Baby Camping Guide: Best Baby Camping Beds

Camping is the best way to discover the ocean, sing along with birds, sleep under the stars, and connect with the wild. Basically, camping is a stress reliever. All of this gets even better when you camp with your baby. However, packing for a camping trip with and without the baby are two different things. 

When you are traveling with your little one, you must ensure that you carry along all their essential baby camping gear to provide them with safety and comfort throughout the trip. One such essential item is a camping bed. 

Camping beds for babies are different from the ones we use at home. You must purchase a separate travel camping bed if you intend to spend time outdoors with your child. 

Tips to Consider While Purchasing a Camping Bed for your Baby

Purchasing a camping bed for your baby to give it a safe and comfortable sleep all night long is a daunting task, especially if you are new parents and have no information on the same. Along with a proper camping bed, make sure you have the right tent for camping with a baby.

So, to be on the safe side, let’s be aware of some of the must-have qualities of an ideal baby camping bed to consider. 


Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to traveling or camping with your baby. Shortlist only the best baby camping beds from notable brands that meet or exceed safety standards. Look at their description to know what safety features they provide. For example, an ideal bed should have a breathable mesh with an ultra-soft sleeping pad. Also, be particular about the bed size and adjustments, if possible. 

Ease of use

The next characteristic of an ideal camping bed is its ease of use. You want your baby’s travel bed to be easy to set up and take down. While most baby camping beds in the market are portable and easy to carry around, they often take time to set up. Any bed that sets up in seconds should be on your wishlist. 

Size and weight

While the size and weight of the bed aren’t of much concern if you are traveling by car, the same can be a cause of concern while using a rental car. To be on the safer side, consider lightweight beds with a standard size to fit your baby. If there are adjustable straps available, that’s even better.  


Most baby beds can be used right from the newborn stage up to when your baby turns 3-years old. If you love traveling and might plan trips in the future with your baby, look for a bed that covers all age ranges. This will eliminate the burden of purchasing a new bed every time. 


When it comes to pricing, it narrows down to the quality of the bed and its features. The more the features, the higher the price tag. However, it’s recommended to buy the best one within your budget instead of overspending. 

Top Camping Beds For Babies

This article also brings you some expert tips to consider while buying a camping bed for your baby. So, let’s dive right in!

Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet – for a safe and comfortable sleep

Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Pod, Grey
  • Safe, durable, lightweight travel pod for infants
  • Breathable mesh panels, removable and locking steel frame provide comfort and security
  • Folds flat for storage and weighs less than 3 lbs. for easy transport
  • Assembled dimensions: 30” x 21.25” x 11.75”

What comes to your mind when you think of a bed? Large size, high price, difficult to carry? While most of these things are true for usual beds, this isn’t the case with Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go travel bassinet. 

This bassinet or baby bed, as its name suggests, is foldable and easy to carry on long trips. It provides your tot with a soft and comfortable place to sleep anywhere, be it at the park, beach, or while visiting family and friends. 

The best thing about this camping bed is its lightweight design and compact size. You can set it up in seconds. and fold it compactly when not in use. There is also a convenient carrying handle at the top. 

Most camping beds in the market lack the frame locking feature. However, you get it in this Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go travel bassinet. Due to this feature, the bed gets extra stability against strong winds or heavy downpours. The side walls are durable too. 

The entire unit is fabricated from a strong and breathable fabric. Furthermore, the sleeping bed comes with ventilated mesh panels and a comfortable mattress to keep your little one cozy all night. To set up the bed, you simply need to enable the four locks provided on the four sides of the sleeping bed. Another cool aspect of the bed is its lightweight; it weighs just three pounds. However, it is advisable to discontinue this bassinet use after 3 months. 


Weight2.45 pounds
Length30 inches
Height 21.25 inches 
Ideal for (age group)0-3 months

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Sturdy ventilated walls
  • Safe T-lock system
  • Sets up in a few seconds
  • Extra stability against strong winds or heavy downpours

Potential Downsides

  • Quite expensive
  • Ideal for only one baby
  • Cannot be used after your baby grows up

Scuddles 3-1 Portable Bassinet for Baby – for multiple functions

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Another worthwhile camping bed for your little one is this Scuddles 3-1 portable bassinet. Besides a soft and comfortable bed, this particular product also functions as a diaper bag and changing pad. So, instead of packing all these three separately, consider carrying this Scuddles 3-1 portable bassinet on your next camping trip. 

The product comes with a removable mattress pad that is comfortable and soft for your baby to sleep on to feel cozy all night. You can easily machine wash it or wipe it clean with a soft fabric. Not to forget the spacious five zip compartments with one insulated pocket to keep your baby’s bottles hot or cold for long hours. Due to the extra space, you can store all your baby’s essentials in one place. To use this Scuddles 3-1 portable bassinet as a diaper bag, fold the bed into a suitcase and store the wet diapers in it. This portable travel bassinet is great for babies, infants, and toddlers.


