How to Keep Your Dog Warm On Camping Trips

Camping with your canine is an exciting idea. Dogs love outdoor adventures, and camping has it all to keep your fur baby happy and engaged. Moreover, leaving your dog behind can be upsetting both for you and the little pup. 

One of the reasons pet owners prefer not to take dogs camping is fearing any health risks. For instance, your baby is not used to sleeping outside or to the chilly temperature of the campground. 

If you are afraid your fur baby will catch a cold or shiver at night, don’t worry! We’ve come up with some amazing tips and tricks to keep your dog warm while camping. 

So don’t stop yourself from going camping with your canine, as these tips for keeping your dog warm are undoubtedly going to help your pup stay all cozy and comfortable.

husky puppy with its owner on a hike during a camping trip and keeping warm

How to keep your dog warm while camping: Tried and Tested Tips

Carry a Fleece Blanket

Carrying a fleece blanket is always a great idea. You can wrap your little baby in the blanket and keep it warm on chilly camping nights. 

If your pup has a favorite blanket it loves to use at home; just carry it. The canine is already familiar with the blanket and would love to snuggle up when the temperature drops. 

Just make sure that the blanket is not very heavy and portable. Sometimes you might have to hike to the campground, so carrying bulky things would be difficult. 

Get a Dog Sleeping Bag 

Dog sleeping bags with polyester outer shells are really great to keep the cold from coming through the ground. 

Such sleeping bags are often water-resistant and moisture-wicking. So your pup will feel warm and comfy sleeping inside it. Layer the sleeping bag with the puppy blanket, and your dog will doze off in no time. 

Carry a Portable Heater 

Another great way to keep the tent warm is with a camping portable heater. As the name says, it’s portable, lightweight, and easy to carry for camping days. 

There are numerous models in the market for portable heaters. We would recommend you to go through customer reviews first and then make a purchase. Also, go for a battery-operated one as electricity would be an issue in the wilderness. 

Get a Dog Jacket or Coat

Dog puffy jackets or coats are easily available in the market. They are best to keep your pup warm during windy or stormy days. You never know when the camping weather changes from sunny to stormy or windy. So it’s better to go prepared as you definitely don’t want to bring a sick puppy back. 

These jackets are very comfortable, so dogs can wear them while sleeping as well. Also, keep your dog well covered with a puffy jacket while taking a stroll or hiking in cold weather. 

Warm Water Bottle 

Keep a warm water bottle inside the pup’s sleeping bag or near them to keep it warm. But make sure to put the bottle inside a cloth or furry cover and then place it beside the dog so that it does not burn its skin.

If you don’t have a bottle cover, you can use a regular cloth or towel to wrap the bottle. It’s an easy and convenient way to provide some warmth to your furry friend. Just make sure to pack plenty of water in your camping water container!

Keep the Pup Dry 

If you are camping in a colder area, it’s best to keep them away from water. If you’re playing in the water with your pup, make sure to dry it completely. You should also avoid water games after sunset as the weather gets more chilly in the evening. 

Keep it Warm With Some Activity 

Games or activities are always an excellent idea to keep your bodies warm. It goes both for you and your little pupper. Carry your dog’s favorite ball or disc and play catch. Go for a walk around the campsite for a quick warm-up. 

mixed breed dog hanging out in cold weather camping conditions

An Inflatable Sleeping Mat 

If you don’t have a dog sleeping bag or want an alternative, you can go for an inflatable sleeping mat. 

Although a mat won’t do the job of a sleeping bag, it can prevent the cold from coming from the ground. The tent floor gets very cold at night, so using an inflatable mat will help keep your dog warm. 

You can lay the camping dog mat on the ground and cover it with a cloth to make it more comfortable for your canine. Cover your pet with a blanket, and it will doze off with puppy dreams in no time. Inflatable mats are foldable like dog sleeping bags, so you won’t have any problem carrying them. 

Invest in a Good Tent for Camping with Dogs

The tent is the most important part of your camping arrangements. A good quality tent will definitely keep your dog as well as you warm and comfortable. Go for a tent that can withstand harsh weather like rain or strong winds. 

Another thing to consider while getting a tent is the size. Go for a tent that is big enough to fit two to three people comfortably. If your tent is small, you won’t be able to fit the heather, dog mat, and other essential things inside it. 

A tent with mosquito nets inside, ventilation flaps for proper air circulation, etc., should be considered while getting a tent. 

Keep Your Dog’s Tummy Full 

Keeping your dog’s tummy full can help them fight the cold. Go for high-nutrient and protein-rich food. Such food will give your dog the energy required to maintain body temperature. Besides, hydration is also important, so ensure that your pup drinks water at regular intervals. 

Cuddle With Your Pup

Cuddling with your dog is the best way to make them feel warm and loved. Snuggle up with your little baby inside the tent, and the body heat will keep both of you warm.  

Use a Campfire 

Before you and your little furry pal retire into the camp for a good night’s sleep, use a campfire to warm yourselves up. Let the pup hang out with you beside the campfire, so it gets cozy before hopping on the bed. 

These are some of the ways and tools you can use to keep your dog warm while camping. There are a few other things you might want to know before taking your canine to a chilly camping area. Let’s have a look at them- 

When Is It Too Chilly for Dogs to Go Camping? 

The answer will vary depending on the dog breed and its coating. Small breed dogs tend to get cold more easily than larger breeds. Similarly, breeds with thinner coats will get more chilly than breeds with thicker coats. 

Ideally, canines can easily adjust to temperatures 45°F and above. If the temperature goes below that, your little baby will feel uncomfortable adjusting to the outside environment. So check the weather forecast before going camping with your dog. 

Signs That Your Dog Is Cold 

a corgi walking in the snowy trails of a campsite

Look out for these signs to check if your dog is cold:

  • Whining
  • Barking
  • Tucks its tail 
  • Shivering 
  • Looks uncomfortable 
  • Tries to go inside a blanket or seeks other shelters 

Wrapping Up for Your Warm Dogs

As long as you go well prepared with all necessary dog gear, your pup can go camping even in cold weather. Hopefully, the tips we mentioned are useful, and your fur baby enjoys camping as much as you do!

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