7 Best Tents You Can Stand Up In For Camping

The ability to stand in your tent while camping is certainly a luxury. Most traditional backpacking and car camping tents don’t provide enough space to stand, which can be limiting. This is why tall tents should be your priority if you intend to camp in groups. The best tall tents should feature great height, flexibility, and spacious interior space. That said, you can consider the following products.

Tents You Can Stand In Breakdown

The top 7 tents you can stand while camping include;

  • Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent – spacious 6-person tent with enough room for 2 large airbeds.
  • Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent – mountain climbers and backpackers can use this as a base camp.
  • Browning Camping Glacier 4-Person Tent – best camping tent for cold-weather camping
  • Wnnideo Instant Family Tent – features storage pockets, hexagon weather-tec system, and stable in windy and rainy weather.
  • Coleman Montana 6-Person Camping Tent – great camping tent with an e-port for use with electrical items.
  • Kelty Dirt Camping Tent – good tent for stargazing
  • Vidalido Dome Camping Tent – best tent for multi-functional use.

How to Choose the Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

Consider the following when choosing the best tent you can stand up in:


Size should be the first thing to consider when looking for a tent you can stand in. These tents have varying capacities, ranging from one person to more than 8. Therefore, consider the number of people you will be camping with before making a purchase.


Tents feature several designs, including dome, canopy, tunnel, bell, and geodesic tents. Each design type has individual significance. For instance, tunnel tents are best for families. Dome-shaped tents are good for one or two campers.

Material Make

Quality of the material should also influence your choice. Most tents are made from felt, nylon, cotton, and polyester. Cotton tents can absorb water as they are waterproof. On the other hand, polyester and nylon are lightweight compared to cotton but absorb a lot of water.


Ease of transport is another feature to consider when looking for a tent you can stand in. Since you will be moving around with the tent, consider the size when folded and its weight. Obviously, a lighter tent is easier to transport.

Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

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Best for harsh winds and weather

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent is a spacious tent that allows campers to sleep soundly. The Weather Tec system enables the tent to withstand strong winds and other harsh weather conditions. With this, you won’t have to worry about cold or leaking water. With a height of 6ft8inches, you will have enough space to walk without crouching down.


  • Separate floorless screen room for bug-free lounging
  • Spacious tent
  • Weather tec system
  • Includes rainfly and expandable carry bag


  • Quite heavy

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

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Best for large families or camping with dogs

The Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent is a two-room tall cabin tent with a height of more than 7 feet. It features a steel frame with hub connectors and a pin-and-ring system that ensures a fast setup. The tent can accommodate up to 9 people, who can sleep separately, thanks to its zippered divider. This makes it a good option for families with pets and children. You will also like the full-coverage fly and weatherproof seams.


  • Steel frames assure security
  • Screened roof for visibility
  • Straight sidewalls maximize space
  • Weatherproof


  • Not freestanding
  • Difficult setup

Browning Camping Glacier 4-Person Tent

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The highest standing tent on the list

If you are looking for a cabin-style tent with a large internal space, the Browning Camping Big Horn 8-Person Tent should be your choice. Tall people are comfortable in the tent, thanks to its height of 7.4”, which provides plenty of space. The combined steel and fiberglass poles provide strong support, enabling it to withstand strong winds than other similarly priced options.


  • Strong and durable poles
  • Spacious enough
  • D-shaped windows provide good ventilation


  • Lacks a screen room
  • Quite heavy

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

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Best for campers who appreciate privacy

The Wnnideo Instant Family Tent is a great elasticized fabric tent made from opaque materials for excellent privacy. It comes with double doors that can be zippered into the walls for great ventilation during the day. The opaque material is water-resistant and UV protected, making your camping experience better.


  • Quality material make
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Good ventilation
  • Weather-resistant


  • Door zippers are difficult to open/close

Coleman Montana 6-Person Camping Tent

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Tent with windows

The Coleman Montana Camping Tent is another excellent weatherproof tent that provides protection from strong winds, rains, and other weather elements. The tent is supported by angled windows, which keep water and dew away. It comes with a hinged door that easily opens and closes. You will also like the storage pockets that comes in handy for storing small camping gear.


  • WeatherTech window that makes it difficult to see inside
  • Mesh vents
  • Excellent carrying bag
  • Included cable opening


  • Time-consuming to set up

Kelty Dirt Camping Tent

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Awesome fly system to see the sky at night

The Kelty Dirt Camping Tent features a freestanding design, which makes it easy for campers to move around while finding the best site. It comes with a rainfly and seams that can be tape sealed for excellent weather protection. The Stargazing fly system is easy to roll up and can be secured with simple clips.


  • Excellent head and shoulder room
  • DAC press-fit poles provide support
  • Freestanding design
  • Stargazing fly system


  • Quite pricey

Vidalido Dome Camping Tent

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Plenty of functions in this tent you can stand in

The Vidalido Dome Camping Tent is a great camping tent of choice with multi-functional functionality. You can use it as a temporary dressing room and the outside as a bathroom and toilet. Standing and moving around the tent is easy. It is also very portable, lightweight, and easy to set up.


  • Superior construction
  • Multifunctional purpose tent
  • Great ventilation
  • Easy setup and portable


  • Untapped seams
  • The pole in the center can restrict movement

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best tall tent for camping?

The best standing tent for camping should be made from quality materials, weatherproof, and long-lasting. It should also be comfortable to allow campers to stand inside. Check the list above for great choices.

How do you choose a good tent?

You should choose a good tent based on several features. Obviously, the number one factor should be the height of the tent. You can then consider other factors that make up a good tent, such as cost, durability, and more.

Which brands have good quality tents?

Companies with the best tents include Coleman, Core, King Camo, Alvantor, Kazoo, Kelty, and Wnnideo.

Which is the best tent to buy?

There is no specific best tent to buy. You should ensure that you choose a tent that perfectly suits your needs.

Techie Camper’s Final Thoughts

Tall tents provide various advantages that smaller tents don’t, especially the luxury of standing up and great floor space. Check out the high-quality products mentioned above to find your match.


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