Camping With a Crawling Baby: Must Know Tips

Camping is a beautiful experience, where you blend with nature for a few days and let go of all your worries. But most parents think this rejuvenating experience is out of their checklist when they have babies in the family.

Regardless of how many toddlers are in the group, any family deserves to enjoy one beautiful camping trip. Even though the thought of having crawling toddlers on the trip can be overwhelming, it is definitely possible. All you need to be is organized and carry simple and must items on the trip.

So are you wondering if you can go camping with a crawling baby? Well, Yes, Yes, and Yes! All you need is to make sure you pack three important things!

  • Something to carry the sleeping toddler in, a travel cot, bassinet, or a crib.
  • Something for them to crawl around without any hindrances. A large tent and a padded picnic blanket for starters.
  • Something to protect their knees while they crawl around in the campsite. Cargo pants and a thick blanket on the ground.

You need to take care of a few items when you go out with babies into the wilderness. Especially when the baby is crawling around, they are usually more excited to try new things and explore new spaces.

Can you really go camping with crawling babies?

With newborns and crawling toddlers in the house, all the new parents have a truckload of responsibilities, and camping is definitely not on their list. But just because you have a baby does not mean you have to pack all your baby camping gear to the attic. No matter what, camping is definitely possible with little energetic bubs.

Here are a few hacks and tips to keep your baby warm and safe on an exciting trip into nature. You can finally make new memories with your little ones. Let’s make your little one’s camping trip blissful.

Dress them in layers

baby and mother in layers

Babies are pretty sensitive to changing temperatures. They can easily catch a cold or develop fever due to sudden changes in the altitudes and environments. It is better to dress them warmly in layers. Let them wear simple cotton clothes inside and add three layers of fleece on the outside. Let them adapt to the new environments.

After adjusting to nature, you can either remove the clothes or add more layers to their extensive clothing. It is better to add warm and thick pants, so it won’t hurt them as they crawl around. Always opt for long-sleeved shirts. They will keep them covered and protect them from both temperature and insects.

Adding a few layers will help you to change the outer clothes easily without touching the inner ones. So once babies get dirty, just peel the outer layer and add a new one.

Bring a large tent

Newborns who just started crawling find it very exciting just to crawl away. They love to keep going around and venturing new corners. It is better to opt for large tents. Babies on their first trip find small tents very confining and suffocating. They prefer large spaces and open areas.

Large tents will help them crawl more areas and also keep them safe. It is better to get a padded baby cushion for them to crawl inside. You can also accommodate a baby crib inside a large tent.

Find the best tents for camping with babies in our comprehensive guide.

Choose an open campground

baby boy playing a pool of water outdoors

When it comes to crawling babies, you have to be extra careful with the place you pick. They are always bubbling with energy to move around. It is not easy to stop them. So instead of stopping them, try for cleaner and greener camping grounds.

Look for places with amenities and facilities nearby like shower facilities, playgrounds, and even good food courts. It might not be an ideal camping trip, but it’s good for a starter. Till the little one gets used to nature, pick places close by.

Sleeping pad

baby on a sleeping pad

The biggest worry for all the new parents is the baby’s sleeping arrangement. Crawling babies are older to have a flexible sleeping schedule. Do not restrict their time. Let them enjoy and adjust to the new place on their own. It is better they sleep on their own rather than be put to bed.

To have a comfortable sleep, it is better to carry a sleeping pad for your baby. Inflatable mattresses are not advisable on a camping trip. They can be dangerous. Instead, opt for a foam pad. You cat or use the entire foam pad on your trip. For crawling babies, the entire foam pad will be perfect. You can put it inside your tent, so they can peacefully crawl as much as they want without getting hurt.

And of course, make sure you have a good baby camping bed that is both comfortable and safe.

Bug repellent

Babies express their pain or discomfort only through cooing or tears. They have no other language. Especially when insects or mosquitoes bite them, they do not know how to shoot them. It makes it your responsibility as a parent to protect the little one at all costs.

Camping in nature will obviously have bugs and insects. You must carry bug repellent to protect your little one. Before buying a repellent cream, check for the ingredients and see it is applicable for babies. There are separate baby creams in the markets. If possible, try out organic and natural repellent creams.

Use technology

Sure you might be camping and enjoying the outdoors, but we also live in a world filled with wonderful technology. Using a camping baby monitor while camping with your baby can seem like an unusual idea at first, but you’ll find that it comes in quite handy. You can safely put your baby to bed and keep tabs on them while they’re asleep, either during a nap in the daytime or going to bed earlier than you’d prefer at night.


baby boy on a beach

Babies’ skin is super sensitive and delicate. If your bub is camping for the first time, there is a high possibility their skin reacts faster to the external environment. Too much Vitamin D can have an instant response on their skin. It is better to apply the baby’s sunscreen before going to the place. Especially with a crawling baby, sunscreen is essential. Put it on so they can crawl around on the camping site.

It’s Baby Camping Time!

Camping with an exciting crawling baby can be overwhelming but not impossible. All you need is a little preparation and the right things to venture into nature for the weekend. For their first camping trip, pick a place close by and let your baby get used to the camping culture. Eventually, by the 4th trip, they will get used to it and crave for more trips into the wild. Camping helps the family to grow together and relax with no worries. It’s time to make new green memories!


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