How to Keep Bugs Off Your Baby While Camping

Camping with a baby can be real fun, but it comes with its own challenges. One of the most common problems is protecting your little one from bugs and insects. You don’t want to get disturbed with the constant buzz of mosquitoes or any other insect during your camping trip, especially if you have a baby along with you. 

Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can follow to keep these bugs away from your little camper. But before you go ahead with bug-prevention methods, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind. You must ensure that the bug-repellants you’re going to use are kid-friendly, and does not irritate sensitive skin, or cause allergies.

You’ll find that bugs can sneak up on your baby while they’re napping too. If they are being irritated by bugs, they’ll let you know by shouting or crying. Make sure you have your camping baby monitor turned on with the volume up!

Check out these useful ways to protect your little one from bugs while camping.

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Learn How to Keep Bugs Off Babies On a Camping Trip

Apply essential oils

Essential oils are widely being used by people today. They come with a plethora of benefits that most of us are unaware of. Did you know these oils can help you get rid of bugs and mosquitos? There are various essential oils that bear bug-repelling qualities. They contain organic ingredients and are devoid of the heavy chemicals used in most commercial bug sprays. You can sprinkle drops of these essential oils around your baby’s bed to shoo away bugs. 

If you’re not sure of buying essential oil bug spray from the market, you can make your own at home. Isn’t that great? All you need to do is to choose an oil made from any of the following ingredients and use 10 to 20 drops of them. Here’s a list of the natural ingredients – thyme, eucalyptus, cedarwood, sage, catnip, geranium, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, cajeput, lavender, mint, basil, citronella, or clove. Easy-peasy!

Use vinegar spray

This spray can be made with both white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to keep those pesky bugs away from your child. Most bugs are not very comfortable with the overpowering smell of vinegar. You can make this solution by mixing different types of vinegar and spray it around your camp to get rid of mosquitoes and other bugs.


You will come across some diffusers in the market that release metofluthrin. These diffusers give you protection from mosquitoes and bugs for 12 hours. Place the diffuser somewhere near your baby’s bed for instant bug relief.


If you are looking for natural bug deterrents, your options are not limited to essential oils. You can even use fresh and dried herbs to keep tiny insects away. There are various options, but the most effective ones include sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint. You can burn these herbs in your campfire. Once the smoke emits, it will chase all the bugs away from your camp.  

Lanterns, candles, and campfire

A campfire plays a significant role in keeping bugs away from your tent for camping with a baby. The smoke that comes out of a campfire has the capacity to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. If you don’t have the option for campfires, you can consider burning a candle or lantern too. 

Long sleeves and full pants

Bugs, mainly mosquitos, usually get active during the evening hours. So, ensure that your child is clothed in full sleeves and long pants at this time. This will help prevent bug bites. 

Keep your campsite clean 

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It is good to keep your campsite clean and hygienic. A clean campsite is a safe place for any camper, be it an adult or a baby. A dirty and stinky campsite might invite pests as well as scavengers, causing you a lot of trouble along with the risk of illnesses. 

Avoid leaving open boxes of food and unwashed dishes overnight. Carry containers with lids to store leftover food. If you don’t like storing, dispose of leftover food immediately once your meal is over. Clean the area or table where you have eaten after every meal. Make sure there are no food particles near your table. Before you go to bed, get these jobs done to stop pests from bugging you. 

A tent with zips

The constant buzz of a fly or a mosquito near your baby’s ear can annoy them and break their sleep. Moreover, not being able to find the bug in the dark is even more annoying. To avoid this, carry a tent that comes with zips. This is the perfect way to prevent bugs from entering your tent. Zip the door of your tent and make your tent a bug-free, peaceful sleeping zone. 

A net or screen 

For those who desperately need a place that is free from bugs, bringing a screen or mosquito netting might help. A screen room is a big canopy that has screened-in walls. You can view the outside area from such a canopy and also let the air blow through. A screen would keep away unwanted bugs. The same goes for a mosquito net. This is a perfect solution to the problem of undesirable insects in the camp. 

You can even create a canopy by using mesh netting and placing it wherever your kid sleeps. There are various options for mosquito nets, such as bassinets, cribs, and strollers. Also, if you are someone who loves to travel outdoors or camp, it’s best to keep a mosquito-proof canopy with you to hang out when it gets dark. 

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Make Sure Your Baby Has Fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going camping with your group of friends or your little one, the aforementioned tricks will surely work for you. Being amidst nature is great but it also means the arrival of unwanted guests. Try out the methods from the list provided in this article (anything that suits you) and enjoy a bug-free, fun camping experience with your baby. After all, you can’t allow some pesky creatures from living some of the best moments of your life.


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