5 Best Sleeping Bags For Hammock Camping

While the concept of hammock camping may seem too minimalist at first glance and like roughing it for the sake of roughing it, the complete opposite is actually true! Hammock camping is the ultimate experience for nature lovers who want to immerse themselves in their camping surroundings, and at it’s best it can be much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in a traditional tent setup. 

Sleeping in a hammock rather than a tent does have its unique requirements and necessities. While you can get away with a substandard sleeping bag in a warm enough tent for a couple nights, it’s absolutely an imperative that you invest in a proper high-quality sleeping bag for hammock camping. Without the extra layers of a tent protecting you from the elements (add-ons or not), a durable insulated sleeping bag is a must.

If you’re interested in hammock camping but aren’t sure what sleeping bag you’ll need for such a camping paradigm shift, we’re here to help. This article is a primer on everything you need to know to purchase a sleeping bag for hammock camping – things to consider, how to set up a sleeping bag in a hammock, and our list of the 5 Best Sleeping Bags For Hammock Camping right now.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sleeping Bag For Hammock Camping

The particularities of hammock camping require a sharp, discerning eye when shopping for and purchasing the right sleeping bag. 

Firstly, consider your environs. Unless you’re camping in an outlier area where temperatures rarely drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of night, you’re going to need a sleeping bag which has ample insulation to protect you from the oftentimes harsh bite of the twilight air. 

The colder the weather gets in the middle of the night, the more insulation you’ll need from the elements. You’ll want a high-quality sleeping bag regardless of how low the temperatures drop, but it becomes even more critical as the thermometer dips dramatically. 

Most sleeping bags will have a temperature rating attached to them and you should pay very close attention to it! While it’s unlikely that a 0 degree sleeping bag is going to keep you comfy and cozy in actual 0 degree weather, it’s going to do much better when the temperatures drop below freezing than a 15 degree sleeping bag. 

Form-fitting mummy sleeping bags are usually a great choice for hammock camping, but don’t buy one if you’re prone to fits of claustrophobia! Comfort is both a mental and physical thing, so be sure to take  both into account when making your choice.

The filling of your sleeping bag, whether synthetic or down, will play a huge role in how comfortable you’ll be through the night. Down sleeping bags are usually warmer and last longer, but there are definitely great synthetic options which are lower in price and offer comparable warmth.

Finally, be sure that your sleeping bag has a quality zipper system. A faulty zipper makes for a faulty sleeping bag, especially when cold air invades your sleeping bag through an unwelcome crack. 

Of course, you need a sleeping bag to do all of this. Not just any sleeping bag, though – one of the very best. 

We’ve got you covered. 

The Best Sleeping Bags For Hammock Camping

1) Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Why You Should Buy This Sleeping Bag

A snuggly fit for cold weather hammock camping, the Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is insulated perfectly for when nighttime temperatures dip into freezing territory. A fantastic value buy with a load of features, there’s simply not another sleeping bag out there which gives you more for your hard-earned dollar than this mummy-style standout.


  • Carefully constructed to maximize heat retention with premium quilted constitution, Thermolock draft tube for air control, and a toasty insulated footbox.
  • ZipPlow system ensures that your zipper won’t snag by pushing back extra material when zipping or unzipping.
  • The hood of the sleeping bag is adjustable and draws tighter for colder nights. Conversely, the bottom can be unzipped for extra ventilation on warmer nights.


  • Those taller than 6 foot, 2 inches will not fit properly in this sleeping bag. 
  • The narrowness of the bag can be daunting and confining for those who sprawl out while sleeping or those who suffer from claustrophobia concerns.

2) Hyke & Byke Crestone 15 & 0 Degree F 650 Fill Power Hammock Compatible Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

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Why You Should Buy This Sleeping Bag

The most versatile true 4-season sleeping bag on the market right now, the Hyke & Byke Crestone is perfect for everything from normal tent camping to serving as a top quilt/underquilt/sleeping bag trifecta for hammock campers. It’s a spacious hybrid of a mummy sleeping bag and a normal rectangular model, offering 4 extra inches of width to reduce claustrophobia fears and increase overall maneuverability and comfort.


  • The Hydrophobic 650FP duck down filler backs up its claims to being the closest synthetic equivalent to duck down ever created. That means exceptional warmth without the added cost of true duck down.
  • Fantastic cold-weather design scheme when has plenty of ventilation points available to make it comfy for warmer nights.
  • Everything about this sleeping bag is reinforced for added durability, from the double large YKK zippers (and their anti-snag slider) to the ultralight water repellent treatment which will keep this bag intact through anything the elements throw at it.


  • A bit more expensive than your average sleeping bag. You get plenty of features for the money, but this is a solid investment you’ll have to consider.
  • Cold sleepers might find the ventilation of this bag inadequate. This bag is for warm sleepers, especially when the weather isn’t super cold overnight.

3) OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Sleeping Quilt

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Why You Should Buy This Sleeping Bag

Weighing just 35 ounces, the OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Sleeping Quilt is perfect for the backpack hammock camper who already has plenty of pack space taken up by the hammock itself. Furthermore, this three-season sleeping quilt complements its lightweight design with durable materials and surprising warmth despite its lack of obvious heft. 


