heat to your little ones’ hands. They make sure your kid’s hands are warm as well as off the dirt. You can always try to put them on after they fall asleep.

Sleeping pad

The ground can become really cold during the night. It is better to either bring a thick sleeping carpet or a sleeping pad for your baby. It keeps the baby warm in its slumber. Sleeping pads come in various sizes. Choose the right size that fits into your tent and camping crib.

Sleeping Conditions in the Cold

One thing to always keep in mind is to keep your baby in a warm environment while they’re sleeping. This can be both during the day when they are taking their many naps, or overnight when it will most likely be the coldest.

If you’re putting your baby down for a nap in the tent, make sure to choose a baby camping monitor that also provides a temperature reading. This can be crucial in making sure your baby’s sleeping area is the optimal temperature.

Tent Choices

Choosing the right tent for camping with your baby is another big decision you’ll have to make and plan for. Some tents are better conditioned to handle the cold and wind than others. Make sure that your tent is windproof and weatherproof, first and foremost. Also, an insulated tent is usually a great idea if you plan to camp in the cold.

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Warm Babies are Happy Babies

Camping with cute infants can be a hassle, but it is super fun once you get used to it. All you need is a bit of planning and a few clever hacks. Don’t forget to take all the measures to keep the infant super warm. Dress them in layers and let them adjust to changing temperatures and altitudes. Camping helps any family refresh and rejuvenate. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab some blankets and start planning for a camping trip already!


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