Bessport Camping Tent (1 and 2 Person) Review

Camping has always been a social event for me. When I was a little camper, I used to tag along with my dad and whatever friend was available that weekend for fishing and hiking and general campsite awesomeness. 

Sometimes my dad’s friends would bring their kids along and hopefully I’d have another kindred young camping spirit to explore the campsite with. Even if my surrogate friend wasn’t the biggest nature buff, we’d usually find something to do which would make the weekend pass with a smile.

This is the story of my experience with the Bessport Campint Tent for 2.

Portable AND Durable Tent
  • ROOMY 2-PERSON TENT: This backpacking tent is spacious enough with two D-Shaped doors and two vestibules to accommodate up to two people. Weight: 5.2lb(2.35kg)....
  • WEATHER RESISTANT- seam taped Construction makes an impenetrable barrier against Rain and prevents leakage. Welded floor Design elevates the bottom of the...
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, & BREATHABLE- ultra light weight no-see mesh walls, accommodates a free standing ultralight set-up, comes with 7001 Series aluminum alloy...
  • EASY TO SET UP & FREESTANDING: 2 poles with Clip-pole attachment for lighter weight, easier set up and better breath-ability. Freestanding allows the...

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As I got older, I was lucky enough to make friends with other camping aficionados who had the wheels to get to some of the coolest camping spots around the Pacific Northwest (and the energy to do it pretty regularly). I’m really thankful that I had all the opportunities I did to enjoy the Great Outdoors with some of the coolest camping lovers this side of the Mississippi.

As great as my campsite adventures have been with others, though, there’s something to be said for the isolation and reflection of a solo camping trip. When the world gets too loud and things get a bit too heavy, just getting away to think and immerse myself in natural splendor is the closest thing to meditation I’ve ever been able to do.

My First Solo Camping Trip

campers sitting around a fire at nightThe summer after I graduated college was a trying one. I had been in school for two-thirds of my life and now it was all over. I was still unsure of what it meant to be an adult and whether I even wanted to be an adult in the first place!

In addition to that, my senior year girlfriend was my girlfriend no longer. It was simply the case of too much change and too little us, and my heart was broken even if my head told me it was the right thing to move on.

Everything was changing and so was I. I needed a break from all of the tumult and the strangeness. Something which gave my heart and my mind a welcome pause before tackling my new life and my new direction.

Rather than going straight home to the Pacific Northwest after graduation, I decided to spend a little bit of my graduation gift money on a backpack tent and some supplies. I had yet to really give the Northeast a true camping look, but I figured this would be as good a time as any.

That first solo camping adventure changed me in a lot of ways. It was scary to do it alone at first, I’m not going to lie. But fear gave way to exhilaration and a particular sense of confidence which comes with the simple decision to something for me and me alone.

The water was mine. The night was mine. Even though I didn’t own any of it and never will, it felt like the sun was rising and setting for me in my private camping utopia. I’ll remember that camping trip forever and hadn’t been able to get even close to the feeling of that life-changing trip until very recently.

What Do You Do When Things Change So Quickly?

While my family and personal life has been on a steady uptick, my work life has been wild to say the least. Sometimes I have so much work that I can barely schedule sleep somewhere in there. Sometimes I have so little work that I worry about buy name brand cereals from the local grocery store.

I was facing the latter situation a few months back and was starting to feel anxious. It was almost as if I had come full circle to where I was just after college – unsure of where to go and what to do and what I really wanted to do in the first place.

One night I got to thinking about my post-college solo excursion into the wilderness and realized that sometimes history was worth repeating. Without a backpack tent to my name, I went online and found a serendipitous tent fit in the Bessport Camping Tent 1 and 2 Person Waterproof Lightweight Backpacking Tent.

I barely remember the tent I used for my first big solo camping trip, but I’ll always remember this one. In fact, I’ll be taking as many solo and duo camping trips  as I can to put it to good use.

The Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Ease

Different tents provide different setup challenges, and only a select few really live up to their claims of easy assembly. My new Bessport Backpacking Tent is one of those select few. Not only does it come with a simple Clip-pole attachment for ease of setup, it’s also a freestanding tent which can be moved easily while assembled from one spot to another.

As soon as I set up the tent, I realized this wasn’t an ordinary solo backpacking tent. In fact, I quickly thought of my wife and how much she’d love sharing such a spacious 2-person tent with a sprawling oaf like me.

There are very few backpacking tents out there which offer this much room and this level of peak durability in the same breath. For as light and easy to carry as this tent is, it’s just as well-constructed and built to stand up against anything the elements will throw at it.

In fact, my second night on my recent solo camping trip was inundated with some driving rain and random wind gusts which would have taken a normal backpacking tent down. My Bessport Backpacking Tent is no ordinary tent, though.

Its seam-taped construction and welded floor design has been perfectly calibrated to take the worst that nature can throw at it. Not only was I dry and warm while fending off the storm, the tent didn’t even buckle nor bow when the wind gusts started to hammer into it.

While my first solo camping trip was all about the moment, this recent camping trip was all about the moment and the tent. I’ve never felt so comfy and at ease on a solo camping adventure, and the Bessport 1 and 2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent played a huge role in making that happen.

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