  • Comes complete with a hook-and-loop sealed footbox which can be removed and utilized as a top quilt for the enterprising backpacker.
  • Hollowed-back design works perfectly with sleeping mats without sacrificing key heat retention. 
  • Comes with your choice of either polyester filling or down filling. 


  • The lightweight design isn’t built for freezing temperatures. It’s much more effective with nighttime temperatures that remain in the 41-58 degree Fahrenheit range.
  • Polyester insulation can feel a little slight in colder temperatures without the aid of a top quilt or underquilt. 

4) Snugpak Hammock Cocoon Insulated With Travelsoft Filling

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Why You Should Buy This Sleeping Bag

One of the most ingenious hammock sleeping bags ever invented, the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon is just that – an extra-insulated cocoon which completely envelops both you and your entire hammock, save for your face. The full-length zipper allows you to choose just how enveloped you want your hammock to be, allowing air in on warmer summer nights. Those looking to get serious about multiple-season hammock camping should look no further.


  • Efficacious Travelsoft filling offers the perfect blend of undeniable heat retention and an easy-to-carry lightweight design. The entire cocoon weighs just 4.3 pounds.
  • Added Paratex and Micro Diamond treatments repel water and provide unmatched antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 
  • Comes with a compression stuff sack which packs up the cocoon tightly to save space.


  • Those who battle any semblance of claustrophobia issues should steer away from this item. It’ll be way too confining and potentially anxiety-inducing.
  • Some customers have complained about sticky zippers which wear out quickly, but that seems to be an exception to the overall rule. 

5) Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

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Why You Should Buy This Sleeping Bag

We’re cheating here by adding a sleeping pad to the list, but this particular sleeping pad deserves a spot on our list for several reasons. This inflatable wonder is much comfier than any normal sleeping pad we’ve ever tested and it comes with a lifetime warranty that will be an absolute godsend for serial hammock campers. There isn’t a better sleeping pad out there for hammock camping, regardless of weather conditions or other variant factors. 


  • Inflates to 2 inches thick with proper support for your entire body. At full inflation, it’s one of the most comfortable sleeping pads this side of a mattress.
  • Weighs just 14.5 ounces prior to inflation and packs down incredibly to the size of a tiny water bottle – an amazing get for a backpacker.
  • Hassle-free lifetime warranty. Sleepingo will either replace your faulty sleeping pad or refund your money without question!


  • Some users complain of a lack of overall insulation in colder weather.
  • Material can be a bit slick at first and hard to get traction on with certain sleeping bags.

Choosing The Right Hammock For Hammock Camping

Of course, a good hammock is just as important as a good sleeping bag for hammock camping. It’s in the name! Furthermore, a well-supported hammock is going to do wonders for your spinal health and overall comfort comparatively to bundling up in a sleeping bag on the ground in a traditional tent.

So, how do you separate the hammocks you should consider and those you shouldn’t? Well, first consider the size. While it’s possible that you’ll be perfectly happy in a single hammock, most hammock campers prefer a double hammock for the extra room to sprawl out – whether they are partnering up with someone or not. 

Durability is the biggest concern for any hammock used for hammock camping. While hammocks made of flimsy material may cut it for a backyard setup used once in a while, it will be to your detriment to use such a hammock while camping. You need a hammock made of extremely sturdy material that can handle the elements and the variance that comes along with it. 

Accessories are a major plus if you’re an avid camper who plans to make hammock camping a regular thing in multiple locales. Look for hammocks that provide extra amenities such as bug nets, underquilts, and/or rain tarps. 

Finally, a rule of thumb – look for a hammock that’s at least 2 feet taller/longer than you are. If you’re a taller hammock camper, you’ll thank the stars you paid attention to this. 

How To Set Up A Sleeping Bag In A Hammock

While setting up a sleeping bag in a hammock is very similar to setting it up anywhere else, there are a couple of unique tips for hammock camping which will do you a world of good when the weather gets frosty.

  1. When laying out your sleeping bag for the night on your hammock, it’s a good idea to lay down a foam or inflatable sleeping pad underneath for added comfort and insulation. While most hammocks are relatively comfy as is, the added pad will provide a noticeable boost in overall coziness and warmth.
  2. If you’re hammock camping in a locale with colder night temperatures, bring a Mylar emergency blanket along for an added dose of insulation. Place it on top of your sleeping pad and wrap the edges around you like a burrito for maximum warmth.
  3. If you have another camper who can help you and it’s really cold out, you can string your hammock through your sleeping bag’s foot zipper. The other camper can help fasten all the zippers nice and tight to help create a hammock/sleeping bag burrito wrap which can serve the same purpose as an underquilt or top quilt.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sleeping Bags For Hammock Camping

With this article bookmarked, even a novice hammock camper should be set up for cozy awesomeness no matter the campground or temperatures outside. A proper hammock is crucial, but hammock camping hinges on having a quality insulated sleeping bag that will fight off the cold and keep you warm all night long.

With one of the five sleeping bags on our list above, you’ll be set for countless hammock camping adventures in the most picturesque camping locales imaginable. You’ll sleep soundly and wake up warm with wide eyes at all the beauty around you. 


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