Weight1 pound
Length8 inches
Height 8 inches 
Ideal for (age group)1- 4 years

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Built-in diaper bag and changing pad
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Attractive light gender-neutral color

Potential Downsides

  • Poor quality mesh

Baby Lounger Baby Nest – your baby’s personal lounge 

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If you are looking for an ultra-soft sleeping bed for your infant, consider this anti-roll co-sleeping bed from the GORSETLE Store. This is a personal lounge bed that is particularly designed in keeping with the safety and comfort of babies. The bed is made of breathable pearl cotton and hypoallergenic polyester. Both these materials are known for their ultra-soft feel and skin-friendliness. The sides of the bed are cotton stuffed to prevent your baby from rolling out of his bed. 

One of the best aspects of this baby lounger nest is its bump massage sponge mattress. According to experts, such mattresses are suitable for your baby’s spine as it gives proper support and makes them grow naturally. 

This bed is 2-in-1. That is, the bag functions as a bed and a bag. Simply unzip the bed to convert it into a handbag and fold it again when not in use. There is a standard size pocket on both sides to put milk bottles and other baby essentials. 

The bed is suitable for co-sleeping; you can put this up on your bigger bed to create a safe sleeping environment for your little one. The inner mattress of the lounge bed is detachable and can be washed in the machine. 


ColorGrey and jungle animal 
Weight3.19 pounds
Length17 inches
Height 6 inches 
Ideal for (age group)0 – 12 months 

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and anti-rolling design
  • Easy to carry with and without baby
  • Machine wash-friendly mattress
  • Made of breathable pearl cotton and hypoallergenic polyester
  • Suitable for co-sleeping
  • Built-in bump massage sponge mattress


  • The zip stitching may start to tear after a few uses.
  • The overall quality could have been better.

KidCo P3012 Peapod Infant Travel Bed – for a sound sleep

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This KidCo P3012 Peapod Infant Travel Bed is suitable for babies up to three years old. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is so compact that it easily fits inside a suitcase. If you are looking for a bed suitable for long sleepovers, this infant travel bed is for you. Weighing just 2.45lbs, it fits perfectly into a standard-size carry bag for travel. 

To keep your baby protected from harmful UV rays during camping or any outdoor travel, the bed comes with 360° UV protection. You also get anchor straps for extra stability on the ground. However, the inner mattress is non-removable. Due to this, you need to be careful with its use. 


ColorMint and orange
Weight2.45 pounds
Length14.7 inches
Height 15.1 inches 
Ideal for (age group)0 – 3 years

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to carry with and without baby
  • 360° UV protection for the summer season 
  • Strong and reliable fabric with guaranteed warranty 
  • Anchor straps for extra stability

Potential Downsides

  • Non-removable inner mattress.

Oenbopo Baby Lounger Cotton Breathable Baby Bassinet – a portable bed for quality baby time

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The most common problem that every mom faces while camping with her baby is uneasy sleeping. If you face the same problem, put an end to it with the Oenbopo baby bassinet. The unique design of this portable bassinet resembles a compact wrap-around womb that acts as a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby. 

Its portable handbag design makes it convenient to carry around from one place to another. The best part about this baby lounger bed is its adjustable strap design. It lets you adjust the bed length to fit your 0-2 years old baby. What’s more, the bed features a pure cotton cover that is compatible with baby skin and machine washable. You also get the latest bump massage sponge mattress. Such a mattress ensures that your baby feels more comfortable after sleep. Ideal for co-sleeping, there is a deep and spongy contour fence on the sides of the lounger bed. 


Weight2.89 pounds
Length17 inches
Height 7.8 inches 
Ideal for (age group)0 – 2 years

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Portable
  • Deep and spongy contour fence
  • Ergonomic bump massage sponge mattress
  • Pure cotton crib cover
  • Adjustable strap design for your growing offspring 

Potential Downsides

  • Slightly expensive

These five camping beds are the top-ranked options that are comfortable for use at any location, be it hotel rooms, picnics, beaches, or even your home.  

Common Questions Around Camping Beds for Babies

Is it advisable to go camping with an infant?

Yes, there is no harm in camping with your baby as long as you know what’s best for him and what’s not. Besides, camping is the best way to spend quality time with your tot in nature’s nap.

If you are planning to go camping with an infant, make sure you grab all the baby camping essentials.

What are the essential features of a baby camping bed?

When you are looking for the best camping bed for your baby, ensure it consists of a breathable mesh, cozy mattress, anti-rolling design, bump massage sponge, and UV protection. You may also get additional features if you tend to go for a higher-priced product.

How long can you camp with a baby?

While there are no fixed rules on how long to camp with babies, you should not plan long trips initially. Organize short camping trips to slowly introduce your newborn to traveling and the wild. Once they get used to camping, you can plan moderate to long trips as well. 

Last Words

If you are a new parent and planning a short camping trip with your little one, check out these top camping beds to give your newborn the safety and comfort it deserves. All the above recommendations are carefully reviewed keeping in mind the interests of your baby. I expect the aforementioned compilation of sleeping beds to be best for your newborn and help you figure out what goes best for you and your baby.


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